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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTRUMENTS

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Astrology, 267:owing to the non-existence of the needed instruments of response. They will, therefore, have noAstrology, 340:the soul whilst dominated by form become the instruments of world service. [341] As these resultsAstrology, 374:a consideration of its rulers, Taurus forges the instruments of constructive living [375] or ofAstrology, 386:and governs their activities, fashioning the instruments of war when war and conflict are the onlyAtom, 114:desire, when we have mental bodies that are our instruments and not our masters, then we shall knowDestiny, 108:and the religious hatreds are the two major instruments. This is a subject upon which you would doDestiny, 125:appearance and the soul will have far better instruments through which to work. The relationDiscipleship1, 255:you along the way of service. When, however, two instruments or vehicles and the soul are on theDiscipleship1, 493:need to learn discrimination in the use of the instruments which they should use to free themselvesDiscipleship1, 651:or joy, - our only wish to be what they need as instruments for their mighty work, and to fillDiscipleship2, 82:own natures which will make them more effective instruments in service. I am impressing the mindsDiscipleship2, 367:the analogous process by means of synchronizing instruments upon all planes; nevertheless theDiscipleship2, 699:easily accomplished, and the effect of blended instruments and broad sound productions upon yourExternalisation, 88:as a part of the divine plan. The Jews are instruments in the working out of the Plan for theExternalisation, 185:ruin; science has turned to the invention of the instruments of death; the populations of citiesExternalisation, 225:to express His power on Earth through His chosen instruments? Is there no foundation for the mythExternalisation, 641:the books are your working tools and the instruments whereby you will train your workers. See thatFire, 145:His function is the building of forms to be His instruments of experience. His mode of action isFire, 196:objects are experienced by means of the outer instruments of the Lord of the Body or sensesFire, 196:so forth are accomplished. But, as they axe mere instruments and their power is derived from theFire, 711:Egos in their causal bodies have analogous instruments to work through. [...] A final point whichFire, 832:of force, in contradistinction to the sheaths or instruments employed. The mystic has recognizedFire, 975:out from the conscious creating adept to the instruments of service, his thought-forms. The littleGlamour, 213:light of many minds, rendering them effective instruments in world affairs, penetrating andHealing, 193:more suitable for soul control and more adequate instruments with which to carry forward theHealing, 371:reactions of a series of vehicles, all of them instruments of perception)? If I tell you thatHealing, 378:with the "spirit world," the present electrical instruments are too slow in vibratory activity (ifHealing, 379:as you now have them. This will necessitate instruments hitherto undreamed of but really quiteHercules, 66:the tongue and organs of speech, the hands as instruments of intelligence." (Alan Leo, CompleteInitiation, 74:of preparation carried on. One of the greatest instruments for practical development lying in theIntellect, 82:steadily established between the soul and its instruments until the time comes when they areIntellect, 179:due to the identification of the knower with the instruments of knowledge... The illusion that theMagic, 97:- his mental, emotional, vital, and physical instruments. He sounds the Word literally on theMagic, 132:heard. The Great Ones have to work through human instruments and the plan and the vision are muchMagic, 132:much handicapped by failure on the part of these instruments. Magic, 134:and dependent upon Their physical plane instruments and Their main trouble concerns the point ofMagic, 169:disciples and initiates. They are weapons and instruments of service to be then used in the threeMagic, 176:They must seek pre-eminently to be dependable instruments, unswayed by passing storms. They mustMagic, 176:destined workers; where they are absent, other instruments must be found. Some people learn atMagic, 259:planetary evolution are looking for dependable instruments, and this cannot be too emphaticallyMagic, 568:evenly throughout the entire body. Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found inMagic, 575:the sword. They are, when employed unselfishly Instruments of healing. Agencies whereby certainMagic, 631:is vital and the effect of the work of these instruments on the world is immense. These men andMeditation, 97:under control of the mental and making them the instruments of his mental creations and activities.Meditation, 197:subject at times to the musical sound of instruments, has a peculiar and definite effect upon theMeditation, 283:rounding out the bodies and of making them fit instruments for service. It is perhaps the hardestMeditation, 332:[332] The need arises these days for tested instruments. When Those Who guide human evolution atMeditation, 332:Their eyes over the race in the search for such instruments They see few as yet ready for thePatanjali, 48:mental - are no longer his prison. They are but instruments which he can use or vacate at will. HisPatanjali, 107:makes him free. The field of knowledge, the instruments of knowledge and knowledge itself arePatanjali, 112:due to the identification of the knower with the instruments of knowledge. 7. Desire is attachmentPatanjali, 133:due to the identification of the knower with the instruments of knowledge. This verse is thePatanjali, 133:that the knower, the spiritual man, has various instruments for contacting his environment and thusPatanjali, 326:of the Hierarchy, but they must be regarded as instruments and be relegated to the form side. ItPatanjali, 330:evenly throughout the entire body. Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found inPatanjali, 356:the substantive appearance of the five instruments of sensation." It is interesting to note thatPsychology1, 130:awareness of environment, and the development of instruments whereby consciousness may bePsychology2, 133:the true server comes into possession of his instruments for service, and thenceforth creative workPsychology2, 314:until finally the bodies become simply instruments of contact through which the soul comes intoPsychology2, 336:and women whose response apparatus, and whose instruments of contact are as far removed inPsychology2, 338:the consciousness in man is the evolution of the instruments whereby that consciousness is broughtPsychology2, 453:and strengths and the qualifications of the instruments of reception. It should be remembered herePsychology2, 718:been successful. These people are far more the instruments of divine activity rather than consciousRays, 57:for such a fusion. The hold of the soul upon its instruments of expression, the network of theRays, 59:to attain something ever on ahead creates the instruments of attainment, gradually perfecting themRays, 152:which invocation and evocation must take as instruments in his pledged intelligent service. TheReappearance, 6:and it is with this communication and these Instruments of divine energy that the doctrine ofSoul, 52:may be constructed which, in turn, can be the instruments through which a perfect psychic natureSoul, 62:without hooks, without projections or other instruments; does it not appear probable that it canSoul, 108:the animating breath (prana), as so many unused instruments, he can animate more than one form inTelepathy, 16:as an instrument differentiated from all other instruments or centers) is sensitive to the impactTelepathy, 82:of susceptible mechanisms. These impressionable instruments are capable of registering tamasic
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