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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATION

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Psychology2, 374:the center. Thus we can see that the essential integration of this unit into his group can now takePsychology2, 378:the simplest way. Our study of the Techniques of Integration was definitely abstruse and couched inPsychology2, 378:the three personality vehicles, prior to their integration into a functioning whole. It might be ofPsychology2, 378:if I pointed out to you that the three words: Integration, Fusion and Duality when dealt [379]Psychology2, 379:one thing it might be said that The Technique of Integration, a sevenfold technique, is appliedPsychology2, 379:is one into which all men eventually pass. Integration here refers to the bringing into one fieldPsychology2, 380:activity when, in response to the Technique of Integration, there is Response and interplay betweenPsychology2, 382:almost automatically. The result is that the integration of the three energies is proceeding fast.Psychology2, 383:will be a sevenfold one like the Technique of Integration, but in this you would be mistaken. It isPsychology2, 390:the processes set in motion by the Technique of Integration are completed and the rays of the lowerPsychology2, 391:astral and mental planes. When the Techniques of Integration and Fusion have done their intendedPsychology2, 401:have briefly indicated the triple techniques of Integration, Fusion and Duality, and have shown youPsychology2, 403:seeks to [403] produce right adaptation, correct integration and coordination and the release ofPsychology2, 405:of the modern complexes. [405] The Problems of Integration, which produce many of the difficultiesPsychology2, 406:thus producing a coordinated personality. Future Integration. Between the personality and the Soul.Psychology2, 407:Those conscious of cleavage. Those achieving integration with much pain and difficulty.Psychology2, 408:infant and savage races. But the third stage of integration, that of gradual mental development, isPsychology2, 408:rapidity. Attention will then be given to the integration of the personality, so that all threePsychology2, 408:of difficulty. The human state, dealing with the integration of all the [409] aspects into onePsychology2, 409:The spiritual state, dealing with the integration of the personality and the soul, thus evoking thePsychology2, 409:in their turn are of two kinds: The problems of integration. Those arising out of a sense ofPsychology2, 409:sought, upon God and His child. The Problems of Integration, which produce many of the difficultiesPsychology2, 409:arise as the result of an achieved synthesis and integration, producing consequently an inflow ofPsychology2, 410:Certain definite complexes occur when the integration of the mind with the three lower aspects hasPsychology2, 411:as the race proceeds towards personality integration and from thence to soul contact. Psychology2, 411:Finally comes the period of personality integration wherein [412] there is the will-to-power, withPsychology2, 413:of force in the etheric body, the processes of integration, which bring one center after anotherPsychology2, 413:of the technique of unfoldment and of integration which will lead to intelligent comprehension, aPsychology2, 418:same time there can be a weakness in the etheric integration, of such a nature that there is a lowPsychology2, 419:will, but is apt to be the result of this feeble integration and loose connection between thePsychology2, 423:is the outer expression of an inner process of integration and much can be done by training.Psychology2, 428:and solved. That the power to produce the needed integration and to end a cycle of sensed dualityPsychology2, 428:aspects to that aspect which is seeking integration. The aspect to be integrated is essentiallyPsychology2, 430:The achievement of periods of recognized fusion, integration or true normality. A process ofPsychology2, 430:or in a series of lives, leads eventually to Integration. [431] I would like to stop here and pointPsychology2, 431:not man's sole opportunity in which to achieve integration and eventual perfection. The great LawPsychology2, 431:by his present equipment that he achieved integration, thus guaranteeing to him victory in hisPsychology2, 437:- Some Problems of Psychology b. Problems of Integration One of the first things which happens whenPsychology2, 438:for ego-mania is outstandingly a problem of integration. All these difficulties can be obviated andPsychology2, 438:show itself, turning the man (as a result of integration and a sense of well-being or power andPsychology2, 441:the superconscious - are essentially crises of integration, producing temporary situations whichPsychology2, 441:the higher aspect of himself which is demanding integration and is conscious of its nature and ofPsychology2, 442:and the mind [442] and has thus, through their integration, reached the level of intelligence. ThePsychology2, 442:Another real difficulty in the field of achieved integration is to be found in the case of thosePsychology2, 442:character of the person. For a long while after integration has been reached there will frequentlyPsychology2, 446:cleavage make its appearance? Or has an achieved integration brought about the difficult situation?Psychology2, 446:and leading thus to a fusion of energies? One of integration, requiring right understanding of whatPsychology2, 457:This is peculiarly one of the problems of integration, for it is due to the stimulation of thePsychology2, 473:Problems of Psychology Because