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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUCTION

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Discipleship2, 303:same theme. You will recollect that in my last Instruction the whole subject of meditation wasDiscipleship2, 304:- Part V The Formulas As I told you in my last Instruction, the meaning and even the format ofDiscipleship2, 306:theme at this time or about this formula in this Instruction. All that I am giving you is intendedDiscipleship2, 314:on Initiation - Part VI Part VI In my last instruction to you I dealt with some aspects of the newDiscipleship2, 314:the Ageless Wisdom. I used a phrase in my last instruction to which I would like to call yourDiscipleship2, 319:and which is to be found in the mass of instruction made available for his use. He has to seek forDiscipleship2, 322:the three revelations indicated in the earlier instruction will reveal the accuracy of the aboveDiscipleship2, 322:I enumerated them for you in my previous instruction and wonder if you have read them often. YouDiscipleship2, 324:or secrets of initiation. In this particular instruction I seek to deal with these six points. 1.Discipleship2, 330:is carried forward under his interested and wise instruction. This ashramic sharing is one of theDiscipleship2, 342:during the year following your receipt of the instruction. Had you considered it in that light? YouDiscipleship2, 343:I do not intend to give you a formula in this instruction. The five which you have already receivedDiscipleship2, 354:by his mode of handling a hint. In the preceding instruction I posited for you a series ofDiscipleship2, 355:closer to the desired consciousness. For your instruction, I propose to take these seven hints andDiscipleship2, 355:propose to take these seven hints and - in this instruction and the next - I will "open up" theDiscipleship2, 397:upon the Formulas was concluded in the earlier instruction because enough had been given anentDiscipleship2, 397:these abstruse forms to serve the purposes of instruction during the coming cycle. Discipleship2, 406:at this time and consider it in our next instruction. It is one of tremendous importance, for itDiscipleship2, 416:by a first ray aspirant may have no meaning or instruction for an aspirant upon the third ray, andDiscipleship2, 425:a statement of fundamental truth. In an earlier instruction I pointed out that three ideas wereDiscipleship2, 430:of the evolutionary wave. I would like, in this instruction, to give you a new slant on theDiscipleship2, 430:My reason for so doing was given you in our last instruction, when I said: "When the human crisisDiscipleship2, 451:I earnestly call your attention. In my last instruction to you I gave you three words upon which toDiscipleship2, 452:time is not yet. As I give you this individual instruction, my brother, I would enjoin upon you theDiscipleship2, 475:for the future. This is my definite work instruction for you at this time. It will entail a task ofDiscipleship2, 476:were intended to convey to you of direction and instruction? To the fifth statement I seek to drawDiscipleship2, 480:R.A.J. November 1944 As I give you this personal instruction (one which can suffice you for thisDiscipleship2, 486:and Relationship - I gave you in my last instruction. I am equally confident that your approach wasDiscipleship2, 488:is apparently lacking. To resume with your own instruction, if you would care to increase theDiscipleship2, 496:conversation." I have, my brother, in this instruction given you much food for thought, also theDiscipleship2, 499:here make to you personally. On receipt of this instruction, will you take a full month for theDiscipleship2, 502:laurels, my brother, as I pointed out in my last instruction to you) or shall he - to use aDiscipleship2, 506:have emphasized the need for attachment in this instruction is that right attachment releases theDiscipleship2, 532:The one assigned to the group in the group instruction is peculiarly adapted to bring about in youDiscipleship2, 532:you to do. I would remind you that in your last instruction I asked you if you were strong enoughDiscipleship2, 536:- L.F.U. November 1944 MY BROTHER: In my last instruction to you there occurs one sentence whichDiscipleship2, 538:I would have you think on this. As I write this instruction I would call your attention to theDiscipleship2, 540:- returning to the original comments in this instruction - karma is ever the source of physicalDiscipleship2, 548:and to the particular individual to whom the instruction is given. In spite of the individualDiscipleship2, 549:each of them for a minute with a view to group instruction, but with an individual applicationDiscipleship2, 549:the six statements given to you in the preceding instruction I used the words, "Obedience liesDiscipleship2, 550:of general human service. I stated in the last instruction to you that "cycles of speech transmuteDiscipleship2, 551:reflect during the coming interlude between this instruction and the next. Make the results of yourDiscipleship2, 553:is little that I need add to them. I gave you an instruction which through its directive injunctionDiscipleship2, 556:express the way of the disciple. In my last instruction to you I gave you the injunction to act asDiscipleship2, 564:for the remainder of your life; further detailed instruction from me will not be necessary - unlessDiscipleship2, 565:much from the attention you paid to the last instruction I gave you; you have also done a good andDiscipleship2, 571:the so-called social set? I told you in my last instruction that you were making definite progressDiscipleship2, 574:of accepted disciples. NOTE: This was the final instruction given to the disciple whose personalDiscipleship2, 