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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTINCTUAL

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Magic, 302:It grows out of three human capacities: a. Instinctual psychological thought habits, which haveMagic, 303:the future is therefore a distressing blend of instinctual memory and anticipatory imagination, andMagic, 310:in the animal is the brain and governs all the instinctual reactions, but is not so closely alliedMagic, 310:old function as a directing agent of the purely instinctual animal life. For the advanced pupil inMagic, 312:tendency among men. One produces much of that instinctual tendency to cruelty which one sees inMagic, 383:the background till it becomes a part of the instinctual apparatus - as much a part of theMagic, 383:apparatus - as much a part of the subconscious instinctual nature as is the instinctual natureMagic, 383:of the subconscious instinctual nature as is the instinctual nature which the materialisticMagic, 393:has [393] become as much a part of the cosmic instinctual nature as are any of the humanMagic, 393:instinctual nature as are any of the human instinctual attributes. The focus of the EternalMagic, 462:sense of responsibility is non-existent and only instinctual and temporary parental responsibilityMagic, 530:to truly self-conscious entities. Desire is instinctual or rather inherent in all forms, for allMagic, 605:consciousness, and indicates emergence from the instinctual stage into that of intellectualMagic, 625:to all of us. They have their root in the instinctual nature (economic fears, fears arising out ofMagic, 626:nature, as a result of this fear tendency, this instinctual reaction of the human unit toMagic, 627:defense and for economic stability. Out of this instinctual reaction of the race as whole, ourMagic, 630:understanding, brings about freedom from the instinctual reactions and evokes that inner detachmentPatanjali, 10:of these substances and the restraint of their instinctual activities, these spirits gainPatanjali, 12:have been prevented full expression. The instinctual powers of the "animal soul," or the capacitiesPatanjali, 86:given by the physical plane condition is largely instinctual; that achieved through the astralPatanjali, 175:produces begin to demonstrate. This is not the instinctual fear of animals and of the savage races,Patanjali, 212:of the consciousness of the body, the outgoing instinctual consciousness of the physical man, intoPatanjali, 278:the individual hours and seconds. Through the instinctual life. This is based on memory, onProblems, 54:of youth from the angle of the children's instinctual reaction, their intellectual capacity andProblems, 55:school grades, [55] the development of right instinctual reactions will be watched and cultivated;Problems, 63:function as souls, not only in the two worlds of instinctual and intelligent living but also in thePsychology1, 198:The animal kingdom has the quality of growing instinctual purpose which - in its highest form -Psychology1, 243:the animal kingdom, gradually stimulating the instinctual mind of the animal until it vibrates toPsychology1, 253:drink. Subjective agency: Smell or Scent, - the instinctual discovery of that which is needed, fromPsychology1, 268:decent people, instead of being regarded as an instinctual and natural process, - as instinctualPsychology1, 268:as an instinctual and natural process, - as instinctual and as necessary as the functions of eatingPsychology1, 298:has been swept and carried off his feet by his instinctual animal nature, and only a clear andPsychology1, 306:the elevation of the emotional and the instinctual natures upon the altar of sacrifice, and thePsychology1, 306:to himself that he can control the animal and instinctual side of his nature. But this condition isPsychology1, 323:flickers of mental perception. This is partly instinctual and is based on a growing self-love.Psychology1, 323:consciousness in him, and rather less of group instinctual awareness. You find this growingPsychology1, 323:for instance, and in the petty criminal who is instinctual enough and bright enough to live by hisPsychology1, 324:love [324] can be seen. I refer not here to that instinctual love for family and children and herdPsychology1, 327:of an occult and scientific nature, and is instinctual in substance itself. This point needsPsychology1, 331:of awareness, with all forms of unconscious and instinctual response, and with all forms of thePsychology1, 336:of contacts in the animal kingdom, and the basic instinctual desires emerge and can be recognized.Psychology1, 340:determined by: [340] The satisfaction of his instinctual animal nature. The desires of a morePsychology1, 341:men were living, and in destroying much of their instinctual and sensuous selfishness. The group isPsychology1, 356:the effect of this ray was to stimulate the instinctual nature. This gave awareness of the formPsychology1, 357:It will then work automatically as does man's instinctual nature, and the race will be intuitive.Psychology1, 428:drink. Subjective Agency: Smell or scent, - the instinctual discovery of that which is needed, fromPsychology2, 25:by selfish desires and by the calls of the instinctual life. Our earth humanity is still [26] inPsychology2, 61:of some kind, to flower forth into certain instinctual reactions, and to preserve its own specificPsychology2, 90:we can "fly into the face of the sun." From the instinctual life of sense consciousness in materialPsychology2, 96:significance than has yet