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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTINCT

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Astrology, 119:felt. The intellect is awakening [119] and instinct - after passing through the emotional stage -Astrology, 124:into mental telepathy and finally inspiration. Instinct into intellect. Selfishness into divineAstrology, 139:to the great and critical transformations of instinct into intellect. This the moon brings about,Astrology, 178:let loose through the various zodiacal signs: Instinct, governing desire - Cancer. Mass unevolvedAstrology, 208:latent predisposition, every racial and national instinct, every unconquered situation and everyAstrology, 227:this is usually of such a nature that the instinct to self-preservation has been aroused to such anAstrology, 233:and between those who blindly follow either instinct or custom and those who climb freely whereAstrology, 234:it out as the aeons slip away and as the herd instinct gives place to the premeditated andAstrology, 234:I would remind you, however, that the herd instinct in relation to sex has its basis either inAstrology, 248:Spirit. He who knows. Mind. Human Consciousness. Instinct to Intellect. It is for this basic reasonAstrology, 456:plexus - Vegetable - 6th ray - 4th root-race - Instinct; the goal. The energy of Aspiration.Astrology, 492:then given still persists. Mental unfoldment - Instinct. Intellect. Intuition. The work of theAstrology, 494:applied to that final stage, is a synthesis of instinct, intellect and intuition. Students mustAstrology, 594:incentive, directed impersonal energy, divine instinct which latter is a blend of instinctual forceAstrology, 627:is the incarnated, manifested Christ. Then instinct is transmuted into wisdom and with that theAtom, 41:that even the very atoms themselves seem to be "instinct with the desire for life." If you takeAtom, 69:all the above qualities, but to them is added instinct, or that which will some day blossom intoAtom, 102:also shows signs of intellect, or embryo mind. Instinct is a recognized faculty of all animalAutobiography, 21:myself in a river in Scotland. But again the instinct to self-preservation was too strong. SinceAutobiography, 22:approach and the power to know. Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritual knowledge, just asAutobiography, 264:heart approach to God and with the deep human instinct, if haply man may find Him. [265] 2.Bethlehem, 49:Though the race in its infancy was governed by instinct, as time elapsed the intellect began toBethlehem, 94:types of awareness - consciousness, sentiency, instinct - plus that mysterious human faculty whichBethlehem, 112:moral law is broken, and in the other a natural instinct is followed. An animal may kill anotherBethlehem, 240:Luke XXIV, 49.) But this life of power, a power instinct with love and joy and peace, can only withDestiny, 114:to the higher and the less material values. The instinct which has characterized this passing sixthDestiny, 114:the race are three in number: The development of instinct. This is followed by intelligentlyDestiny, 115:psychic discoveries. In the three phases: Instinct to aspiration Stimulation of divine desire TheDestiny, 125:the intelligent factor in the animal (of which instinct is the embryonic manifestation) will beDiscipleship1, 684:power. This is dependent upon right spiritual instinct, right understanding and interpretation ofDiscipleship1, 697:questions how thought power and spiritual instinct are related, how they can work constructivelyDiscipleship1, 697:first call your attention to the fact that it is instinct which leads a disciple to respond to aDiscipleship1, 697:call or note, to his vibration and to his group. Instinct, in its early stages, is the name givenDiscipleship1, 697:The relationships become clarified. Spiritual instinct is the capacity of the soul to registerDiscipleship1, 698:to function under the impetus of the spiritual instinct will be the success of the Master to carryDiscipleship1, 699:activity is not then so much implemented by instinct or desire as by thought energy, dedicated toDiscipleship1, 703:This is the higher correspondence to the herd instinct of the animal world and of the world of men,Discipleship1, 703:and quite differently motivated. The lower herd instinct is motivated largely by the instinct ofDiscipleship1, 703:lower herd instinct is motivated largely by the instinct of self-preservation; the higher by theDiscipleship1, 703:of the immortal nature of the soul, and by the instinct to serve even with the sacrifice ofDiscipleship2, 68:everywhere who are vocal and of humanitarian instinct. If, however, the will and knowledge ofDiscipleship2, 160:this invocation, bringing in the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition. All three areDiscipleship2, 198:Meditation brings into creative alignment instinct, intellect and the intuition, as well asDiscipleship2, 199:I have only been endeavoring to turn your instinct towards spiritual expression into scientificDiscipleship2, 199:Meditation, in its most rudimentary form, is the instinct which leads to recognition of theDiscipleship2, 267:the intuition is becoming active. Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicatesDiscipleship2, 267:whilst spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifies preparedness for the Transfiguration,Discipleship2, 394:of his unfoldment, following a deep and hidden instinct towards right activity. By that hard andEducation, 12:for the personal self. [12] Response to the instinct governing the animal and desire nature, and toEducation, 23:with this principle of innate attribute and this instinct to ordered rhythm, making it moreEducation, 51:men who blended in themselves the triplicity of instinct, intellect and intuition. Their numbersEducation, 78:this case, do you make allowance for inherited instinct, normal inclination based upon the point inEducation, 83:intellectual foundation. These three factors - instinct, intellect and intuition - provide theEducation, 117:that need with a clear definiteness. The instinct to go forward to higher achievement, to enquireExternalisation, 48:Thus gradually, with a remarkable rapidity, instinct became blended into, or resolved into, itsExternalisation, 92:- human soul - throat center 3rd Kingdom - Instinct - animal soul - solar plexus 2nd Kingdom -Externalisation, 116:ends, but bringing also a restimulation of the instinct to self-preservation which - in its higherExternalisation, 116:which - in its higher aspect - is the instinct to immortality; it tends to focus humanity'sExternalisation, 120:develop. Hitherto, in Lemurian times, desire and instinct were identical. Ponder on this, for it isExternalisation, 120:and community life or the expression of the herd instinct on a higher or lower turn of the spiralExternalisation, 186:appreciation of reality, beauty and wisdom. Instinct has developed into intellect; intellect isExternalisation, 215:They are all colored by racial fear, by the instinct to self-preservation, and by short-sightedExternalisation, 373:though not offset, the selfish motives; that the instinct of self-preservation gave them noExternalisation, 440:characteristic - a sublimation of the basic instinct of self-preservation. This will [441] lead toExternalisation, 631:to do, and the men of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it.Externalisation, 691:detachment cannot be based upon the innate instinct of self-preservation, even when that is carriedFire, 57:can be seen in the animal kingdom, in which instinct holds the intuition in latency, [58] and theFire, 125:manasic fire that develops under the forms of instinct, animal memory, and functional recollectionFire, 186:are group faculty and demonstrate as racial instinct. The senses in man are his individual asset,Fire, 202:of the Self, and a swift return by means of that instinct to the originating source. TheFire, 279:Kingdom 3. Intelligent activity, sensation plus instinct, or embryo mentality. - S. D., III, 573,Fire, 286:and this produces eventually that which we call instinct, or the habitual reaction of some type ofFire, 287:that a man uses the brain; it is the organ of instinct. All that can be acquired by instinct and byFire, 287:organ of instinct. All that can be acquired by instinct and by the use of the concrete mindFire, 335:is effected into the human kingdom is that of instinct. This instinct, towards the final stages ofFire, 335:into the human kingdom is that of instinct. This instinct, towards the final stages of the animal'sFire, 335:electrical pole through the activity of animal instinct, and by the blending of the two a humanFire, 335:transpired in Lemurian days. Therefore, we have: Instinct - The key from the animal into the humanFire, 346:of mind. This spark of mind, working through the instinct, drove the material form or substance,Fire, 419:all bodies on the physical plane. This separate instinct, this distinguishing self-centeredness hasFire, 462:by the aid of man to fan the emotional instinct (or the embryo love aspect) through the segregatingFire, 668:produce the phenomena we call love, sex impulse, instinct, or the driving urge and motive whichFire, 669:it shows in its lower manifestation as the sex instinct as we know it, and in its higher as longingFire, 677:as we understand it. They are the impulse, or instinct, back of physical sex desire. They wereFire, 700:fifth principle of manas incubated normally, and instinct gradually developed until itFire, 709:appeared upon the fourth subplane through innate instinct approximating mentality. This triangle ofFire, 766:them, between impulse and purpose, and between instinct and intention. In the earlier stages manFire, 841:yet they are more swayed by love than by animal instinct as in the first case. They are to be foundFire, 858:his allotted path through animal and racial instinct, and can be safely left to the stimulationFire, 1147:effort. Thirdly, They fostered the germ of instinct in certain groups of animal-men until itFire, 1149:affiliations to which he adheres from the instinct of self-protection and personal well-being. InFire, 1223:of the Man through desire. 18. Desire energy, instinct and aspiration. Ray of Ceremonial Order. 19.Glamour, 205:light within the three worlds. The light of the instinct. The light of the intellect or the lightGlamour, 206:reveals to man the world of form, of matter, of instinct, of desire and of mind; the light of theHealing, 14:fear of death. This has been rightly so, for the instinct of self-preservation and the preservationHealing, 14:grasp these newer principles of existence. The instinct to self-preservation governs the relationHealing, 178:of these two triangles lies the clue to the instinct of self-preservation, the survival of theHealing, 180:to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity: first of all, a physicalHealing, 233:forward was made in the human consciousness. Instinct failed to handle this situation. Death,Healing, 280:to cooperate and accept that which the divine instinct in man down the ages has taught in
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