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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUMENT

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Glamour, 15:will be able to use the world aspirants as an instrument for the breaking of group glamor whereverGlamour, 66:can no longer deceive him. His mind is a pure instrument for the reflection of light and of truth.Glamour, 83:of hard straight thinking, using the mind as the instrument whereby glamor can be dispelled.Glamour, 101:puts into the disciple's hand an infallible instrument whereby to discriminate and to discern. HisGlamour, 141:to the world of sensation and as the only instrument whereby his soul can contact that level ofGlamour, 173:from the higher worlds of being. The mind is the instrument which registers the process ofGlamour, 193:and attract aspirants through the medium of an instrument similar to the disciple's mind. To createGlamour, 251:human being, and present consequently an instrument to the soul through which appropriate energiesGlamour, 253:Related and functioning, as one expressive instrument. This is an objective and subjectiveGlamour, 259:remaining glamors and maya, and perfecting an instrument whereby the music of the soul and, later,Glamour, 268:is now very highly developed; it is a useful instrument which the soul can use; it is a highlyGlamour, 268:of tension; on the whole, it is a dependable instrument and one which can render good service. CanHealing, 2:instructions I refer to different aspects of the instrument, the body or form nature, through whichHealing, 14:to conserve force and give to the soul a better instrument of manifestation. For this liberty ofHealing, 79:is thus definitely, with the blood stream, the instrument of the life force. If, therefore, thereHealing, 95:(often from the mind and the soul) upon an instrument unfitted to handle it. These we will considerHealing, 140:universe and the medium of expression and the instrument of contact for the seven ray forces, theHealing, 168:mind, aided by true love, will some day be the instrument of all true healers. In the meantime, forHealing, 170:of the astral body into the outer world, and the instrument through which emotional energy flows.Healing, 174:of the human being. It is factually then an instrument (when rightly understood and rightlyHealing, 192:is the time wherein the soul begins to grasp its instrument, the personality) this leads inevitablyHealing, 200:is the organ of the integrated personality, the instrument of direction, and is closely related toHealing, 200:mechanism through which: The soul controls its instrument, the personality. The personality directsHealing, 248:One is the will of the soul which says to its instrument: I draw the essence back. The other is theHealing, 288:work in connection with the etheric body (as an instrument of vitality) is today as little known asHealing, 332:the medium of the etheric or vital body. This instrument is composed of: Seven major centers ofHealing, 350:serve, and use the mechanism of the body as the instrument whereby the Plan is served. Frequently,Healing, 377:frequently are so preoccupied with the tangible instrument on this side of the veil that theyHealing, 457:the departing soul can hold possession of its instrument with clarity until the last minute, andHealing, 512:aspect is mastered, used and recognized as an instrument for bringing about still higherHealing, 516:is left but the shell, the sheath, and the instrument through which the solar light can pour forHealing, 516:three worlds, as transmitted to the soul by its instrument of contact, the personality form. ThatHealing, 518:is a substitute for the personality. Thus an instrument for service in the three worlds is created.Healing, 518:worlds is created. This time, however, it is an instrument with no life, no desire, no ambition andHealing, 534:One is the will of the soul, which says to its instrument: [535] I draw the essence back. The otherHealing, 568:an expression of "the true" within the man, the instrument of the soul in the three worlds. TheHealing, 568:The soul tires of the frictional response of its instrument and determines to end the experiment ofHealing, 571:is only set up when the soul is dominating its instrument, the personality, and is bringing all theHealing, 608:in evolution where it is a useful and suitable instrument (and will become increasingly so) for theHealing, 633:One is the will of the soul, which says to its instrument: "I draw the essence back." The other isHealing, 640:called a high grade personality and an effective instrument for the spiritual man in the threeHealing, 658:spiritual expression; it becomes no longer an instrument for healing by radiatory activity, andHealing, 681:result in a withdrawal of the soul from its instrument, the threefold personality. This mightHercules, 120:guilt complex and the torturing of the physical instrument as a means to produce the dominance ofInitiation, 74:lying in the hands of small and great, is the instrument of SPEECH. He who guards his words, andInitiation, 79:this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an instrument of destruction in the occult sense of theIntellect, 5:into which they enter is curiously the same; the instrument of thought which they employ is calledIntellect, 7:situation lies. The human mind is apparently an instrument which we are able to use in twoIntellect, 8:arrived at a fair measure of understanding the instrument with which he has to work. He is askingIntellect, 41:self utilizes the form of the