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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTINCTUAL

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Astrology, 61:of objective (except the satisfaction of instinctual desire) until in Scorpio he becomes theAstrology, 61:of humanity: Cancer - Mass awareness - Instinctual consciousness. Leo - Individual awareness -Astrology, 102:(as the Old Commentary expresses it) and mass instinctual consciousness comes into being. Note thatAstrology, 102:the mass and herd in Cancer, substituting, for instinctual consciousness, self-awareness and aAstrology, 118:this stage, negative, fluid and endowed with an instinctual consciousness which contains withinAstrology, 119:untrue. The sense of duality is, at this stage, instinctual but becoming increasingly real andAstrology, 119:process carry his consciousness from the instinctual and intellectual stages to the faintAstrology, 121:which it exemplifies is that of the instinctual consciousness and its merging into the intellectualAstrology, 179:himself. We have seen that Cancer is the sign of instinctual life, and that in Leo the intellect orAstrology, 179:is the result of a slow evolution of the instinctual nature which, when it has reached a certainAstrology, 179:Gradually, as the aeons have slipped away, the instinctual nature has receded steadily into theAstrology, 207:and experience that which is the sumtotal of all instinctual tendencies, of all inherited glamorsAstrology, 234:its basis either in normal and natural animal instinctual desire or in emotional attitudes, and ofAstrology, 283:those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which isAstrology, 283:very large number of men are in the non-thinking instinctual stage and their consciousness isAstrology, 289:In the undeveloped man, it is far more instinctual than is self-awareness. In the truly developedAstrology, 312:in effect. Cancer - mass consciousness - instinctual awareness. Leo - self consciousness -Astrology, 333:effort Recognition and work with the Plan Instinctual reaction Desire Will 2. Taurus, Keynote:Astrology, 365:about the death or the finish of the separate, instinctual nature, for this is the factor whichAstrology, 455:Four centers functioning. Focal point of the instinctual consciousness. The third kingdom inAstrology, 496:the self-awareness of the developed man in Leo. Instinctual reaction gives place to conscious,Astrology, 594:divine instinct which latter is a blend of instinctual force and intuitive energy. It might beAstrology, 627:and its lowest aspect is mother love with its instinctual care of that which must be nourished andAstrology, 646:the tenacious faculties. Moon - governs the instinctual faculties." (S.D. Vol. III, 463) 28. "TheDestiny, 14:and stimulating them into forms of advanced instinctual activity. I mention these two phases asDestiny, 19:like to call your attention to the fact that the instinctual life of nations is something whichDestiny, 112:has necessitated likewise the refocusing of the instinctual and intellectual attention which areDestiny, 112:of divine awareness. This awareness can be instinctual, intellectual and therefore human, and alsoDestiny, 112:of the idealistic nature of man, or of his instinctual response to the higher intuitional values.Destiny, 115:of coordinating the instincts and transmuting instinctual reaction, translating it into intelligentDiscipleship1, 206:in training has to cultivate that spiritual, instinctual response which will enable him to knowDiscipleship1, 353:won intellectual perceptions have to become instinctual creative factors by the time a man isDiscipleship1, 353:part of the whole man, just as the animal instinctual nature or the reaction of the mind to theDiscipleship1, 697:a part, just as in the body a man's mechanical, instinctual responses, reactions and reflexes areDiscipleship1, 699:astral or desire body and the functioning of the instinctual nature drops below the threshold ofDiscipleship1, 703:indicate the field of service. The mode of this instinctual activity is called occult obedience andDiscipleship2, 160:Intelligence, was invoked by the mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what thatDiscipleship2, 160:was then more intelligently voiced, though the instinctual appeal still persisted. It was notDiscipleship2, 160:of the will-to-good - the Will of God. Average instinctual humanity, the men and women of goodwill,Discipleship2, 199:in that great spiritual Center meditation is an instinctual habit and needs no forced process:Discipleship2, 199:and direct invocation. Meditation is the instinctual mode whereby the Hierarchy - in response toDiscipleship2, 205:meditation changes and falls into line with the instinctual and constant ashramic meditation. ItDiscipleship2, 212:understanding of the work to be done should be instinctual for you all belong to it, if you are inDiscipleship2, 212:under inspiration of the Hierarchy; your instinctual reaction to hierarchical impression as aDiscipleship2, 400:leaving however a permanent, new, spiritual and instinctual trend towards monadic perception andDiscipleship2, 437:below the threshold of consciousness and becomes instinctual, irrevocable habit, but is no longer aDiscipleship2, 556:to learn to turn their spiritual habits into instinctual spiritual responsiveness; this is theDiscipleship2, 556:this is the higher correspondence to the instinctual animal reactions with which we are allDiscipleship2, 657:not deal with it. If you have not developed an instinctual reaction to it at this time, then thereDiscipleship2, 