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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATION

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Discipleship1, 412:during the third month instead of the word "integration." I am going to tell you the governing raysDiscipleship1, 423:you - an equal necessity. In this way a closer integration can be set up between the two majorDiscipleship1, 434:you were capable of carrying on the process of integration alone and unaided, and it is alwaysDiscipleship1, 449:glamor which at this time can hinder your close integration into this group of brothers? It is ofDiscipleship1, 464:faith, the deepening of your assurance and your integration in this group work. I shall not at thisDiscipleship1, 468:the group, for it holds in it the seeds of group integration. Continue, therefore, with it. I giveDiscipleship1, 470:The factor which will produce increasing integration between the soul and the personality, in theDiscipleship1, 493:ray personality at its relatively high point of integration has now undue control. It must beDiscipleship1, 495:center - the center of personality force and integration. Then sound the O. M. again, this time asDiscipleship1, 505:therefore, to a devitalized condition; the integration between your mental body and your emotionalDiscipleship1, 556:importance. It is essential for your rapid integration into the hierarchy of souls and servers. YouDiscipleship1, 559:started, if the group continues with its work of integration and grows in love and understanding.Discipleship1, 560:that your soul will mean more to you. A deeper integration into your group of kindred souls, with aDiscipleship1, 583:body is upon the seventh ray and this makes for integration and for efficiency. Your rays can,Discipleship1, 605:for you important, for it not only aids in group integration but it serves to decentralize you fromDiscipleship1, 627:differing personalities. The problem of group integration is always a difficult one; it has beenDiscipleship1, 628:disciples, the reasons which militate against integration vary. For some, it is largely based uponDiscipleship1, 628:sense of identity and of selfhood which hinders integration. Other disciples are hindered by theDiscipleship1, 632:[632] work from mental levels, producing the integration of the personality, and, therefore, power.Discipleship1, 634:initiation. Only one thing prevents your rapid integration into your true place; that is yourDiscipleship1, 637:1938 that "only one thing prevents your rapid integration into your true place and that is yourDiscipleship1, 637:will only be possible if the group shows greater integration and if the response to the WesakDiscipleship1, 650:yet you see not the real purpose or the coming integration or group relation. There are two people,Discipleship1, 662:until this time as the quiet process of your integration in my group has been going forward withDiscipleship1, 667:and has already achieved a measure of subjective integration, but your group brothers are close toDiscipleship1, 685:evolution. It is a process of continuing integration into centers of force, i.e., into a Master'sDiscipleship1, 696:becomes a definite responsibility. The work of integration and of absorption lies with the AshramDiscipleship1, 714:it is only when a fair measure of personality integration is set up that the soul's attention isDiscipleship1, 716:is consciously undertaken, because by then integration has been stabilized and the man is fullDiscipleship1, 771:one, particularly for some of you. Such is human integration today that it is not possible for anyDiscipleship1, 773:to [773] energy, from personality focus to soul integration and, then, from soul to spirit, fromDiscipleship2, XIII:will then know that an adequate measure of group-integration has been achieved and that the realDiscipleship2, 4:on the surface of your lives, but the deep inner integration and the activity of the divine natureDiscipleship2, 5:members; this leads necessarily to inadequate integration. I mention this now because I would urgeDiscipleship2, 22:relation with the soul, with character building, integration and alignment processes, as well asDiscipleship2, 35:true disciples, gives opportunity for planned integration and also proffers an invitation for youDiscipleship2, 56:of Initiation. The intermediate stage is that of Integration. We have therefore the germ of a newDiscipleship2, 56:than that of the soul. Hence the need for group integration and work. This period was divided asDiscipleship2, 108:a definite measure of permanent personality integration. They are people in the fullest sense ofDiscipleship2, 119:individual meditation which will aid in group integration and in the unfoldment of the individualDiscipleship2, 215:or concentrated thinking. This in time produces integration and definite personality achievement inDiscipleship2, 245:needed by all of you in connection with group integration, and they follow upon what you have hadDiscipleship2, 245:needed by all of you, one of them refers to your integration into my group of "practicing chelas,"Discipleship2, 246:Another reason for the use of this formula of integration by those who have had experience of groupDiscipleship2, 246:some in the group who are as yet far from true integration, and the experience of the older chelasDiscipleship2, 247:awareness. What is the next fact or point of integration or consciously achieved inclusiveness? ADiscipleship2, 247:These six formulas are therefore formulas of integration, and one or two hints may here beDiscipleship2, 247:Formula One concerns, as I have told you, integration into a Master's group, and it has two uses -Discipleship2, 258:be a preliminary step) but of monad-personality integration, carried forward