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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATING

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Astrology, 185:mind nature is finally developed and begins its integrating control of the personality. When thisAstrology, 508:as the impelling soul acts towards a rapidly integrating personality. This triangle should not beAstrology, 553:or of the steadily developing and finally integrating human being. This takes place at first inAstrology, 557:of humanity, the strictly human stages, and the integrating processes of personality developmentAstrology, 615:and preserves even the life aspect as the integrating factor in form building and - which isBethlehem, 128:discipline; and finally by the processes of integrating the various aspects of the lower natureBethlehem, 128:the very root of the personality. The mind, the integrating factor, with its ability to thinkDiscipleship1, 31:are now in active existence. The group is slowly integrating and slowly making its influence feltDiscipleship1, 33:will multiply and so carry forward the work of integrating the inner and the outer groups andDiscipleship1, 204:apparent as the group is only in process of integrating and the true group problems (to which I amDiscipleship1, 214:a definite point of contact that brings in the integrating force, just as a Master, at the centerDiscipleship1, 214:as a Master, at the center of his Ashram is the integrating, cohesive energy. You can serve in thisDiscipleship1, 274:developed and cultivated. It is one of the major integrating forces and an adjuster of rightDiscipleship1, 284:to bring in the organizing, synthesizing, integrating action of the soul. The technique will differDiscipleship1, 287:For you, however, this was a needed step in the integrating process; the sense of the abstract andDiscipleship1, 294:group brothers. You are new in the work but are integrating into the group life rapidly and haveDiscipleship1, 375:of your personality this life and the major integrating factor is your will. Self-will you haveDiscipleship1, 375:and it is well to recognize it. But the integrating will of the personality, subordinated to theDiscipleship1, 402:been given work which will constitute for you an integrating point. Much can be done by you throughDiscipleship1, 410:it indicates, therefore, the force of a rapidly integrating personality, but this force, as you doDiscipleship1, 446:your soul to your brain. The result has been integrating, satisfying (in spite of incidentalDiscipleship1, 499:many other servers. In understanding them and in integrating them into your life, you will join theDiscipleship1, 567:of disciples is to act as a stable, loving, integrating force. This you have steadily done duringDiscipleship1, 567:should be aware of it. Continue with this integrating work. Once in the recent history of the groupDiscipleship1, 578:I no longer do so. You can and will become an integrating force in this group. A great process ofDiscipleship2, 245:of your group meditation the following simple integrating formula: "I am one with my groupDiscipleship2, 245:some lives at least. Why then the need for an integrating formula?" Because, my chela, though youDiscipleship2, 313:lower concrete mind has become his instrument, integrating his personality, opening up to him theDiscipleship2, 585:ask you to undertake a special piece of work (of integrating work for me), and to do it in such aDiscipleship2, 642:ask for flowing life. I choose the way of integrating, and therefore ask for the seal of silence.Discipleship2, 753:thence to the soul but have not yet succeeded in integrating these three with the physical man,Education, vi:will make possible a planetary civilization by integrating whatever trans-temporal andEducation, x:of which has come a proposal for a Department of Integrating Studies in the University ofEducation, 52:White Lodge. The antahkarana is the conscious integrating force. The antahkarana is the medium ofExternalisation, 335:connected with the new group. It is important integrating work. You might ask me at this point toExternalisation, 483:draws near is that of unifying, synthesizing and integrating all these forces into one great andExternalisation, 589:and followed through, century after century, integrating not only history into one complete storyExternalisation, 589:qualities through the medium of humanity, but integrating with it and into it all worldGlamour, 42:part of his quality equipment. He is in reality integrating and synthesizing experience in theHealing, 12:the self where humanity is concerned, and the integrating principle where the subhuman kingdoms areHealing, 35:a point of equilibrium, and thus producing an integrating or coordinating personality. These