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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUMENT

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Magic, 180:is not in control. The medium is an unconscious instrument, he is not himself the controllingMagic, 180:When this is the case you have a rare and useful instrument for the aiding of humanity. InspirationMagic, 204:as the soul takes more and more control of its instrument and the soul nature steadily manifests,Magic, 212:the soul as the soul "contemplates" his triple instrument. There is an interesting relation betweenMagic, 227:potent fierceness when there is a good physical instrument and a well-equipped mentality. TheMagic, 228:up to from below. The soul must govern and its instrument in the warfare is the consecrated mind. Magic, 229:rule "the vital power". Just as the eye is the instrument of choice in choosing the way of travelMagic, 236:the magician. The soul has communicated with his instrument in the three worlds. The man on theMagic, 236:united meditation of the soul and the man, his instrument. This thought-form, embodying the will ofMagic, 237:magician - the soul in conjunction with its instrument. The personality sheaths, each with its ownMagic, 242:out when the soul assumes control of its triple instrument. Humanity is now at the midway point asMagic, 265:creative work; of the soul, as it builds its instrument for expression, either unconsciously in theMagic, 281:the work which the soul does in relation to its instrument, the human being, and we can also studyMagic, 285:or sentient energy pours through Man, the instrument of divine Life, and the custodian of forces,Magic, 335:sound and will put into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation. Through theMagic, 385:of dual recognition. Later, the soul and its instrument become so unified and at-one that dualityMagic, 394:fused and merged and the mechanism or instrument of the indwelling self is a usable and valuableMagic, 505:the departing soul can hold possession of its instrument with clarity until the last minute and canMagic, 516:attitude, it becomes the interpreter and instrument of the soul, which has now turned the "light ofMagic, 566:highest aspect of the dense physical sheath, the instrument of tangible organic manifestation. WeMagic, 581:and to accomplish two things: Recreate his instrument or mechanism of contact, so that the solarMeditation, 66:contact between the higher and the lower is an instrument in the hand of the Logos for theMeditation, 86:- the head and the heart, - into one synthetic instrument, and whose throat center vibrates to theMeditation, 112:the body, - the directing organizing factor, the instrument of the lower mind, the accumulator ofMeditation, 131:and a man stands out ahead of his fellows as an instrument of the White Brotherhood that heMeditation, 268:learn to contact the lower mind simply as an instrument whereby he can reach the higher, and thusMeditation, 332:about before the man can be used as a reliable instrument, true as tempered steel, for the helpingPatanjali, 65:of the real man with that illusory instrument, his mental body. This leads him to question thePatanjali, 69:is manifest when the soul uses the mind as its instrument of vision. Charles Johnston translatesPatanjali, 110:can be contacted at will by the seer using the instrument provided for him, but a new world opensPatanjali, 162:one homogeneous plan. 3. The mind. This is the instrument which the seer employs in order toPatanjali, 162:himself after he has learned to control his instrument the mind and can discriminate between thePatanjali, 163:and reactions to the mind via the lower instrument of the brain. Having reached this stage the seerPatanjali, 167:from the standpoint of the soul, they form one instrument. For a long period and through manyPatanjali, 181:only as the lower man forms a coherent rhythmic instrument that it becomes possible for the ego toPatanjali, 183:Concentration. Fixation of the mind. Here the instrument of the Thinker, the Real Man, is broughtPatanjali, 184:of God." He then, utilizing his controlled instrument, the mind (controlled through the practise ofPatanjali, 193:a physical medium, as Christ did through His instrument and disciple, Jesus. Patanjali, 211:that it is moulded and wrought into an adequate instrument of expression. The idea is also carriedPatanjali, 249:and mind of the lower self, his vehicle or instrument. He is, therefore, centered in himself or inPatanjali, 251:of emotions and physical atoms) as simply his instrument for communicating at will with the threePatanjali, 256:comprehend until he has developed the internal instrument for comprehension; it is fruitless forPatanjali, 257:stages he was aware of triplicity, for the instrument of knowledge was likewise recognized, laterPatanjali, 258:plane standpoint) asleep and unable to use its instrument, and that these experiences are thereforePatanjali, 261:The difference lies in the fact that the instrument, the mind, is now in a state of control, it isPatanjali, 289:him power over the mind, so that it is his instrument to use as he will as an organ of vision intoPatanjali, 328:the nerves that the thinker can galvanize its instrument into activity during incarnation, andPatanjali, 350:in its twofold condition, that of the external instrument [351] and the internal capacity of thatPatanjali, 351:[351] and the internal capacity of that instrument to respond to certain vibratory impacts. HePatanjali, 353:the intuition has been developed into a usable instrument, and direct apprehension of allPatanjali, 