been realized. This instinctual tendency is the one that itself governsPsychology2, 151:The Law of Economy. This governs primarily the instinctual nature of man. The Law of Attraction,Psychology2, 154:stage of his development - whether it is the instinctual urge to self-preservation, which can bePsychology2, 156:urge to experience, to exist, and to satisfy the instinctual nature. Experience, grasping,Psychology2, 176:established, these different recognitions become instinctual reactions. Intuitional response is thePsychology2, 176:Intuitional response is the name we give to the instinctual life of the soul - the higherPsychology2, 176:of the soul - the higher correspondence to the instinctual life of the human body. In the abovePsychology2, 179:dominates all the rest, hypnotizing them into an instinctual, quiescent, static condition. This mayPsychology2, 221:in process of evolution, divides itself into instinctual activity, intelligent activity,Psychology2, 222:the intelligence. It is the peculiar quality or instinctual nature through the means of whichPsychology2, 227:Psyche. They will bring, into evidence the instinctual, emotional nature of Deity, if such humanPsychology2, 229:purpose or defined will is conditioned by His instinctual quality or psyche, in just the same wayPsychology2, 234:divine qualities. The attractive power of God's instinctual nature, with its capacity toPsychology2, 235:seek to trace for himself the emergence of the instinctual psychical nature of Deity in worldPsychology2, 254:the power - innate, inherent, and spiritually instinctual - to idealize. Instinct, intellect,Psychology2, 294:dealing with the substance energies and with the instinctual life of the organism. These constitutePsychology2, 295:its quality and characteristic, just as instinctual intelligence or automatic activity was thePsychology2, 301:upon dreams and their occasional effect, upon instinctual behavior (which is largely a reaction ofPsychology2, 377:warring furiously with all that we mean by the instinctual, psychic, intellectual nature. When allPsychology2, 407:intellect, as that was the sublimation of the instinctual nature) and the consequent recognition ofPsychology2, 414:life principle and urge which dominate and the instinctual nature which controls. The solar plexusPsychology2, 416:nature and the uniformity in expression of the instinctual nature. Within the human family, thePsychology2, 417:soul is resolved by the right use of: [417] The instinctual sense of divinity which leads toPsychology2, 418:There is only responsiveness to aspects of the instinctual nature. Certain forms of epilepsy arePsychology2, 434:nervous system, and which is in large part the instinctual or animal brain. The heart, the centerPsychology2, 435:man. The solar plexus center is the seat of the instinctual life, of the animal soul, and of thePsychology2, 440:use the term subconscious to signify the entire instinctual life of the form nature, all thePsychology2, 441:clearer to you if I pointed out that just as the instinctual nature is today found largely in thePsychology2, 480:fact of God and of God's Plan. This inherent, instinctual, spiritual reaction is being exploitedPsychology2, 524:of life, the smooth functioning of the instinctual nature, plus a tendency to react, in aPsychology2, 563:which he would do well to consider: That the instinctual nature, as it develops in the threePsychology2, 565:generally used today it indicates two powers: An instinctual registering of some situation, somePsychology2, 621:unrecognized effort on the part of the group - instinctual in nature more than intelligentlyRays, 66:instinctively doing the right and needed thing. Instinctual response to environing forms builds, asRays, 66:The habit of goodness, or right reaction and of instinctual understanding is distinctive of theRays, 66:plans. He has the habit - based on divine instinctual memory - of right activity, rightRays, 98:Master's plans. It was the disciple's innate, instinctual and individual response to this rayRays, 272:of the mind, as I earlier said. There is: The instinctual nature as it develops into the mindRays, 282:not negate love (which has become, in its turn, instinctual); a one-pointed, rapier-like assumptionRays, 518:necessarily assumes, and demonstrate a kind of instinctual reaction to a new realization which isRays, 680:freedom to think, govern and worship as innate, instinctual human desire may dictate, under theRays, 711:of the sensory perceptive apparatus, the instinctual nature, on the three planes of the threeRays, 720:of consciousness, in the same way that the instinctual nature of man is today automatic andRays, 720:wisdom, perception and full comprehension is now instinctual, and the powers, knowledges,Reappearance, 94:Understanding - intuitive and spiritually instinctual, but intelligently interpreted - of the Plan,Reappearance, 131:tendencies of all kinds and through the instinctual motherhood found everywhere. But it isSoul, 47:to the solar plexus (which is the brain of the instinctual animal nature) and is closely concernedSoul, 122:in the animal, and is often referred to as the instinctual brain. Bhagavan Das teaches us that: "ItSoul, 123:combat, and of struggle; they govern the psychic instinctual life through the solar plexus. ThusTelepathy, 8:solar plexus to solar plexus. This is therefore instinctual telepathy and concerns feeling in everyTelepathy, 8:case of the animal world serves usually as the instinctual brain. This type of telepathic
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