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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUCTION

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Meditation, 88:is attached; they can only be given in joint instruction when out of the physical body. TheyMeditation, 90:when pursued with regularity and under correct instruction is the transference of the consciousnessMeditation, 103:only be permitted to circulate under the direct instruction of the Master and consciouslyMeditation, 112:of Light. The matter I now seek to give some instruction upon is one of very real importance to allMeditation, 118:he is assigned and in which he receives much instruction. The band of Invisible Helpers with whomMeditation, 163:planes of human evolution. The adept receives instruction on their use, and can employ them in theMeditation, 180:touched on this matter as it lies back of all instruction along occult lines. If you can graspMeditation, 308:the occident will have its center where active instruction may be given according to the threeMeditation, 312:than the human. In both these schools, the basic instruction is meditation in all its grades. Why?Meditation, 314:school for the earlier grades in occult instruction, and situated preferably near some largeMeditation, 324:is the place for astronomical and astrological instruction and will have the latest appliances ofMeditation, 346:necessary medical attention. He obeys all wise instruction, giving time for his recovery. The nextMeditation, 349:gathers the disciples and aspirants for personal instruction. Atma The Universal Spirit; the divinePatanjali1 - The Problem of Union 1. AUM. The following instruction concerneth the Science of Union. 2. ThisPatanjaliThe Problem of Union 1. AUM. (OM) The following instruction concerns the Science of Union. AUM. isPatanjali, 9:of the student (at the beginning of his instruction) to the practical work to be done in liberatingPatanjali, 11:terms and the way prepared for the more detailed instruction to follow. The aspirant faces hisPatanjali, 178:come to the practical part of the book, wherein instruction is given as to the method to pursue ifPsychology1, xvii:is to be read by earnest aspirants: What line of instruction will carry forward their training withPsychology1, xvii:and staleness, with subsequent revolt from instruction. Only that which is brought into use in thePsychology1, xxv:me also add that your attitude to the imparted instruction should be that of the student who isPsychology1, 72:- II. Certain Questions and their Answers This instruction on the rays is of deeper significancePsychology1, 106:figures in high places in the nations, that the instruction of unimportant people in the variousPsychology1, 113:are today groups of aspirants receiving definite instruction, and disciples being subjected toPsychology1, 113:in order to bring about certain results; and instruction in the laws governing soul union may bePsychology1, 275:reply, no sound philosophy and no fundamental instruction. They may be offered sound common sense,Psychology2, 71:should be developed. Much of the spiritual instruction given in the past has laid down the rulesPsychology2, 187:good; how sensitive they are, as a group, to instruction and guidance; how free the channels ofPsychology2, 478:difficulty. The words which hold the secret are: Instruction. Focus of attention. Occupation. ThePsychology2, 488:- Some Problems of Psychology 1. Guidance or instruction coming from the man or woman upon thePsychology2, 494:them) who find themselves needing the care and instruction of the psychologist are Atlantean inPsychology2, 508:tendency of the average human mind. [508] Instruction which is given to him by those responsiblePsychology2, 509:by the soul for the purpose of giving instruction, warning or command to its instrument, man, onPsychology2, 510:of Psychology 9. Dreams which are Records of Instruction. This type of dream embodies the teachingPsychology2, 546:I will endeavor to indicate in a later Instruction, but I want first of all to deal with thePsychology2, 557:govern your thinking as you read this instruction which I am giving you upon the psychic powers andPsychology2, 620:the loving protecting force and the source of instruction and of teaching. When this is the case,Psychology2, 647:To hold before humanity, as part of the living instruction which the men of good will will teachPsychology2, 692:This falls into three categories: The active instruction and mobilizing of the known aspirants andPsychology2, 694:called upon to cooperate, and may receive this instruction in the cases where you know them andRays, 92:and aided by the Hierarchy and its schools of instruction, they arrive at perfection. This entireRays, 122:will be ready to give the needed training and instruction when the right time comes, having broughtRays, 191:We come now to a definite group injunction or instruction. The aid of the group is invoked almostRays, 231:upon which I have already given you much instruction. The new techniques and the changed approachRays, 248:You will see, therefore, how vast a field this instruction on Rule XIII covers. The higherRays, 254:these words, for I regard this as an important instruction and one which could be regarded as theRays, 255:I had undertaken to do for humanity - under instruction from the Hierarchy. The teaching I gaveRays, 255:nature, just as that given by H.P.B., under my instruction, was preparatory. The teaching plannedRays, 258:The group, therefore, to whom I address this instruction is not the group or groups who will firstRays, 258:groups who will first receive these papers. The instruction is intended for a group which will comeRays, 281:as far as is possible in an exoteric instruction, and "may transmutation disappear" for allRays, 301:one or two of the questions and answers for the instruction of present-day aspirants. [302] Rays, 305:which the disciple and the initiate (under instruction from this final rule) is asked to bringRays, 323:and bringing together as a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation. InRays, 344:aspirants interpret the group idea as the instruction to them that they should make an effort toRays, 405:nature in the three worlds; the Master receives instruction in the handling of the energies whichRays, 405:medium of the higher telepathy - They receive instruction of a nature incomprehensible to us, fromRays, 425:asked A.A.B. to incorporate at the close of this instruction a passage from A Treatise on CosmicRays, 425:much. I have also asked A.A.B. to add to this instruction the seven tabulations earlier given so asRays, 428:and therefore our particular theme in this instruction is peculiarly apposite. There is a greatRays, 446:major virtues should be developed. Much of the instruction given in the past has laid down theRays, 545:are gathered together at times to receive instruction and are thereby protected within the groupRays, 603:to show you. In many ways, this particular instruction is one of the most important I have yetRays, 614:of the Christ In the first paragraph of this instruction, I ascribed the inevitability of Christ'sRays, 639:for you some of the points of importance in this instruction: The fourth Ray of Harmony throughRays, 706:is that the Master Jesus will assume (under instruction from the Christ) the part of the Messiah.Rays, 755:Some time ago I gave out to the world - under instruction from the Christ - an Invocation that isReappearance, 65:the instrumentality, the inspiration and the instruction of those sons of men who have wrought outReappearance, 78:the Christ, working through the Hierarchy, under instruction from the "center where the will of GodReappearance, 107:of the most important, giving, as He did, deep instruction upon the nature of the Self. Also theReappearance, 143:agonized, starved, suffered, demanded help and instruction and, unsatisfied, have lost faith. TodayTelepathy, 13:[13] I would, in summarizing the above instruction, state that in connection with individuals:Telepathy, 20:forms of telepathic work for your general instruction: Telepathic work from solar plexus to solarTelepathy, 25:body and to which I referred in a much earlier instruction (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, II, 113).Telepathy, 104:some field of demanded information, correction, instruction, or energy distribution. He must beTelepathy, 117:work deliberately upon the astral plane, under instruction from the Master of their Ashram, inTelepathy, 166:by the Spiritual Triad. The foregoing instruction on the etheric body is not long but it contains
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