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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUCTION

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Externalisation, 14:with a spiritual destiny and usefulness. The instruction given to the intelligent medium andExternalisation, 16:pledged to them and to their mode of instruction, and threaten their members with dire results ifExternalisation, 88:ever before in the history of the world, under instruction and vital aid from Shamballa. [89] I.Externalisation, 316:a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction. Then say: The joy of the divine SelfExternalisation, 316:I would ask you also to read and reread the instruction I gave you on Avatars. (Pages 285-313.) YouExternalisation, 316:and aspirants in every land, as they work under instruction of the Hierarchy. Some of them areExternalisation, 338:focus the invoked energies which led me, under instruction from the Hierarchy, to give out - atExternalisation, 387:seed of the new world religion which an earlier instruction upon the Great Approaches (A TreatiseExternalisation, 410:the case, He re-enacted in Himself, for the instruction of His disciples, the processes ofExternalisation, 508:by interaction with their own. They will give instruction in the effect of color in the healing ofExternalisation, 517:Church should stand should be proclaimed, and instruction should be given in the meaning of itsExternalisation, 522:points which will form the basis of the instruction. We shall attempt to follow this outline.Externalisation, 526:It is to this alignment I refer in this [526] instruction - the alignment of the three centers uponExternalisation, 553:in many countries and - as time goes on and the instruction of the masses proceeds - the meetingExternalisation, 559:increasing hierarchical discipline, training and instruction. Because the senior disciples andExternalisation, 569:as they passed into higher grades and under instruction from a Master, have retained their worldlyExternalisation, 583:and not because they are being "obedient" to instruction from some Master. They will be successfulExternalisation, 673:Externalization September 1949 In my previous instruction upon this theme I dealt with the variousFire, xii:serve as a scaffolding upon which more detailed instruction may later be built, as the great tideFire, 666:they are signs which convey cosmic truths, and instruction, and can be comprehended alike by theFire, 868:It will therefore be apparent why this method of instruction is the one invariably used. It is theFire, 1046:desire. "The ruler of desire is Shiva and his instruction to his subhierarchs takes this shape:Fire, 1098:This will lead to the transmission of egoic instruction to the man on the physical plane. CertainFire, 1141:Symbolic books in the Master's archives used for instruction. These books are interpreted: By theirGlamour, 16:I cannot deal with the subject adequately in one instruction, and we will take the next two orGlamour, 16:and the remainder needed not this method of instruction and development. We shall change the focusGlamour, 20:our subject up into greater detail, but in this instruction I only seek to get certain broadGlamour, 28:instructions, I will take up with you in this instruction where the particular tendency in thisGlamour, 69:illusion of ideas with which I dealt in my last instruction. You are thus beginning to develop thatGlamour, 69:lead to right choice of life themes. In this instruction I seek to cast some light upon the glamorGlamour, 80:of the problem of glamor. In your last instruction, I elaborated somewhat upon the subject of theGlamour, 96:I referred to this duality in an earlier instruction. This stage is one of great difficulty for theGlamour, 99:and through the many agencies of mental instruction, with the consequent [100] growth of knowledge,Glamour, 100:as are found in this group of students need no instruction from me as to the treading of the pathGlamour, 141:center. I might here paraphrase an ancient instruction for disciples, which can be found in theGlamour, 150:been the case. Before I close this particular instruction upon glamor, I would like to call theGlamour, 232:task is to be carried out. At the close of this instruction you will find the two long and twoGlamour, 253:Many groups give a great deal of dangerous instruction anent breathing - dangerous because it isGlamour, 254:the mass of aspirants, the information and the instruction given are both feeble, inaccurate andHealing, 205:expressed, and those phrases which convey instruction must be understood and applied intelligently.Healing, 206:or prevent the growth of the disease. In this instruction I have given you much food for thought. IHealing, 306:and expand their consciousness normally under instruction. However, the teacher may invite theHealing, 374:of the pioneer healing groups, under soul instruction, or under [375] that of some initiated chela.Healing, 387:do will be the drawing up of a simple outline of instruction which should govern the attitude ofHealing, 486:Elimination To take up again the thread of our instruction, we will now consider the activity ofHealing, 519:the results to which I earlier referred in this instruction. The disciple who has eliminated (inHealing, 521:Secret Doctrine, for instance, H.P.B. (under my instruction) made occasional reference, veryHealing, 547:you anent Law One in the early part of this instruction to that which I have here given you. IfHealing, 554:center will be a great help, provided he accepts instruction in the art of