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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTINCT

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Psychology1, 356:influence, the intellect is rapidly awakening; instinct is falling below the threshold ofPsychology1, 357:below the threshold of consciousness, as did the instinct. It will then work automatically as doesPsychology1, 412:Growth towards light. The Animal Kingdom Ray 3 - Instinct. Ray 6 - Domesticity. The Human KingdomPsychology1, 466:of man through desire. 17. Desire energy, instinct or aspiration. 18. Ray of Ceremonial Order.Psychology1, 422:3. Animal 3. Adaptability. 6. Devotion. Instinct. Domesticity. 4. Human 4. Harmony throughPsychology1, 426:we find the third ray producing the emergence of instinct, which in its turn creates and uses thatPsychology2, 96:into clear significance in the human family. The instinct to betterment, the urge to progressPsychology2, 96:keeper, are all expressions of this sacrificial instinct. This factor, though not unrecognized byPsychology2, 99:of rebellion, and of divine discontent. The instinct to betterment, based on discontent, hasPsychology2, 100:the esoteric schools upon the at-one-ment. This instinct towards betterment through sacrifice isPsychology2, 100:is itself diverse. There is, first of all, the instinct towards individual betterment, which leadsPsychology2, 100:material possessions. There is, secondly, the instinct towards an ameliorating of the conditions ofPsychology2, 125:This is a statement of importance. It is a soul instinct, if we may use such an inadequatePsychology2, 221:on the will to form a plan and a purpose. 3. The instinct to formulate a plan. This instinctPsychology2, 221:3. The instinct to formulate a plan. This instinct governs all activity which, in process ofPsychology2, 222:- individual, planetary and systemic. This instinct is the result of the development of manas, orPsychology2, 232:consummation of God's thought. The sweep of this instinct to synthesis underlies all universes,Psychology2, 232:and achievement of man, the individual. This instinct is the governing principle of consciousnessPsychology2, 232:following psychological expressions postulated: Instinct, lying below the level of consciousness,Psychology2, 233:of the emotional life is thus governed. [233] Instinct controls, via the solar plexus and the lowerPsychology2, 233:heart and the heart center, and is that higher instinct which enables a man to recognize and submitPsychology2, 233:of the superhuman consciousness. This divine instinct enables a man to recognize the whole of whichPsychology2, 233:divine Whole. Thus the trend to synthesis is an instinct inherent in the entire universe, and manPsychology2, 234:exceedingly [234] close psychically. It is this instinct to unify which underlies all mysticism andPsychology2, 234:(in consciousness) with Deity. It is this instinct which is the basis of his sense of immortality,Psychology2, 234:Being an attribute of Deity, and being a divine instinct and, therefore, part of the subconsciousPsychology2, 234:an inevitable, irresistible occurrence. This instinct or trend towards synthesis and unificationPsychology2, 235:daily life. One point here should be noted. This instinct to synthesis (concerning as it does thePsychology2, 239:more definitely into the heart and mind of God. Instinct - Intellect - Intuition - Illumination:Psychology2, 241:c. The Urge to Formulate a Plan The third divine instinct or hidden inner trend is the urge toPsychology2, 242:power behind the present world adjustments! This instinct of Deity is closely connected with thePsychology2, 244:qualities which give meaning to the vision. The instinct to formulate plans, inherent in all and soPsychology2, 254:and spiritually instinctual - to idealize. Instinct, intellect, intuition, ideation, andPsychology2, 291:The impulse which works out, therefore, as the instinct to self-preservation. The capacity toPsychology2, 292:this is connected with the impulse, or the instinct, to reproduce, leading consequently to the sexPsychology2, 293:to ask questions and to find out. This is the instinct to search and to progress, which is, in thePsychology2, 322:body, The intellect, the synthesis of mind and instinct, The prompting of the soul. This producesPsychology2, 417:use of the quality aspect of the form nature: Instinct distinguishes the automatic physical nature,Psychology2, 526:a fresh and more potent manner) of the mystical instinct, plus, this time, an intelligent approachPsychology2, 559:b. Sex. Sex. Human love. Attraction. c. Herd instinct. Gregariousness. Group consciousness. d.Psychology2, 563:whatever that environment may be. The herd instinct of the animal is, for instance, the embryonicPsychology2, 605:approach. The work of realizing beauty and the instinct to reach out towards divinity are now soRays, 66:as much an established part of his nature as the instinct of self-preservation is an instinctiveRays, 99:of consciousness and have entered the world of instinct; therefore there is no more awareness ofRays, 140:step. This enables us to study the impulse or instinct which enables all forms of life to function,Rays, 193:etheric counterpart of the physical brain; the instinct to self-preservation (one of the lowestRays, 265:no separate reaction, and all this because the instinct to separation no longer exists in him. ItRays, 272:as it gradually assumes control and supersedes instinct in the consciousness of man. The Buddhas ofRays, 282:and unregistered in its expression as animal instinct is to the human being. It functions, but theRays, 614:glimpsed might perhaps be noted in the prevalent instinct to share, motivated at present by theRays, 614:instinct to share, motivated at present by the instinct to self-preservation, but definitelyReappearance, 93:self-centeredness of a people and of their instinct to self-preservation. These energies can,Reappearance, 104:in those early days, feeling dominated and instinct led; thought was not found among the masses ofReappearance, 146:as much a part of humanity's reaction as is the instinct of self-preservation. With that innerReappearance, 180:work to do and the men of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must doSoul, 49:of the secretion of the adrenal cortex, and the instinct of anger became sparked, as it were, bySoul, 49:courage, deliberate courage, there is more than instinct. There is an act of volition, a display ofSoul, 115:the organism as the man demonstrates his animal instinct, his emotional reactions and his lifeTelepathy, 16:of impression: that which had to do with the instinct of self-preservation, and that which had toTelepathy, 35:It is the development of the telepathic instinct which will eventually make a man a master in theTelepathy, 67:forms of life other than the human, i. e., the instinct of the homing pigeon or the method wherebyTelepathy, 157:the physical plane. It is [157] this directive instinct which, when turned to higher matters,Telepathy, 184:is latent in every form, and of this the instinct to perpetuate and the instinct to mate are theTelepathy, 184:and of this the instinct to perpetuate and the instinct to mate are the major incubating areas. TheTelepathy, 191:the will-to-live demonstrates as the fundamental instinct of self-preservation and is to be found
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