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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTINCTS

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Astrology, 118:The man demonstrates one-pointed selfish instincts and though he may be, for instance, friendly andAtom, 12:of emotions, and of the thoughts, desires, and instincts by which we control action. Group problemsAtom, 108:and we develop; through them all [108] the great instincts are evolved; they are the greatAutobiography, 22:must precede spiritual knowledge, just as the instincts of the animal, the child and of theDestiny, 19:of view and with their personal or national instincts and impulses. I would here like to call yourDestiny, 115:aiding in the process of coordinating the instincts and transmuting instinctual reaction,Discipleship1, 500:has in it the seeds of real danger. The dramatic instincts and attitudes of the first rayDiscipleship1, 697:material mechanism. In the case of the spiritual instincts, [698] it is the intuition whichDiscipleship1, 699:appetites of the lower nature, developing the instincts and thus laying the foundation of aDiscipleship2, 150:to do with the evil inclinations, the selfish instincts and the separateness found in the heartsDiscipleship2, 394:he discovers that obedience to his spiritual instincts leads him inevitably into the realm ofEducation, 24:human being. It is with these hidden traits and instincts that the future educational systems mustEducation, 44:the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which have led man, step by step, to hisEducation, 50:child will be to train and rightly direct his instincts. The second obligation upon the educatorsEducation, 90:from an isolated animal, prompted only by the instincts of self-preservation, eating, and mating,Education, 114:the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which have led man, step by step, to hisExternalisation, 449:reveal the inherent smallness and separative instincts of their opponents, and - at the same time -Externalisation, 489:to do with the evil inclinations, the selfish instincts and the separativeness found in the heartsFire, 559:the animal kingdom, and is based upon his animal instincts, and his dense physical nature, which isFire, 663:majority. Man usually does as his desires and instincts prompt him. If this evolutionary deva is ofFire, 663:the vibration will be high, and the desires and instincts will be good and exoterically right.Fire, 663:order, the man will demonstrate low and vicious instincts, and desires of a vile caliber. If theseFire, 810:60 and as a fragment is thus partaker of the instincts and quality of that soul, as it manifestsGlamour, 95:in the almost automatic response to the physical instincts, to sex, food and warmth. These loomGlamour, 107:than active animals, governed primarily by the instincts, are apt to deal very simply and withHealing, 223:or may not parallel the former. [223] The animal instincts are therefore potent; the centers belowHealing, 231:to animal physical urges and to the primitive instincts, but was directed to objects and objectivesHercules, 133:he will stubbornly insist on the primacy of his instincts; on the other hand, display indifferenceIntellect, 25:idea is that we should draw out the inherent instincts and potentialities of the child in order toIntellect, 25:is released. We teach them to utilize their instincts and intellect as part of the apparatus ofIntellect, 79:are told, for instance, that we have five main instincts, which we share in common with allIntellect, 126:simply the tool or instrument of the trained instincts and of the controlled mind. This mind drawsIntellect, 140:in practically a subconscious manner towards the instincts and habits which guide our physicalIntellect, 162:much below the threshold of consciousness as the instincts now do. We shall then function in theIntellect, 163:relations and reactions by the apparatus of the instincts, working through the senses, and theIntellect, 212:mind (growing out of racial habits and inherited instincts, and, hence, calling for no exercise ofMagic, 38:to the dominance of the animal body with its instincts and tendencies. H.P.B. defines manMagic, 313:at all were there not in humanity itself certain instincts upon which these energies can work. ItMagic, 625:the impulses of the new age, but by the separate instincts of the worker at the center. The dangerMagic, 626:steadily detached from the prime governing instincts which have hitherto served to weld him intoMagic, 626:be valuable here to point out that all the major instincts have their roots in that peculiarMagic, 626:the psychologists list five main and dominant instincts, and we