energy direction. ThisHealing, 654:note two points connected with this particular instruction which differ from that given in the caseHealing, 677:whilst the patient is not really helped. So the instruction is to use love, and here a majorHealing, 694:It would therefore be a waste of my time to give instruction along these lines. I have felt itHealing, 705:not understand the formulas given later in this instruction, he can assemble his own technique andHercules, 27:was begun. The story that they tell carries instruction for the sons of men, who are the sons ofHercules, 66:upon the search for the golden apples of instruction and wisdom. So we have in the MasonicHercules, 71:who, therefore, may be supposed to be ready for instruction from one of the great Teachers of theInitiation, 55:Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and works in connection with manyInitiation, 58:of different Masters who can profit by his instruction, and within the last ten years has relievedInitiation, 65:Path Methods of Teaching Three departments of instruction watch over three parts of man'sInitiation, 65:over three parts of man's development. First: Instruction is given tending to the disciplining ofInitiation, 65:of the basic laws of the system. Secondly: Instruction is given as to the macrocosm, theInitiation, 65:teaching as to the laws of those kingdoms, and instruction as to the working of those laws in allInitiation, 66:without the slightest difficulty. Thirdly: Instruction is given in what might be termed synthesis.Initiation, 66:as a homogeneous unit. The major part of this instruction is usually given after the thirdInitiation, 66:advanced Egos on the Probationary Path receive instruction at this particular time for two specialInitiation, 67:they can go ahead with confidence in the work of instruction, knowing that certain imparted factsInitiation, 67:that certain imparted facts will be understood. Instruction is being given at this time to aInitiation, 67:of evolution and are ready to profit by their instruction. [68] Secondly, we must remember thatInitiation, 69:are most easily accessible. Initiates receive instruction directly from the Masters or from some ofInitiation, 69:inner planes. If on causal levels, they receive instruction at any time deemed advisable directInitiation, 161:scheme for a lengthy period of service and instruction. All that can be hinted at is, [162] that atInitiation, 177:the process is quicker, for a man comes under instruction - should he so desire - and subsequently,Initiation, 196:This rule might be summed up in the trite instruction to each disciple that he be strictlyInitiation, 215:gathers the disciples and aspirants for personal instruction. [216] Atma The Universal Spirit; theIntellect, 221:There are many schools giving breathing instruction at this time, and many exponents of breathingIntellect, 223:may practice breathing exercises, under proper instruction, and practice them with security. EvenIntellect, 237:a readiness to give and receive advice and instruction, ...a willing obedience to the behests ofMagic, 25:the soul and its nature as dealt with in such an instruction as this is as clear and lucid asMagic, 55:into the fifth kingdom. To give such practical instruction as will enable the aspirant toMagic, 65:those who teach and the disciple who seeks instruction! Much preliminary work will have to be done.Magic, 121:of the laws of thought, and a correct instruction to be given of the use of mental [126] matter,Magic, 129:comes from the watching Hierarchy. Give this Instruction careful consideration. These are daysMagic, 140:work and that can be extended under careful instruction into the higher powers of the soul.Magic, 178:subtler planes who seeks to impart a definite instruction and a specialized line of thought. TheMagic, 180:the method of inspiration and of receiving instruction along various lines and, when this is theMagic, 206:by little as progress is made will the needed instruction be imparted. Let me point out howeverMagic, 221:free from it and then to work on it. In this instruction, I seek to give some clear teaching onMagic, 235:desire of the white magician, acting under the instruction of his own soul and therefore occupiedMagic, 242:potencies of his divine soul. Let us close the instruction on that note - well equipped to deal. WeMagic, 364:laid aside for future use when the years of instruction have increased the store. To return to ourMagic, 379:of the work of these early adepts, working under instruction from Shamballa to develop the energyMagic, 480:dictated hold warning for the careless and much instruction for the earnest seeker after light.Magic, 575:In one of the old books, available for the instruction of disciples these words are found: "TheMagic, 595:upon too many factors for a general rule and instruction to be given. The ray and type, the sex andMagic, 601:exceptional clarity, casting lesser lines of instruction into the shade. Students would do well toMagic, 621:of life expounded which holds in it the needed instruction for the interlude between the two greatMeditation, 36:The Hierarchy begins to take action and his instruction is carried out as aforesaid... Until nowMeditation, 45:[45] and I will therefore proceed with the instruction on the group connection. We showed yesterdayMeditation, 46:be easy of attainment, but each applicant for instruction will be subjected to a drastic entranceMeditation, 66:betwixt Themselves and those who seek Their instruction. It aids in the work of evolution.
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