because of an attainedDiscipleship2, 263:initiations. They are definitely formulas of integration: They concern integration progressivelyDiscipleship2, 263:definitely formulas of integration: They concern integration progressively into a Master's group.Discipleship2, 263:into a Master's group. They also concern integration into some state of group sensitivity, on someDiscipleship2, 267:the six relationships: Formula One - Deals with integration into an Ashram and is concerned withDiscipleship2, 268:soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration. These points of revelation assumeDiscipleship2, 336:is - as you will perceive - a test of individual integration, with a view to group integrationDiscipleship2, 336:of individual integration, with a view to group integration later on. Discipleship2, 345:formulas is as follows: Formula I... Concerns integration into an Ashram. Group feeling.Discipleship2, 352:producing right human relations and a consequent integration into the Hierarchy. This will be inDiscipleship2, 364:They are definitely formulas of integration, both universal and individual. They present certainDiscipleship2, 364:great creative patterns connected with the integration of lesser forms into a greater whole. TheyDiscipleship2, 364:Death - from the angle of the formulas - is the integration of the essential being in all formsDiscipleship2, 364:the angle of Discipleship Formula 1. Concerns integration into the Ashram; it concerns theDiscipleship2, 382:He is becoming every day more integrated. This integration is a fourfold one, His personality, inDiscipleship2, 444:an easy problem of inner contact, relation and integration. When, however, the aggregate of innerDiscipleship2, 465:equipment, or must you build new bodies for integration, use and service? The decision rests withDiscipleship2, 549:These three are: Occult Obedience. Group Integration. Right of Access. Let us consider each of themDiscipleship2, 552:as governing the life of the Ashram - Group Integration and Right of Access - will take on new andDiscipleship2, 552:the circle of those who talk there is no group integration. Right of access comes to those who knowDiscipleship2, 573:therefore one of a pronounced technique for the integration of soul and personality. The sameDiscipleship2, 573:in the case of the average citizen produces an integration of the personality - what we might callDiscipleship2, 573:of the personality - what we might call an integration downwards. In the case of a disciple, suchDiscipleship2, 573:of a disciple, such as yourself, it produces an integration upwards, leading to a definiteDiscipleship2, 575:is a symbol. This awakening is brought about by: Integration - the coordination of the mechanism.Discipleship2, 587:in my Ashram in producing a consolidation and integration within the Ashram itself? It is a newDiscipleship2, 602:say that once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete andDiscipleship2, 603:which will produce new vision and, above all, integration. [604] The ajna center becomes activeDiscipleship2, 604:active increasingly as alignment, leading to integration, is achieved. I would have you use thisDiscipleship2, 604:When this is done, you have a secondary form of integration made possible, i.e., the integration ofDiscipleship2, 604:form of integration made possible, i.e., the integration of forces coming from the outer world ofDiscipleship2, 604:the ajna center. Sound the OM, visualizing the integration of the personality with the soul. InDiscipleship2, 665:out by me, for in their sumtotal your future integration, development and service lie hidden. LetDiscipleship2, 753:not be the right one in all cases. Usually the integration of the spiritual life and of theDiscipleship2, 753:after much struggle and time by the definite integration of personality and soul. You have,Discipleship2, 753:and soul. You have, however, carried the integration from the astral body to the mental body andEducation, vi:restoration of unity of principles upon which an integration of human values and achievements canEducation, xii:of Unified Studies will not pose as experts in integration. Along with interested students, theEducation, 28:of the mind, and this produces that inner integration which makes man eventually an efficientEducation, 29:in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration Coordination and Integration Thus far weEducation, 29:- Coordination and Integration Coordination and Integration Thus far we have been occupied withEducation, 32:in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration In the above paragraph and itsEducation, 36:in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration 8. The educators in the new age will dealEducation, 51:of consciousness and with a complete triple integration. Not all can pass into the higher grades,Education, 65:its creative restoration and spiritual integration, which is Their goal; the fruits of Their laborEducation, 78:he is taught a sense of proportion by right integration into the little world of which he is aEducation, 89:only common sense, however, to realize that this integration is not possible for every studentEducation, 117:beings are now integrated or at the point of integration. They are beginning to function as a unityEducation, 117:the potency of the unfoldment of their achieved integration and (if you will but believe it) theEducation, 117:through the very force of their personality-integration and because they can [118] function as highEducation, 122:of universal relationship, of subjective integration and of a proven and experienced unity will beEducation, 140:the consciousness. Thus will be brought about an integration in the light substance of the planet
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