human being as its instrument or means of expression, and through theIntellect, 41:a physical body) the self gradually builds a fit instrument through which to manifest, and learnsIntellect, 51:and deepen the control of the soul over this instrument. When this is complete, we have a divineIntellect, 54:expression; of the one who thinks, towards the instrument of thought; of the one who registersIntellect, 60:assumes the attitude of the soul towards his instrument, the human body. He regards himself noIntellect, 61:bring about that union between the soul and its instrument which is essential if the driving urgeIntellect, 75:Now man must possess himself consciously of his instrument and pass out of the initial stages ofIntellect, 81:knowable, becomes omniscient... it becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifyingIntellect, 83:Through meditation, the mind is used as an instrument for observing the eternal states, and becomesIntellect, 83:the eternal states, and becomes in time an instrument for illumination, and through it the soul orIntellect, 110:following factors are involved: The material instrument - the brain The doer - the Self The organ -Intellect, 110:these five factors are involved. The material instrument which we have to use in meditation is theIntellect, 111:47. Through the agency of the mind as a directed instrument, the soul can manipulate the impulsesIntellect, 112:work must be done and certain refinements in our instrument made, before a man can safely andIntellect, 119:teaches its students to gain control of the instrument of thought before anything else is done, toIntellect, 119:else is done, to discover the existence of this instrument through primary failure in control, andIntellect, 121:faculty, or the possession of a specialized instrument by a gifted few; the mind should be used byIntellect, 126:The former becomes simply the tool or instrument of the trained instincts and of the controlledIntellect, 130:which a man could begin to be master of his instrument, the mind, and learn so to focus his thoughtIntellect, 142:more fully with this use of the mind as the instrument of the soul, and will repeat one paragraphIntellect, 142:The difference lies in the fact that the instrument, the mind, is now in a state of control. It is,Intellect, 143:brain. When the soul has learned to handle its instrument, through the medium of the mind and theIntellect, 155:and Deity turns its eyes upon the waiting instrument, and seeks to impress upon it as much of itsIntellect, 156:be the communication between the soul and its instrument, and the freer from deterioration will beIntellect, 159:which differ according to the part of his instrument with which contact is effected. Leaving theIntellect, 161:page 19. [161] These results on the triple instrument - mental, sensory and physical - which weIntellect, 169:for the coordination between the soul and its instrument, and the subsequent reaction of theIntellect, 200:and the distinction between the knower and the instrument of knowledge becomes steadily andIntellect, 225:seeking to contact and use the Not-self, its instrument in the worlds of human expression, and viceIntellect, 246:But they over-estimate their capacity; the instrument of the soul is totally unable to measure upMagic, 27:follows when the brain becomes the intelligent instrument of the mind; then study the relation ofMagic, 27:and inspirations which will make the soul the instrument of the spirit or monad, just as theMagic, 27:became, at an earlier stage (via the mind), the instrument of the soul. In that earlier stage theMagic, 57:When the communication between the soul and its instrument is conscious and steady, the man becomesMagic, 57:thread, and (through it) vitalizes its triple instrument (mental, emotional and physical) and thusMagic, 58:by my remarks hitherto. Just as in the past the instrument and its relation to the outer world hasMagic, 74:and the rapport between the soul and its triple instrument becomes steadily closer, and theMagic, 77:a normal and safe control of that most potent instrument, the vital body. That this end may rapidlyMagic, 81:mind has served its purpose, and has become his instrument and not his master, his interpreter andMagic, 86:automatic physical. The physical body, the instrument of desire, is swayed and controlled byMagic, 89:with all other souls who may have brought their instrument into a responsive state. This is theMagic, 108:at-one. The Solar Angel is identified with his instrument; the life of the sheaths is subordinatedMagic, 109:into deep meditation. Magnetic rapport with the instrument in the three worlds is instituted. TheMagic, 109:in the three worlds is instituted. The instrument, man, responds, and also enters into meditation.Magic, 129:and delay the acceptance. Seek to equip your instrument, learn to function in quietness, fulfilMagic, 130:inner God and which, therefore, makes a man an instrument for service in the world. Magic, 135:Second. Another object is the preparing of an instrument for service in the inauguration of the NewMagic, 151:the vital body, thus galvanizing the physical instrument with the needed constructive activity.Magic, 167:suffice. Second, when the use of the subjective instrument becomes voluntary and a man knows how itMagic, 167:into voluntary and intelligent control of his instrument and learns to understand the purposes forMagic, 177:being dependent upon the receptivity of the instrument (that is, [178] the mind and the brain) of
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