369:an infinity of mind impressions, becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifying agent.Patanjali, 382:out of the old a new vehicle or new man, an "instrument meet for use." This transfer, transmutationPatanjali, 405:the sight, i. e., the mind and the object or the instrument of knowledge and the object ofPatanjali, 406:consciousness? Though in the body, is it just my instrument, and am I awake on another plane ofPatanjali, 412:mind is relegated simply to the position of an instrument, of an intermediary, of a sensitivePatanjali, 412:mind is relegated to its rightful place as an instrument of knowledge. A physical plane analogy mayPatanjali, 412:that which produces revelation. We know it as an instrument which is responding to certain lightPatanjali, 414:field of knowledge revealed. It is naught but an instrument, as said before, capable of a dualPatanjali, 414:whole trend of one's endeavor be to bring that instrument into such a condition that it can be usedPatanjali, 415:of the term) is not available until the instrument of knowledge, the mind, has been developed. HerePatanjali, 417:subjects becomes possible to him, for he has an instrument which he can use to ascertain that whichPatanjali, 418:an infinity of mind impressions, becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifying agent.Patanjali, 418:this purified lower self but to learn to use his instrument, the mind, and through it the other twoPatanjali, 418:utilized. Through the eight means of yoga his instrument has been discovered, developed andPatanjali, 418:of what happens to the man who has mastered his instrument. He registers in his brain, via thePatanjali, 427:yet can function in it; he can utilize the instrument of knowledge and ascertain all that he seeksPatanjali, 428:of Raja Yoga, the mind will be known as the instrument of the soul and the means whereby the brainPsychology1, xix:the entire lower man may be a pure channel and instrument through which spiritual force may flowPsychology1, 5:the human being is entirely conditioned by his instrument of expression and can express no morePsychology1, 71:and has learnt to at-one soul and body into one instrument for spirit. Now he passes on his way toPsychology1, 111:and your soul will take increasing hold upon its instrument, when your mind and effort are turnedPsychology1, 331:sense, as a synthetic or common sense, and as an instrument of discovery by means of which a manPsychology1, 356:the growth of the human intellect, which is an instrument of exceeding sensitivity, producingPsychology1, 365:of the seventh ray is that the soul controls its instrument, the personality, through ritual, orPsychology1, 418:plane. Element: The Akasha. "It is written." Instrument of Sensation: The Light of Kundalini.Psychology1, 418:Love. Element: Ether. "It is spoken." The Word. Instrument of Sensation: Ears. Speech. The Word.Psychology1, 419:Element: Air. "Thus is Unity produced." Instrument of Sensation: Eyes. Right eye particularly.Psychology1, 420:saw that it was good." [420] Element: Flame. Instrument of Sensation: Astral body. Plane: LowerPsychology1, 420:form. Element: Water. "I long for habitation." Instrument of Sensation: Tongue. Organs of speech.Psychology1, 420:Principle: Energy. Element: Earth. "I manifest." Instrument of Sensation: Nose. Plane: PhysicalPsychology2, 15:man is frequently a wonderfully sensitive instrument of the inner, emotional and mental selves, andPsychology2, 26:physical nature can become more definitely the instrument of mental impulses. The brainPsychology2, 26:working unit. Later, the personality becomes the instrument of the indwelling soul. The above is aPsychology2, 59:deals with the relationship of the soul to its instrument - the mechanism whereby or wherewith itPsychology2, 64:the grasp or hold that the soul has upon its instrument; it can be seen whether that grasp isPsychology2, 124:the life of the soul can pour through into the instrument [125] which the soul must perforce usePsychology2, 129:the "Spirit of Peace" use the lower nature as an instrument, and there will be peace and harmonyPsychology2, 134:be rooted out when the personality becomes the instrument of the soul. In other cases, the serverPsychology2, 181:seek to train, teach and weld the group into an instrument for service. Each person will bePsychology2, 254:who, upon the physical plane, can become the instrument of Their will. Through this group, thePsychology2, 265:inner development and yet have such a poor instrument on the physical plane that coordination isPsychology2, 268:that period the soul tightens its hold upon its instrument, the lower form nature. b. The impact ofPsychology2, 269:of the soul towards its rapidly preparing instrument. The great Touch of Appropriation liesPsychology2, 274:as the soul makes three approaches towards its instrument or reflection, a human being, so thePsychology2, 274:that the "appropriation" by the soul of its instrument (called individualization) is duplicated byPsychology2, 275:takes place before the personality can be a fit instrument for the soul. He stands [276] betweenPsychology2, 293:etheric body is uniquely constituted; it is the instrument of life, predominantly, more so than thePsychology2, 293:of life, predominantly, more so than the instrument of quality. It is the factor which produces andPsychology2, 293:It is the factor which produces and sustains the instrument of appearance, the physical body. ItPsychology2, 322:gets a vision of its destiny, which is to be an instrument of a higher force. The intuition. The
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