he has achieved integration and is able to function in the mindPsychology2, 502:As soon as a person has reached A state of real integration of the astral body and the vital orPsychology2, 504:a somewhat different situation. The demonstrated integration has involved the mind nature and isPsychology2, 525:fervor and ardent disciplines, and personality integration, personality [526] ambitions,Psychology2, 535:of a man's personality to the point of integration, can (if the energies involved are not correctlyPsychology2, 581:the eyebrows, corresponding to the period of integration and of personality control, whereinPsychology2, 603:swings into activity before there is any true integration of the whole man, and any true usefulPsychology2, 607:which takes the form of ambition, and of an integration which is brought about by the force of thatPsychology2, 614:As we have earlier seen, the processes of integration bring their own problems. As time goes on,Psychology2, 615:these factors, owing to his relatively partial integration. I refer here to his integration in thePsychology2, 615:partial integration. I refer here to his integration in the group. People are still so insulated inPsychology2, 657:the new technique of world unfoldment and integration. The development of self consciousness and ofPsychology2, 668:destruction by embodying in itself the forces of integration and construction. The New Group willPsychology2, 668:or groups which embody those ideas which lead to integration and constructive building. They willPsychology2, 671:national life may be sensed and desired, but the integration of that national life into the greaterPsychology2, 694:Out of this quite possible great effort at integration which can be focused at the time of thePsychology2, 705:with those whose mental equipment and achieved integration would warrant the belief that - oncePsychology2, 708:troubles which are based on personality integration, or on excessive soul stimulation, and thosePsychology2, 708:experimentation, and perhaps of the too rapid integration of the three aspects of the personality. Psychology2, 711:contact, with its consequences: - stimulation, integration, the inflow of energy, and the use ofPsychology2, 724:New Group of World Servers, so that their group integration might constantly become more effective,Psychology2, 724:form upon the physical plane? Can the inner integration of the New Group of World Servers findPsychology2, 727:and we can depend upon the strength of the inner integration, produced by these synthesizingPsychology2, 730:adequately sensitive to others. It had no inner integration such as is now possible through ourRays, 57:to the dominating soul energy. This first great integration is a fusion of force with energy. HereRays, 117:Leading to personality integration and self-realization. Climaxing on the Path of Initiation...theRays, 122:negation of the astral body), and personality integration will be the essential first steps. ToRays, 195:plane. It can be the fused result of personality integration and be a combination of energies; orRays, 226:aspect and the establishing of complete divine integration into the greater Whole. The initiateRays, 239:physical living, yet preserves a close ashramic integration; it thus provides a field of serviceRays, 265:regarded as the individual process of spiritual integration, relating - in full wakingRays, 272:power and of success and - above all else - of integration. This too is a necessary phase andRays, 273:be involved and present, and a major planetary integration will take place. This is symbolized inRays, 340:Transfiguration Ajna center 5th ray Mental plane Integration Direction Science Initiation 4.Rays, 384:to demonstrate responsiveness to the Law of Integration and personality appeared with all itsRays, 385:it marked a point of complete soul-personality integration. In the earlier initiations, the soulRays, 436:its turn to a still greater synthesis and higher integration. The dual life which all disciplesRays, 455:qualifying agencies, or energies. Fusion or integration of the consciousness thread with theRays, 478:the full activity of the mental unit, the integration of the three aspects of the personality, andRays, 520:The human family, after the stage of personality integration is reached, reacts with increasingRays, 549:expression by a still stronger energy, that of integration - that he begins consciously to [550]Rays, 560:time recognized, and humanly recognized. Such an integration must ever precede conscious humanRays, 562:relationships. He is a personality through the integration of his mind, his emotional nature andRays, 563:seven, though entailing many minor points of integration - as follows: [564] Fusion of the energiesRays, 637:activity are integrated or are in process of integration into one functioning whole. The discipleRays, 688:at the base of the spine, thus completing the integration started at the third initiation.Rays, 691:his environment and his circumstances. They are: Integration, Direction, Science. His task - as heRays, 691:initiation - is to produce a greater personal integration so that he becomes increasingly aRays, 691:of the Master's band of workers. As the work of integration proceeds, he is striving all the timeRays, 691:and the injunctions of his own soul. Both integration and direction, he discovers, require [692]Rays, 750:this, dealing as it does with the problem of the integration of the human being and the healing ofRays, 752:Presence is already available; the tendency to integration can therefore be more easily fostered
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