will very briefly touch upon them.Magic, 628:with all its indicated divinity. Out of these instincts carried forward into infinity, and out ofMagic, 629:which beset humanity, having their roots in instincts, seem nevertheless to be divineMeditation, 92:by his present life. His national heredity and instincts as, for instance, whether he possesses anMeditation, 121:attack and the plaything of their destructive instincts. A condition which is the reverse of theProblems, 63:from an isolated animal, prompted only by the instincts of self-preservation, eating and mating,Problems, 112:white women must be protected from the animal instincts of the Negroes means nothing, for they needProblems, 112:for they need equal protection from the animal instincts of the white man, and this statistics willPsychology1, 5:the sum total of complexes, psychoses, neuroses, instincts, intuitions and intellectual fixationsPsychology1, 118:arrived at an amazing knowledge of man, of his instincts and animal mechanisms, of his reactions toPsychology1, 209:The man who is on this ray is full of religious instincts and impulses, and of intense personalPsychology1, 268:primeval urges, one of the substantial instincts, and is consequently the dominating factor in thePsychology1, 275:as a result of the frustration of the natural instincts, psychological conditions of the worstPsychology1, 309:out in the animal kingdom in the realm of the instincts. It is this peculiar property of humanityPsychology1, 362:ray influence has been to foster the separative instincts, - dogmatic religion, scientific factualPsychology2, 28:the syntheses and fusions, the urges, instincts and aspirations, the manifested loves and hates (asPsychology2, 30:and distinctions, and the many ray instincts, impulses, and intuitions. The garnered and expressedPsychology2, 157:as he progresses from the life of the instincts to that of the intellect, and then from thatPsychology2, 204:eat, sleep and procreate, following the natural instincts of the animal body. Emotionally, however,Psychology2, 229:been stated, [229] color or qualify the divine instincts and potencies, but that is not all. TheyPsychology2, 234:no cause for real fear or foreboding. God's instincts are stronger and more vital and pure than arePsychology2, 234:into full flower and expression. All the lower instincts with which man battles are but thePsychology2, 234:beautiful and the true, we transmute our lower instincts into higher divine qualities. ThePsychology2, 241:vision. All these basic, developing, divine instincts and expressions of God's consciousness andPsychology2, 531:relegated to a balanced place among the other instincts of the human nature; the result is anPsychology2, 538:to his other life activities and natural instincts in his consciousness. Else, as he touches thePsychology2, 559:Animal Human Divine 1. The four major instincts. The five major instincts. The five transmutedPsychology2, 559:1. The four major instincts. The five major instincts. The five transmuted instincts. a.Psychology2, 559:The five major instincts. The five transmuted instincts. a. Self-preservation. CreativePsychology2, 563:idea can be traced in connection with all the instincts. That the lower psychic powers, inherent inPsychology2, 567:any particular category in my tabulation of the instincts, senses and powers. Psychometry isPsychology2, 598:is endeavoring to gain control of these inherent instincts, the problem is today enhanced by thePsychology2, 612:Today, he is largely directed by his animal instincts, by his sexual life and by his emotionalPsychology2, 648:the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts. This is the triple program to which thePsychology2, 726:ambitions of group leaders, and the separative instincts of the senior workers in any group, whoRays, 119:third [119] initiations, in the same way as the instincts in a small child are, in reality, theRays, 545:as long as any separative or self-centered instincts exist in the disciple; it takes a long timeSoul, 36:and unstriped muscles and ductless glands" than instincts are." - Leary, Daniel B., ModernSoul, 45:"The post-pituitary governs the maternal-sexual instincts and their sublimations, the social andSoul, 45:and their sublimations, the social and creative instincts... It might be said to energize deeplySoul, 45:qualities - emotions, whether we mean maternal instincts shared with all animals, love of one'sTelepathy, 112:consciousness and thus joins the great array of instincts and of instinctual reactions of which theTelepathy, 113:It is with these sublimated and [113] controlled instincts that those Masters and disciples work
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