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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRATIONS

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Autobiography, 277:consciousness and as the result of self-directed integrations, is also studied. 3. The Nature ofAutobiography, 284:who has achieved a certain basic integration or integrations, or is consciously attempting toAutobiography, 284:result of the evolutionary process) a series of integrations. Many of the students in the ArcaneHealing, 434:eventually produces synthesis. The many cyclic integrations which are carried forward in the greatPsychology2, 335:coordination and the methods whereby two great integrations take place: The integration of thePsychology2, 351:third initiation is undergone. All these various integrations work out into some definite form ofPsychology2, 358:place when the disciple has effected the needed integrations of the threefold lower nature. It isPsychology2, 406:3. That human unfoldment proceeds by a series of integrations, of processes of coordination orPsychology2, 406:a sense of cleavage and of duality. These integrations, as far as humanity is concerned, either liePsychology2, 406:at this time, or lie ahead in the future. Past Integrations. Between the animal body and the vitalPsychology2, 406:these three and the lower concrete mind. Present Integrations. Between these four aspects thusPsychology2, 406:and the Soul. There are other and higher integrations but with these we [407] need not here concernPsychology2, 407:is that in racial history, many of these integrations have already taken place unconsciously as thePsychology2, 408:e. far those who are today expressions of past integrations, and those who are in process ofPsychology2, 408:becoming thinking human beings. The two earliest integrations, between the vital body and thePsychology2, 408:the mental level, then we shall see these three integrations carried forward with precision andPsychology2, 408:The child state, in which the three first integrations are brought about, and the objective of thePsychology2, 432:of those found in the etheric body. The integrations which evolution eventually effects are carriedRays, 563:initiation is a process whereby successive integrations - attended by consequent expansions of
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