575:which the centers are a part. Be careful in all instruction that you may later give on theseDiscipleship2, 576:wonder why I am dealing with this matter in my instruction to you personally. Simply, my brother,Discipleship2, 591:the statement which I gave you in my previous instruction? It carries for you your instructions forDiscipleship2, 593:I mean this in its fullest sense.) I start this instruction for you with two statements: First ofDiscipleship2, 597:for this work of preparation and - in my instruction to her - I shall indicate certain basicDiscipleship2, 597:field which I will indicate to him in his own instruction. I am not doing much more than mentioningDiscipleship2, 599:as usual, my tried and trusted brother. This instruction may perhaps disappoint you. I asked A.A.B.Discipleship2, 601:- R.S.U. August 1940 MY BROTHER: Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certainDiscipleship2, 606:the six statements which I gave you in my last instruction. It has been decided between us (subjectDiscipleship2, 629:be made. I would ask you, on receipt of this instruction, to determine in your mind, upon quietDiscipleship2, 631:an answer is evoked by my statement in the last instruction I gave you that the work of the AshramDiscipleship2, 633:Ashram has committed him - the life of ashramic instruction and of steady approach to the Master,Discipleship2, 635:to convey to you. I enjoined you in ray last instruction to realize the need of achieving aDiscipleship2, 637:you today, my brother, of major moment. My last instruction to you was long and of vitalDiscipleship2, 637:not yet absorbed its full significance. In that instruction there were two sentences which I seekDiscipleship2, 642:which appear on the surface. NOTE: This final instruction to this disciple follows immediately uponDiscipleship2, 652:which I spoke to your brother, W.D.S., in my instruction to him last year. I would have you regardDiscipleship2, 657:have I said to you anent glamor that in this instruction I shall not deal with it. If you have notDiscipleship2, 662:I would like to take these six sentences in this instruction and give you a deeper insight intoDiscipleship2, 664:fuller light and service? I told you in my last instruction that you were called to live the tripleDiscipleship2, 671:I shall be in touch with you, my brother. This instruction [672] is not long, but - coupled withDiscipleship2, 672:will immediately recognize its reality. My last instruction to you is distant and remote in itsDiscipleship2, 672:the guarantees to you of the truth of the past instruction is that this instruction will beDiscipleship2, 672:the truth of the past instruction is that this instruction will be relatively short? The lastDiscipleship2, 672:instruction will be relatively short? The last instruction was the important one. In thatDiscipleship2, 672:last instruction was the important one. In that instruction I emphasized two things: That you wereDiscipleship2, 673:see now the purpose of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realize that theDiscipleship2, 674:upon that fact rest back. May I recall to you an instruction I gave you in 1938 upon indifference?Discipleship2, 678:by students and others, always under instruction from New York, so that their work fits in with theDiscipleship2, 682:your feeling lies in your reaction to the short instruction I gave you earlier in the year? ThisDiscipleship2, 682:My underlying thought when giving you that instruction was to awaken you to the fact that yourDiscipleship2, 683:time - for some years. I have chosen you for instruction and to be part of my group of disciplesDiscipleship2, 692:AND MY FRIEND: I would like to start this instruction with a word of commendation. The enteringDiscipleship2, 699:you do not already know; you have been under my instruction for many years, and you still are. OneDiscipleship2, 700:is little else that I can say. This is a short instruction. I stand unchangingly ready to welcomeDiscipleship2, 702:we do? What shall I say to you in this my last instruction? First, let me say that I am hoping toDiscipleship2, 709:imaginative faculty, as I told you in my last instruction. You need badly to develop sensitivityDiscipleship2, 717:OF OLD: This is the last specific and individual instruction I shall give You. It is not myDiscipleship2, 718:to get down to work since receiving the last instruction I gave you; it has taken you long toDiscipleship2, 721:- H.S.D. August 1946 MY BROTHER: In my last instruction to you I stated that it was the last whichDiscipleship2, 746:obligation and [746] responsibility. In my last instruction to you (given two years ago) I dweltDiscipleship2, 759:to your individual relation to me. My last instruction should have indicated to you how deep is myDiscipleship2, 760:group, as you know, are temporarily under my instruction until such time as they have fittedDiscipleship2, 762:It has significance and my word to you in this instruction is simply this: Give to the years aheadEducation, 15:measure of ability to deal with figures through instruction in elementary arithmetic. These threeEducation, 24:time and space" have repeatedly recurred in this instruction. Why is this? Because it mustEducation, 73:along the lines suggested earlier in this instruction. Visionary, mystical hopes and dreams areEducation, 75:outlined by me in earlier parts of this instruction, should be the effort on the part of parentsEducation, 98:will normally permit to govern the mode of instruction. [99] Education, 132:in order to illustrate and make clear the needed instruction, and lay that spiritual foundation ofExternalisation, 14:as to the technique of expression, and careful instruction also given as to the use of the centers
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