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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATION

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Education, 140:lacking at this time; and the production of this integration will be definitely initiated by theEducation, 140:individual, racial and spiritual: The fusion or integration of the different aspects of man'sExternalisation, 25:themselves as a group - bring [25] about greater integration. Thus they can aid in carrying out theExternalisation, 29:of these levels of awareness. Today, as the integration of the human family proceeds and as theExternalisation, 125:of human beings have reached a high stage of integration and achievement - the conflict has becomeExternalisation, 130:that time in which human beings, having achieved integration and a blended expression of feelingExternalisation, 146:of the above facts and a developed and trained integration between soul, mind, desire, brain andExternalisation, 157:a soul, using the mind and the brain as agents. Integration, conscious activity, and the expressionExternalisation, 157:it clarify matters for you if I state that: Integration is a correspondence in consciousness to theExternalisation, 168:energies, once any real measure of personality integration has been achieved. It is, as you know,Externalisation, 228:of the work which you can do from the point of integration. I would ask you to ponder with careExternalisation, 327:by a deep fatigue, a shattered psychological integration as the result of nerve strain, an acuteExternalisation, 334:no great problems of cohesion and of group integration. Of this aspect of work, the Arcane SchoolExternalisation, 565:are still persistent. The rapid development of integration among advanced people, which has forcedGlamour, 7:reality. [7] It tends to bring about a close integration between soul-mind-brain, and when that isGlamour, 17:Their personnel is incomplete and the group integration only in process of being set up. Glamour, 57:also its effect, plus the quality of the [57] integration existing between the three aspects of theGlamour, 57:of the final form. Therefore we have: Imperfect integration of the personality. Indefiniteness ofGlamour, 62:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 5. Through wrong Integration of an Idea. Every disciple has a lifeGlamour, 65:The way of wrong direction. The way of wrong integration. The way of wrong embodiment. The way ofGlamour, 88:dominate, producing the process of divine-human integration which we call "initiation." Ponder uponGlamour, 93:deep importance to the group in the interest of integration and real spiritual cooperation. TheGlamour, 119:plane living which is the result of a lack of integration between the physical and the ethericGlamour, 216:one functioning personality. An act of integration in which the personality and the soul are seenGlamour, 220:[220] A process of alignment and of recognized integration. A deliberate turning of the searchlightGlamour, 231:processes of individual and group alignment and integration can now be regarded as completed andGlamour, 231:each meeting thereafter should see a more rapid integration and fusion and a greater brilliance ofGlamour, 235:of glamor. Preparedness through alignment and integration. This is the production of a field ofGlamour, 237:The process of alignment and of recognized integration. The turning of the searchlight of the mindGlamour, 272:TIBETAN. See also the Techniques of Fusion and Integration in A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.Healing, 36:but its potency as an agent of cohesion and of integration is as yet greater than its qualityHealing, 47:man from the angle of their development, their integration and the total coordination of theHealing, 79:Causes of Disease B. Lack of Coordination and Integration We come now to a brief consideration ofHealing, 79:we have called lack of coordination or integration. This is exceedingly prevalent today and isHealing, 80:the theme much further. Congestion, lack of integration and over-stimulation of the centers, areHealing, 91:average of health, because there is better integration, and as a result a freer play of the lifeHealing, 96:or wrongly oriented. It is simply the effect of integration, because saints and sinners, theHealing, 96:unselfish and all kinds of people, can achieve integration and a thought-directed life. The secondHealing, 97:lessened and more and more people will achieve integration. Where there is integration there is theHealing, 97:people will achieve integration. Where there is integration there is the free play of force and ofHealing, 118:recognized higher aspect. The whole Science of Integration is involved in this matter. ThisHealing, 126:and superficial. The goal of all development is integration - integration as a personality,Healing, 126:The goal of all development is integration - integration as a personality, integration with theHealing, 126:is integration - integration as a personality, integration with the soul, integration into theHealing, 126:as a personality, integration with the soul, integration into the Hierarchy, integration with theHealing, 126:with the soul, integration into the Hierarchy, integration with the Whole, until complete unity andHealing, 126:achieved. In order to master this science of integration whose basic goal is identity with the OneHealing, 172:personality energies, prior to the process of integration) is a center for collection, for aHealing, 174:and rightly directed) for aiding in the integration of the personality