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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATED

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Astrology, 102:This is the sign in which humanity, as a whole integrated unit, is born, the scene of the emergenceAstrology, 174:nature Emotional nature Lower mental nature Integrated man Aspiring man Intuitive mental man HumanAstrology, 177:is built up, constructed, developed and integrated, to the final crucifixion of the [178]Astrology, 210:involve the form nature - gross and subtle, integrated and potent. Mars, therefore, rules AriesAstrology, 253:symbology of the entire form nature, which, when integrated and functioning as a whole person, weAstrology, 271:Scorpio, the Christ-life and manifestation is integrated with that of the fourth CreativeAstrology, 295:wishes and desires of the personality, [295] the integrated self-conscious man, the lower self ;Astrology, 307:mediator. You have, therefore, the conscious, integrated Self, functioning with full occultAstrology, 345:nature and the three aspects of the soul are integrated and functioning. It is this integrationAstrology, 377:lower nature, the personality aspect of integrated selfhood. It produces - though less readily - aAstrology, 395:centered In one or other of his vehicles. In the integrated personality, prior to the PathAstrology, 474:of aspiration from the stage of intelligent integrated man to that of the accepted disciple andAstrology, 478:the disciple can express in himself the integrated resemblance to these three aspects, he will notAstrology, 478:come up against the need for the approach of the integrated human being to this science becauseAstrology, 486:aspirants who are subordinating gradually their integrated personalities to the good of the group.Astrology, 557:strength and beauty" through the medium of the integrated soul and personality. This is aAstrology, 574:spiritual organization he is being gradually integrated through experience upon the Fixed Cross. ItAstrology, 620:of the greater Whole and of itself as the part, integrated and basically at-one. This will-to-goodAutobiography, 265:aim at a higher fusion - that between the integrated personality and the soul. They reveal thatBethlehem, 23:the soul, with a complete transmutation of the integrated personality, lies ahead of them. There isBethlehem, 88:form a unit for the use of the inner man, an integrated personality, or an efficient lower self, isBethlehem, 143:[143] to another, gradually become consciously integrated parts of the whole. Eventually, the groupBethlehem, 155:of His human nature, and it was upon this integrated, focused and consecrated personality that theBethlehem, 180:are dependable and true, just because they are integrated with the spiritual revelation of theBethlehem, 253:of that which is the divine aspect, and which is integrated with the life and consciousness of thatBethlehem, 259:personalities. So high is the general level of integrated personality life that we are apt to feelDestiny, 70:nation. Some nations are fluid and not properly integrated as are the masses of people everywhere;Destiny, 70:are the masses of people everywhere; others are integrated entities, or fully expressingDestiny, 77:relationship has come to a focus. France has an integrated personality whilst Germany has not;Destiny, 79:to show that the German people, not being an integrated race, are very largely victims and shouldDestiny, 118:of racial unfoldment. These levels symbolize the integrated man - physical, astral and mental. WhenDiscipleship1, XIV:fact that the ray of his soul and the ray of his integrated personality are posed against eachDiscipleship1, 19:Manifest the nature of the soul, through the integrated personality. The nature of the soul is loveDiscipleship1, 21:disciples, upon the inner side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual life,Discipleship1, 31:upon the outer plane. As the group thought-form integrated and disciples responded to my call,Discipleship1, 46:of the group may be more firmly and closely integrated. Next, you must learn to work on the levelsDiscipleship1, 48:men. Impersonality, particularly for high grade integrated people, is peculiarly difficult toDiscipleship1, 57:to other people. It is the attitude of the integrated thinking personality of the disciple towardsDiscipleship1, 80:This is the shifting of consciousness of all integrated human beings in increasingly large numbersDiscipleship1, 94:its wise utilization through the medium of an integrated personality is indicated. Discipleship1, 177:group of disciples in my Ashram is not as yet an integrated whole; its personnel is not yetDiscipleship1, 182:presence. Sound the O.M. again three times as an integrated personality and soul, fused and blendedDiscipleship1, 200:This group of disciples is more aligned, and integrated, than it was and if this integrationDiscipleship1, 213:The center between the eyebrows is that of the integrated, dedicated, threefold personality.Discipleship1, 249:individualistic still, but not group members, integrated into the group. In saying this, I state toDiscipleship1, 267:stepped down; the group becomes more closely integrated and the life of each disciple, the problemsDiscipleship1, 285:I use this word "failure," brother of mine? The integrated personality which possesses no spiritualDiscipleship1, 300:Consider the welfare of the group by becoming an integrated part within it. You will naturallyDiscipleship1, 308:and love into the waiting, attentive, integrated personality. Make this a dynamic, quick andDiscipleship1, 371:again come into our sphere of influence who are integrated, wise, trustworthy and with far moreDiscipleship1, 