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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUCTIONS

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Magic, 243:and of leaving all dark places behind. In these Instructions, it is not possible for me to dealMagic, 251:brain has "heard" occultly the injunctions and instructions of the mind as it relays the behests ofMagic, 364:I do not dogmatize to you. I only in these instructions give you certain information, - theMagic, 381:hand path. When the Ibezhan adepts (again under instructions from the Masters at Shamballa) beganMagic, 388:and about the next, for this is a series of Instructions for the aspirant and not a treatise onMagic, 453:attention. It should be noted that much in these Instructions is in advance of modern thought andMagic, 453:is in advance of modern thought and both these Instructions and the Treatise on Cosmic Fire willMagic, 453:the disciple, these Rules carry certain potent instructions and will lead him to an understandingMagic, 461:seek to make is that the average reader of these Instructions has nothing to do with the formulas.Magic, 467:The occult data is read and noted, the familiar instructions are skipped and overlooked. We, whoMagic, 471:a nature for us to deal with in these Instructions and wander into the realms of speculation. WithMagic, 492:on the subject would be futile. In these Instructions I have sought to give an indication [493] ofMagic, 513:Cycles What does concern the student of these Instructions however is how he can himself attain aMagic, 518:world mystics, and of the hierarchy of souls. In Instructions such as these, which are to be readMagic, 519:the unselfish and the pure can be given the full instructions. All can be given the informationMagic, 523:finds himself. This has been attempted in these Instructions and there has been given also some newMagic, 524:steadily in mind as you study and ponder these Instructions and remember that, in the light of theMagic, 528:that students such as those who read these Instructions cannot understand the true significance ofMagic, 538:urge only upon each and all who read these [538] Instructions the necessity for renewed effort toMagic, 541:lacking. Two: The danger of minute and detailed instructions consists in the fact that were theyMagic, 549:Finally, as far as the aspirant who reads these instructions is concerned, he must have transcendedMagic, 554:with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and as these Instructions are intended to deal with the innerMagic, 557:in unification has been achieved, further instructions will be given in the creative art.Magic, 559:the work before every student who reads these Instructions must consist in cultivating a detachedMagic, 560:of urgency. I urge upon all those who read these Instructions to forget their likes and theirMagic, 568:line of approach would be of the most use. These Instructions are intended for those who areMagic, 568:understanding of the evolutionary plan. These Instructions are intended to be practical and toMagic, 587:and therefore warranting the use of the word Instructions in connection with this treatise forMagic, 595:from the above that I cannot give specific instructions as to the awakening of the centers and theMagic, 596:man "whole," or as he really is, can give those instructions which will reverse the ancient rhythmMagic, 601:we cast our minds back over this long series of instructions certain basic lines of teaching standMagic, 601:would find it of interest to review these instructions, and gather out of them the major points;Magic, 601:teachings which can be seen most clearly in all instructions of a truly esoteric character concernsMagic, 604:can never work as white magicians, and these Instructions will remain for them theoretical andMagic, 638:I close with an appeal to all who read these instructions to rally their forces, to renew theirMeditation, 71:for us to venture yet to give full and detailed instructions. We seek to develop Masters ofMeditation, 88:time) might be obviated. Certain statements and instructions cannot be made or given in writing toMeditation, 88:in writing to students for three reasons: Some instructions are always given orally, as they appealMeditation, 88:of danger if submitted to the unready. Some instructions pertain to the secrets of the Path, andMeditation, 103:the student himself, following the specific oral instructions of the teacher. Sometimes the fireMeditation, 155:the Teacher may impart to the earnest pupil instructions whereby he can build in mental matter andMeditation, 155:not intend to outline forms, or to give specific instructions as to how the results indicated mayMeditation, 295:to ponder and wisely adhere to the prescribed instructions, and to definitely work and to ardentlyMeditation, 303:Their pupils to refrain from taking other occult instructions at the same time as they areMeditation, 303:and true method." They say: "When receiving instructions from Us it is the part of wisdom and theMeditation, 312:Because in occult schools information, clear instructions, or a conglomerate of facts are neverMeditation, 317:advanced school in a condition to profit by the instructions there to be imparted. Here I wouldMeditation, 319:transcend karma. They enable him, through their instructions, to recover the knowledge of pastPsychology1, 109:as to the emanating source of the instructions is also true, for the lack of humility in man andPsychology1, 173:underlie a world state or federation, and their instructions were to get the ear of the leaders inPsychology1, 190:propositions will be able to gather out of these instructions the true, intended perspective. IfPsychology1, 412:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and in this series of Instructions. I have gathered some of it togetherPsychology2, 158:and willingly and joyously would we follow out instructions. But when, in the terms of the occultPsychology2, 187:of Discipleship) requires obedience to certain instructions which have been handed down to us fromPsychology2, 510:I shall not deal. When a man can receive these instructions consciously, either at night whenPsychology2, 510:is true of both types. These dreams or recorded instructions indicate a high stage of evolutionaryPsychology2, 711:of teaching; perhaps it pleases you to get these instructions a little ahead of the rest ofPsychology2, 745:already given you much concerning it in these instructions and if you will reread it you will beRays, 12:the Hierarchy. I seek to give you some further instructions anent the Hierarchy itself. (TheRays, 24:as far as these can be grasped now. These instructions are written for future disciples towards theRays, 36:to make the needed progress. In these short instructions, which aim only at a "tentativeRays, 44:tension. Here, in very brief form, certain basic instructions are given. Each of them indicates theRays, 46:antahkarana. It is not possible in these brief instructions to deal adequately with the will aspectRays, 61:of the Spiritual Triad. What I am doing in these instructions is to indicate the relation betweenRays, 67:Rule continues the above theme and gives some instructions in terse phrases and symbols on theRays, 115:Rules For Group Initiation In view of all the instructions given earlier in this volume, and inRays, 124:express it. What I am now writing is a series of instructions for disciples in process of trainingRays, 137:These emerge with clarity if you compare the instructions given to applicants for discipleship andRays, 207:who, in a few decades, will read and study these instructions. That your vision may expand, andRays, 250:of the Hierarchy. I would remind you that the instructions given by me as, for instance, those in ARays, 250:with the original dates of issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly sets for reading andRays, 254:group of aspirants and accepted disciples whose instructions, emanating from my Ashram, have beenRays, 323:much closer to public understanding. In the instructions now to be given, however, I shall endeavorRays, 324:of the accepted aspirant or disciple. (These instructions were begun in March 1946 and completed inRays, 336:clearer light and greater livingness. In these instructions I am dealing with the entire theme ofRays, 350:motivating power in their lives. It was under instructions from the Great White Lodge on SiriusRays, 656:further to consider them. If you will reread the instructions earlier given upon the seven PathsRays, 669:can register it as a whole. Many who read these instructions and who study the books I have writtenRays, 689:You will have noted, if you are comparing these instructions with the outline given by me on pageTelepathy, 82:Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In these present instructions I am dealing with group possibilities, withTelepathy, 86:the purpose of Sanat Kumara... In these present instructions I am dealing with group possibilities,Telepathy, 94:You will have noticed that I have given no instructions as to the art of developing telepathicTelepathy, 170:I also have pointed out in other writings and instructions, because it is a definite way in which
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