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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATE

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Discipleship1, 73:work of each group of disciples must definitely integrate and thus change from the theoretical andDiscipleship1, 73:as a group with power. 2. If the group fails to integrate and to take advantage of groupDiscipleship1, 116:power to visualize. The second thing which will integrate your nature and increase your magneticDiscipleship1, 145:the mystic symbol of the builder. That you may integrate more freely and more fully in the work ofDiscipleship1, 183:so many - to a restricted spiritual expression. Integrate you more closely into the group life. IDiscipleship1, 202:to you to thus cooperate, for it will do more to integrate your personality and your soul into oneDiscipleship1, 215:You work with human beings and you seek to integrate into this group of mine because I, whom youDiscipleship1, 217:power through which this particular group will integrate must come through you. Each of myDiscipleship1, 250:on what it is based. Indicate wherein you can integrate more closely into the group and thus feedDiscipleship1, 250:to the group and which, when learnt, will integrate you more closely into my group? Simply this:Discipleship1, 251:from the glamor of personality, then you will integrate into your group in a new and effective way.Discipleship1, 277:with impersonality, love and silence. Seek to integrate others into the service of humanity byDiscipleship1, 282:plane in a stabilizing and loving capacity to integrate the group in love. Of this your physicalDiscipleship1, 301:group up to par, and enable me more rapidly to integrate it, and fit it for an instrument forDiscipleship1, 302:working. The objective of this exercise is to integrate the three centers above the diaphragm, andDiscipleship1, 306:spiritual life during the next six months and integrate yourself more closely and consciously intoDiscipleship1, 583:serve to aid your soul in its life task and to integrate you into the second ray sphere ofDiscipleship1, 612:to me, your Tibetan teacher. You have sought to integrate those into this work who do not belong toDiscipleship1, 627:it has been particularly difficult for you to integrate into [628] my group of disciples because ofDiscipleship1, 634:of the right kind. You had to learn to integrate into my group of disciples and to love withDiscipleship1, 684:to respond to Shamballa. By his ability to integrate the center of power (his group for which beDiscipleship1, 707:plane methods of work. As disciples learn to integrate themselves into a Master's Ashram, theyDiscipleship1, 766:in the life of the group and of humanity, and to integrate himself consciously into the Hierarchy,Discipleship1, 771:to learn this silent loyalty which serves to integrate the group, as one. It is easy inDiscipleship2, 9:member also a meditation which will serve to integrate his personality more completely but willDiscipleship2, 108:body - for the entire subjective group and will integrate them closely as time goes on, restoringDiscipleship2, 245:have had earlier when I sought to help you to integrate with your brothers. I gave you, as you willDiscipleship2, 249:formulas which the disciple has to interpret and integrate into his waking consciousness. This mustDiscipleship2, 257:the disciples, plus the need for one quality: To integrate into the inner Ashram as "practicingDiscipleship2, 384:a group inheritance and serves to galvanize, integrate and fuse the group into renewed activity andDiscipleship2, 485:two reactions: first of all, that they could not integrate and, secondly, a sense of loss becauseDiscipleship2, 562:both the inclination and the time to deepen, to integrate more consciously into the Ashram, and toDiscipleship2, 753:body and the solar plexus. These two then integrate with the mental body and thus complete theDiscipleship2, 760:it is called. This is a process which serves to integrate the disciple regularly and cyclicallyEducation, vi:own direction. In harmonious living, man must integrate both ideals to achieve wholeness forEducation, 95:negate the activities of modern science but will integrate them into a wider subjective whole.Education, 117:process which will enable them consciously to integrate into the greater Whole. From the form sideExternalisation, 271:the Rider from the secret place. Stimulate and integrate into the minds of certain advancedExternalisation, 280:is done by those who can truly coordinate and integrate on all three levels and thus function as aExternalisation, 334:The problem, therefore, will be to integrate first ray workers into the new group of world serversExternalisation, 589:that the past has given to us but which will integrate men into a more sane and acceptable approachGlamour, 29:or another, but who finds it quite impossible to integrate it into the world picture; to make thoseGlamour, 63:Immediately he seizes upon it and seeks to integrate it into his life purpose and life plan. It mayGlamour, 63:therefore seizes upon the idea and attempts to integrate it into his plans, and tries to work withHealing, 2:vitalize and energize the physical body and thus integrate it into the energy body of the Earth andHealing, 325:minus functioning? Will a meditation designed to integrate the personality automatically adjust theHealing, 386:inflow of spiritual force - a force which might integrate the soul more closely with the body inHealing, 386:a renewed life-expression, or which might integrate the soul with its emanating source and initiateHealing, 386:soul. The capacity of both healer and patient to integrate into the soul group with which they areHealing, 386:with which they are subjectively affiliated, to integrate in other cases both personality and soul,Healing, 386:are at a needed point of development, both to integrate more closely into the Master's ashramicHealing, 508:of aspirants and students is, first of all, to integrate the lower threefold man, so that they mayHercules, 225:enacted in each Sign this brief summary seems to integrate the Hercules Series) The progress ofProblems, 22:to mind her own business, to stabilize and integrate a vast population, and to lead her peoplesProblems, 33:which will enable the youth of any nation to integrate successfully into the world picture. WePsychology1, 280:expresses the power to organize, the ability to integrate and to bring into synthetic relation thePsychology1, 294:of information. The processes by which he can integrate his personality and raise and purify hisPsychology2, 16:sphere or measure of divine influence. Integrate the three sheaths into a unity which for three andPsychology2, 95:dedicated souls. They rescue; they lift; they integrate; they illumine; and the net result of theirPsychology2, 134:factor leading to demonstrated service, is to integrate the personality, and to bring all the threePsychology2, 204:and culture. The souls who are beginning to integrate and who are emotionally and psychicallyPsychology2, 284:Attraction. The energy of life. The capacity to integrate, to coordinate. The force of the vital orPsychology2, 352:upon the destinies of the little person. They integrate their surroundings into an instrument forPsychology2, 380:of energy expression, and thus the five energies integrate, blend and fuse. These five energies,Psychology2, 467:part of a greater whole, and his problem is to integrate consciously his small life activity intoPsychology2, 603:and all the aspects of daily life which integrate the human part into the whole of humanity fail toRays, 691:a soul-infused personality, and also to integrate himself with his environment for serviceRays, 759:exactitude and power. It will serve to integrate the two great centers: the Hierarchy and Humanity,Telepathy, 21:indicates that his soul is beginning to integrate consciously and definitely with the Spiritual
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