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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUMENT

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Astrology, 118:the intuition is dormant. The mind which is the instrument of reception from the intuition is, atAstrology, 133:into matter." The command of the soul to its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution goesAstrology, 206:personality methods and which makes the mind the instrument of the sense of power. When theseAstrology, 236:of a positive righteousness and not simply the instrument of enforcement. [237] Just as we areAstrology, 342:to become again in Cancer the perfect [342] instrument of service which the initiate wields as heAstrology, 342:the soul along the way of incarnation. The instrument of release is, in the last analysis, theAstrology, 393:ruling desire, of the Son of God, fashioning His instrument of expression in the depths, graspingAstrology, 394:the Son of God who is the Son of mind is the instrument of God's love; he must learn, therefore, toAstrology, 399:according to the caliber of the planetary instrument subjected to the impact. In this sign, theAstrology, 510:endeavor to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul and the non-sacred planetsAstrology, 643:and perpetual agitation. The ether is the instrument or medium by which all is produced." (S.D.Atom, 49:of that aggregate of cells which is our instrument, or tool, and our sphere of manifestation. ThisAutobiography, 113:not much care; I was far too ill. Mildred was an instrument baby and I had two serious hemorrhages.Bethlehem, 73:and dedicated to divinity, it can be used as an instrument whereby we approach nearer to God. ThenBethlehem, 127:between the source of power, the soul, and the instrument of power, the personal lower self,Bethlehem, 199:for sin, and the Cross of Christ as the [199] instrument of His death, have absorbed men'sDestiny, 37:material workers have set themselves. The major instrument of the Black Lodge is the organizingDiscipleship1, 46:and a world worker and server. With what kind of instrument, therefore, can I now work? Every trueDiscipleship1, 49:inner linking which will fuse the group into an instrument for the service of humanity and of theDiscipleship1, 73:the inner planes. The providing of an adequate instrument through which we can work must come fromDiscipleship1, 107:shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument for love until I know myself to be LoveDiscipleship1, 166:for just as money has been in the past the instrument of men's selfishness, now it must be theDiscipleship1, 166:of men's selfishness, now it must be the instrument of their goodwill. I commend this to you as aDiscipleship1, 267:will be lasting. The grip of the soul upon its instrument, the personality, is too strong for theseDiscipleship1, 279:using the concrete mind as a divinely organized instrument. Work with symbols will be found of realDiscipleship1, 292:of the coming work, and you must keep the instrument in good condition. When I [293] say you areDiscipleship1, 301:more rapidly to integrate it, and fit it for an instrument for service. I begin this communicationDiscipleship1, 309:now its attention is turned in power towards its instrument; your vibratory rate, your power inDiscipleship1, 324:to high contacts would eventually dull the instrument so that true recognitions would fade out.Discipleship1, 368:its activities and let discipline produce the instrument [369] which is needed for the work to beDiscipleship1, 411:yourself as the soul, using the lower man as an instrument. Imagine the soul as working through andDiscipleship1, 436:you can rightly care for the physical body (your instrument of service on the outer plane of life),Discipleship1, 540:this mental body must be guided into being an instrument of illumination and not simply a recorderDiscipleship1, 569:bring to that field of service a better equipped instrument, particularly if you apply the resultsDiscipleship1, 623:is being relegated to its rightful place as an instrument and the shift of consciousness is awayDiscipleship1, 623:its life and light with steady radiance into the instrument. The best that I can desire for you, myDiscipleship1, 689:the inner spiritual man, the soul and its instrument, the personal lower self. Their major interestDiscipleship1, 698:student to understand this. When the mind (the instrument of thought) is the vehicle of soul life,Discipleship1, 750:who has reached this stage he has a dependable instrument and one who can be regarded as no longerDiscipleship1, 768:to say. The soul knows no age and can use its instrument if it makes itself into a suitable andDiscipleship1, 768:if it makes itself into a suitable and available instrument. Are you too set and too preoccupiedDiscipleship2, 69:it is the ability of the soul to control its instrument, the personality, and to work through it,Discipleship2, 79:using the imagination as far as possible as an instrument of spiritual perception; learn toDiscipleship2, 138:exercise you endeavored to bring that organized instrument of service into contact with the sourceDiscipleship2, 176:Life and of the sacrificial Will, plus the instrument of service and an area in which evil isDiscipleship2, 194:of intelligence, focused in the mind, is the instrument or implementing agency of the other twoDiscipleship2, 198:goal. Meditation is essentially the highest instrument and the perfected consummation of the thirdDiscipleship2, 228:in order to make this meditation the powerful instrument which it can be. Between ThursdaysDiscipleship2, 290:This directing agent uses the left eye as the instrument for the distribution of the mental energyDiscipleship2, 294:of penetration, of