657:time, then there is little that I can say. This instinctual recognition of a fault, a quality, aEducation, 51:and will then give their attention to the instinctual, intellectual and intuitive training of theEducation, 51:conscious souls, not only in the three worlds of instinctual and intellectual living, but in theEducation, 83:the problem of youth from the angle of the instinctual reaction of the children, their intellectualEducation, 83:earlier school grades, the development of right instinctual reactions will be watched andExternalisation, 8:powers are inherent in the animal body and are instinctual, but they have, for the vast majority,Externalisation, 10:for his own soul, but is little better than an instinctual animal, if he is not literally an emptyExternalisation, 48:where it is found, or in what class or race. The instinctual nature of animal-man (found activeExternalisation, 98:in a majority of cases, the stimulation of the instinctual faculty in others, whilst a third methodExternalisation, 120:he wanted. The lines of cleavage between the instinctual animal and acquisitive man began to beExternalisation, 121:The lines of cleavage between the animal, instinctual nature and some form of desire (embryonicExternalisation, 121:gift of various inventions and by the use of the instinctual masses of men in building great andExternalisation, 303:factors: [303] Understanding (intuitive and instinctual, but intelligently interpreted) of the planExternalisation, 678:human being. [678] Time and divinity, events and instinctual goodness, will in the long runExternalisation, 680:must be added an united ashramic similarity of instinctual and intuitive telepathic rapport withExternalisation, 697:much to stimulate from latency to potency the instinctual goodwill of men. I mention this for thisFire, 286:for this purpose. An animal likewise has an instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryoFire, 781:the lunar Pitris could give to him the instinctual consciousness of his vehicles. In theirFire, 875:Mutual attraction, Complementary suitability, Instinctual appeal, Approach, and recognizedGlamour, 32:response to environment. Men were largely instinctual animals. Glamor began to be found inGlamour, 194:is something which is found on all levels and is instinctual in some form in all kingdoms. This isGlamour, 202:mind which reveals the existence of desire. The instinctual effort to satisfy desire - innate andGlamour, 207:the probationary disciple becomes aware of these instinctual glamors and recognizes them onGlamour, 213:and the ability to focus has become an almost instinctual reaction, then sound and effective workGlamour, 220:matter, for there is no such thing. They are the instinctual desires, evoked by the evolvingGlamour, 221:precipitation) and the ascending mass of instinctual demands from the lower aspect of the humanHealing, 76:even condition the activity and accuracy of the instinctual nature and its relation to the outerHealing, 88:actions and reactions which are not purely instinctual. Today, owing to the development of the mindHealing, 90:the physical plane, then what was earlier an instinctual habit will become the intelligent usage ofHealing, 634:a measure of intelligence which we call its instinctual nature - is called by esotericists theHealing, 685:understanding. An illustration of this is the instinctual care of a mother for her offspring or theHealing, 685:who have passed out of the sphere of elementary instinctual obligations. To them no particularHealing, 685:To them no particular calls come, but this instinctual world of give and take is superseded by aHealing, 685:human and not so predominantly animal as is the instinctual realm. It sweeps into its field ofHealing, 686:the world karma, working out in cyclic dharma. Instinctual service, the fulfilment of all duty, andHealing, 686:of the disciple of the three divine aspects: Instinctual living - intelligent application. Duty -Hercules, 93:he possesses the quality of instinct and of instinctual response to his environment. Instinct isHercules, 93:he has reached that stage of intelligent and instinctual awareness, then "Eurystheus" indicates toHercules, 214:Quality: Duality. Fluidity endowed with instinctual consciousness. Mediumistic. Polarized mindIntellect, 26:calls it) as strictly human, relegating man's instinctual reactions to qualities he shares inIntellect, 26:the intellect as it, in its turn, stands to the instinctual faculty. Dr. Dibblee of Oxford makesIntellect, 39:intangible and unseen, and to a new series of instinctual recognitions which have their seat in aIntellect, 75:told us much about our mental reactions, and our instinctual habits. Now man must possess himselfIntellect, 125:is our hypothesis and upon it we will proceed. Instinctual awareness has given place in man toIntellect, 212:is of a low order, when the reactions are mainly instinctual and the mind is practicallyMagic, 35:demonstrating characteristics, pursuing its own instinctual life and working as a whole towardsMagic, 37:its master, hunt its prey, and follow out its instinctual life; it is that in man which makes himMagic, 222:the desire of humanity as a whole, plus the instinctual desire of all subhuman lives causes aMagic, 238:the product of wrong thinking. It is basically instinctual and is found dominating in theMagic, 297:range of the fear vibrations extends from the instinctual fears of the savage man based on hisMagic, 299:which is purely psychological and not just the instinctual fear of the animal. To concretize the
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