422:have indeed had a battle with your entire lower integrated personality. The Path of Purification,Discipleship1, 468:the symbol of an awakened ajna center and of an integrated personality. It is a four-pointed star.Discipleship1, 486:your personality ray, the first (for you are an integrated personality), that it colors the nature,Discipleship1, 505:and your mind and your astral body are now integrated. Reflect on what this means, my brother. ItDiscipleship1, 547:to the mind. Then recognize yourself as being an integrated personality. From the integratedDiscipleship1, 547:as being an integrated personality. From the integrated personality to the soul. As you do thisDiscipleship1, 581:this condition is not eased by the fact that the integrated personality force flows through a firstDiscipleship1, 612:in my work or with those who are already integrated into the work that I am seeking to do. I amDiscipleship1, 680:new groups of disciples who can gradually be integrated into existent groups and be available forDiscipleship1, 689:they do this, if they choose, at will. They are integrated people from the personality angle andDiscipleship1, 699:of desire-energy. The developed man, with an integrated personality, gradually brings the ethericDiscipleship1, 704:It is important to remember that no one is integrated into an Ashram until he has pierced beyondDiscipleship1, 708:and truth into which they are being steadily integrated, their exoteric usefulness and effectiveDiscipleship1, 749:the point when he was being trained to become an integrated and useful unit in the Ashram to whereDiscipleship2, 6:people, but that of the group which is not yet integrated enough or unified enough to assimilateDiscipleship2, 7:which I feel will enable you to function as an integrated personality, fused and blended inDiscipleship2, 74:many years of work with me, the group is not yet integrated and has produced no particular [75]Discipleship2, 213:worlds, and which lead [213] eventually to an integrated personality, ready to appreciate theDiscipleship2, 251:and the greater world of an organized group, integrated and functioning as a unit, and the distantDiscipleship2, 266:of manas - these are the eyes of the high grade integrated personality, en rapport with the soul.Discipleship2, 272:fire (and therefore not solar fire) into the integrated personality, so that the entire man - nowDiscipleship2, 363:in a threefold manner and provide a closely integrated yet widely useful approach to theseDiscipleship2, 382:involves. He is becoming every day more integrated. This integration is a fourfold one, HisDiscipleship2, 382:one, His personality, in its various aspects, is integrated into one functioning whole. He isDiscipleship2, 382:and trained techniques. He is slowly being integrated into the very heart of humanity; this putsDiscipleship2, 407:and solely what it claims to be: a vast and integrated group of soul-infused persons, radiatingDiscipleship2, 455:me, my brother - naught can change that. You are integrated into my Ashram; you have my confidenceDiscipleship2, 482:it is not possible for the disciple to be fully integrated into the Ashram, nor is it possible toDiscipleship2, 495:body. From that point recognize yourself as an integrated personality. Withdraw from theDiscipleship2, 504:necessarily a vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated group thought which is so potent inDiscipleship2, 508:and with as much of your first ray soul integrated into it as you can invoke - it will greatly aidDiscipleship2, 514:soul. - This is self-control. The attitude of integrated man to humanity. - This is service. TheDiscipleship2, 572:outward and one inward, with also an ordained integrated expression. In your case, this situationDiscipleship2, 640:the physical body emanates from that aspect or integrated aspects where lies the focus ofDiscipleship2, 644:man and also the personality as a whole, the integrated man. The stage of responsiveness whichDiscipleship2, 656:is of a relatively high order and well integrated, the problem is then very real. This you realize,Discipleship2, 676:at this time. The work of the Hierarchy is an integrated whole; each Ashram within the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 702:it is purified, disciplined, enlightened and integrated? I give you no set meditation. I enjoinDiscipleship2, 729:no special work. I seek to see you more closely integrated into the group in my Ashram of which youEducation, x:about nature and synthesize it into a body of integrated principles to establish theEducation, 6:between the brain-mind-soul, thus producing an integrated personality which is a steady developingEducation, 17:of meaning) can be entered and understood by the integrated consciousness of the intelligent humanEducation, 26:different aspects of the lower self, so that an integrated personality emerges; and then ofEducation, 28:conscious unity is consummated. The man is an integrated, conscious, living personality. The threadEducation, 65:vehicles of manifestation, and later through his integrated personality. Having arrived at aEducation, 95:the world and of all classes and nations will be integrated personalities. When this is the case,Education, 117:of values. Millions of human beings are now integrated or at the point of integration. They areEducation, 140:we shall have the manifestation of the integrated elemental forces to which we give the name of theExternalisation, 99:of the concept of the self, of the lower integrated self and its correlated inner implications ofExternalisation, 101:the vision is not a part of your life and so integrated into your consciousness that you attach
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