the struggle involved and the instrument available in the struggle to see, toDiscipleship2, 313:mind and the lower concrete mind has become his instrument, integrating his personality, opening upDiscipleship2, 367:all planes; nevertheless the physical concept of instrument falls increasingly into the background,Discipleship2, 398:the Spiritual Triad - the triple expression or instrument of the Monad. The significance of theseDiscipleship2, 399:link and the esoteric mode of vision. The instrument of reception is the third eye which - for aDiscipleship2, 412:together and lead to soul fusion with its instrument. But, as the race has unfolded the principleDiscipleship2, 412:the mental apparatus, providing a better instrument for soul contact, and later, for service. TheDiscipleship2, 422:the disciple or initiate has been creating the instrument and developing the faculties which willDiscipleship2, 540:plane creation, happenings and events; it is the instrument of the soul in producing a personality.Discipleship2, 557:you are truly thinking as if the mind were the instrument of the soul, what lines of thought willDiscipleship2, 567:OM three times as the soul, flooding the triple instrument with light and love. Then give some timeDiscipleship2, 608:can increasingly become a better and more usable instrument. Form a steady and stable focal pointDiscipleship2, 668:the disciples, therefore, to present a balanced instrument to the Divine Organizer of their futureDiscipleship2, 702:transmute your personality nature into such an instrument that your soul can remove you out of myDiscipleship2, 715:be for you. Your mind will gradually become your instrument and not your master, as it is atDiscipleship2, 718:fuller service and with a more reliable physical instrument. A.A.B. tells me that it distresses youDiscipleship2, 743:thinking, and not simply a sensitive registering instrument. Through right meditation, the energyEducation, 6:of secondary importance as it becomes simply the instrument of that which is higher than itself.Education, 17:the medium of the mind, thereby controlling its instrument, the lower mind. Yet at the same time,Education, 19:principle [19] uses the nervous system as its instrument, with the intricate extensions of theExternalisation, 11:in the head, and the subsequent use of the instrument of the loaned body in service of some kind orExternalisation, 19:soul is regarded by Them as a more dependable instrument than a devoted fanatic. The light of hisExternalisation, 40:and the work of the lower psychic nature. Its instrument of creative work is the sacral and theExternalisation, 41:which is the reward of effort and the real instrument for the dissipation of world glamor. ThusExternalisation, 44:the personality and the soul and thus provide an instrument for the distribution of spiritualExternalisation, 44:and through such a right use of force that the instrument of the soul (the personality) becomesExternalisation, 45:of souls, because of the development of a sound instrument and the dissipation of those causesExternalisation, 142:writing for your information, is a potent solar instrument designed to bring about changes andExternalisation, 225:or mankind has developed a mentality which is an instrument for the fabrication of non-existentExternalisation, 336:will evoke the right results and produce an instrument of service of such power that its progressExternalisation, 447:human minds; these minds are the only available instrument - in their aggregated effect - throughExternalisation, 497:and will put into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation.) [498] Externalisation, 588:of the visionary mystic, but the control of the instrument, man in incarnation, by the indwellingExternalisation, 683:of consciousness, and thus reorient the working instrument in the three worlds to the higher fieldFire, 196:of mind operating through that organ as its instrument. The outward sense organs are the usualFire, 282:dominate circumstance, make his environment his instrument and manipulate matter. On cosmic levelsFire, 316:purpose, or active will, utilizing an instrument, brings us to that most difficult of metaphysicalFire, 403:is entered upon. The faculty of MIND is then an instrument for creative use, and not the "slayer ofFire, 758:force He carries requires a peculiarly resilient instrument, but due preparation is being made.Fire, 838:this will be a regular proof that the instrument is in range with the stellar body eitherFire, 850:Knowledge they know as method, an instrument of purpose utilized by all and just a germ of eventualFire, 866:this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an "instrument of destruction" in the occult sense ofFire, 958:and occult explanation when it is studied as an instrument of initiatory energy. Therefore, it willFire, 995:is commonly understood) becomes the keen steady instrument of the indwelling thinker, and the pointFire, 998:of the two, the Ego on its own plane, and its instrument in the three worlds, is shown as linkedFire, 998:function of meditation is to bring the lower instrument into such a condition of receptivity andFire, 1010:of consciousness, the "Eye of Shiva." It is the instrument of wisdom, and in these three centers ofFire, 1010:is the director of energy or force, and thus an instrument of the will or Spirit; it is responsiveFire, 1035:worlds in which he has to play his part, and the instrument which he has to use. This rod of theFire, 1124:evil. They are the sum total of the separative instrument, and where separation in any form exists,Fire, 1192:of a vehicle which will be a fitting instrument for spirit, the following factors must be borne in
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