life. The major problem ofHealing, 178:centers to the recognized facts of coordination, integration and their effects in producingHealing, 200:of the head. In Atlantean days, personality integration was largely unknown, except in the case ofHealing, 200:and the sign of his achievement, was this triple integration. Today, the goal is that of a stillHealing, 214:living is transmuted into personality integration. From the six centers in relationship into theHealing, 254:This is finally brought about by the right integration of the whole man, through a rightHealing, 325:He must aim, as you suggest, at personality integration and at the goal of being a pure channel forHealing, 325:of being a pure channel for the soul. Such an integration is the result, normally achieved, ofHealing, 326:hold upon the outer form, for it is the close integration of the etheric body with the physicalHealing, 386:the relation of soul and body, and deal with integration or abstraction. The objective underlyingHealing, 391:these elementary prerequisites. The processes of integration as I seek to consider them hereHealing, 391:as I seek to consider them here concern the integration of the soul into the threefold body, ifHealing, 394:also enters in so that right focus is attained. Integration demands consideration, so thatHealing, 395:primarily the human soul. The Processes of Integration. These deal with the work of the liberatedHealing, 396:be upon mental levels, prior to the processes of integration; the true severance of communicationHealing, 396:in a Master's Ashram, even this process of integration will constitute no barrier. In the next fewHealing, 407:to stand free in its own place." The Process of Integration, dealing with the period wherein theHealing, 433:principle of coherency which, under the balanced integration of the whole body, preserves itHealing, 433:is the principle of coherency and the cause of integration, it is also the medium through whichHealing, 434:which governs the first divine aspect. Integration eventually produces synthesis. The many cyclicHealing, 455:the exoteric [455] symbols. Moving indicates the integration and response of the existing, aware,Healing, 471:heard; complete peace follows the act of final integration. Here, in esoteric phraseology, theHealing, 487:is no mental vehicle to draw them into a mental integration because there is no mentally focusedHealing, 498:ways which are necessarily dependent upon the integration achieved. This integration will be of twoHealing, 498:dependent upon the integration achieved. This integration will be of two kinds: That of theHealing, 500:has brought about a situation wherein the integration or close relation between soul and form is soHealing, 504:dealt with under the title of The Processes of Integration. [505] Healing, 505:Healing - Chapter VII - The Processes of Integration CHAPTER VII The Processes of Integration InHealing, 505:of Integration CHAPTER VII The Processes of Integration In considering this intelligently utilizedHealing, 505:is brought to an end through the complete integration of soul and personality. This we willHealing, 505:from three points of view: The significance of integration. The state of mind of the soul. TheHealing, 506:on its own plane. This produces eventually the integration of the three lower sheaths into oneHealing, 507:This also is what we mean when speaking of the integration of these two; the two are now one. ItHealing, 508:Healing - Chapter VII - The Processes of Integration The Significance of Integration The emphasisHealing, 508:The Processes of Integration The Significance of Integration The emphasis laid by most teachers andHealing, 508:laid by most teachers and aspirants is upon the integration of the personality and its correctHealing, 508:this is an earlier stage and rightly so. The integration of the mind, the emotional nature and theHealing, 508:to the purpose of producing a still higher integration of soul and [509] personality, leading toHealing, 509:and [509] personality, leading to that final integration which brings in the highest aspect of all,Healing, 509:can develop an adequate personality integration. This they will never do if they over-estimateHealing, 509:employ if they seek to produce this needed integration and a consequent life of service. Thus theHealing, 509:Thus the aspirant can test out both his point of integration and the extent of the serving qualityHealing, 509:extent of the serving quality produced by this integration. If aspirants would study their physicalHealing, 510:(when the physical and emotional phases of the integration are over) that there follows a phase ofHealing, 510:love increasingly expresses itself as the higher integration of soul and personality proceeds. AllHealing, 510:the true significance of these varying phases of integration, carried forward - as they are - underHealing, 510:law. All these steps upon the way of integration lead to that culminating stage wherein theHealing, 510:Healing - Chapter VII - The Processes of Integration The State of Mind of the Soul And whilst allHealing, 511:Sacrifice" Who, through incarnating experience, integration and expression, has undertaken the taskHealing, 511:the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. Once integration has taken place between the personalityHealing, 511:its own plane - can begin to attend to a higher integration or linking relation which it mustHealing, 512:mind of the soul during the processes of lower integration can be briefly summarized as follows:
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