numberHealing, 475:and atoms, is steadily being released from the integrating potency of the vital body by the actionHealing, 509:which is hidden - in their case of that hidden, integrating thread which will enable them to blendHealing, 641:the soul which permeates the entire body as an integrating factor. Speaking symbolically,Hercules, 201:they know. But there is a group of human beings, integrating now, who make no noise, are notIntellect, 54:and consciousness. It is the vital factor, that integrating coherent something which makes theIntellect, 266:through the power of a unified realization. This integrating group of mystics and knowers is theMagic, 136:Great Ones have to change Their plans as to this integrating group of mystics, it will be changedMagic, 261:o'clock by an act of the will with this rapidly integrating group of servers, mystics and brothers.Magic, 292:The Hierarchy of the Planet. Subjective. The integrating group of Mystics. Objective. PlanetaryMagic, 313:is carried forward. Through this rapidly integrating etheric body this Life is bringing the ethericMagic, 388:Groups: such as The Hierarchy of Adepts. The integrating Group of Mystics of the New Age. This willMagic, 398:of World Servers We have spoken often of the integrating group of knowers who are beginning toMagic, 399:ceremonials, or outer form, there is integrating - silently, steadily and powerfully - a group ofMagic, 416:is the present situation in connection with the integrating group of mystics? Let me be somewhatMagic, 429:It lies in the custody of a few in this integrating group of mystics and knowers and will beMagic, 520:upon him. At the center of human life, the integrating group of new World Servers must meetProblems, 22:new thing, for Russia is rapidly maturing and integrating and will demonstrate that she has much toProblems, 26:fact consists part of the wonder of this rapidly integrating nation. Like all young people,Problems, 35:gradually and will hasten the process of integrating the whole man. There is no hope for the futurePsychology1, 5:the emphasis we shall lay upon the nature of the integrating principle found within all coherentPsychology1, 255:living, are part of the divine process of integrating the Plan and of producing an ordered andPsychology1, 338:of the psychologist, which recognizes the integrating principle of the ego (in many cases) but doesPsychology1, 339:fact that humanity is with great speed integrating the three aspects of human nature into a unity,Psychology1, 343:constitute a unity, through the influence of the integrating principle, which is never absent. ThePsychology1, 374:of [374] the imminent discoveries will be the integrating power of electricity as it produces thePsychology2, 344:reorientation, they learn the basic necessity of integrating the personality, and from that pass onPsychology2, 347:ray and its work with the individuals upon it in integrating the personalities, will be conveyed byPsychology2, 349:contribution to the whole, in order to evoke its integrating power. His motive, however, beingPsychology2, 369:this line of divine energy. It has most powerful integrating properties, but the person who employsPsychology2, 403:man, or to allow scope for the activity of an integrating center, a central point of consciousness,Psychology2, 416:and is correctly used as an analytical, integrating factor instead of as a critical,Psychology2, 427:They are found also in the man who is integrating into his life work, and also in the thinkingPsychology2, 430:and unused faculties of man will be swept into integrating activity. The process is always andPsychology2, 432:recognize eventually: The fact of the soul, the integrating agent, the self. The Law of OpportunityPsychology2, 435:The center at the base of the spine is the major integrating center and comes into functioningPsychology2, 582:and to develop mental faculties. This has an integrating effect and temporarily is marked by aRays, 452:It is all a part - in three stages - of the integrating process, proving to the disciple that allRays, 691:To this must be added the subtler task of integrating himself into the Ashram so that he becomes anReappearance, 105:of life; they demanded to know what was the integrating principle in man, and what was the soul andTelepathy, 61:the agent consciously directed, of the rapidly integrating spiritual unity. It can convey into theTelepathy, 124:maturity, qualified by immense attractive and integrating energies, motivated by a supreme PurposeTelepathy, 180:of the life within the form; the correlating, integrating factor, relating center to center, isTelepathy, 181:consciousness, whilst the third - the dynamic, integrating life which holds form and consciousness
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