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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRITY

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Astrology, 6:group awareness, group relations and group integrity are coming to the fore in the humanAstrology, 202:to add its evidence to the essential integrity and interlocking dependencies of the universe. Astrology, 530:the desire to express and preserve their soul integrity and their purified national purpose (whichAutobiography, 94:liked my sense of humor, she recognized my basic integrity and what she called my "spiritual poise"Autobiography, 168:I can and do preserve my [168] own mental integrity all the time and I can always argue with Him ifAutobiography, 290:at the same time, their individuality and integrity. It is for this reason that the Arcane SchoolBethlehem, 128:values or purposes" were being tried. His integrity must be undermined, if possible, and the unityBethlehem, 250:legitimate assurance of a hereafter wherein the integrity of the divine purpose will be vindicated.Bethlehem, 253:towards life because its values are real, its integrity is being steadily assured, and the worldDestiny, 104:the desire to express and preserve their soul integrity and their purified national purpose (whichDiscipleship1, 15:First and foremost, as you well know, group integrity and cohesion. Nothing can be done withoutDiscipleship1, 16:to work loyally together for group coherence and integrity - no matter what diverse opinions youDiscipleship1, 22:limitations and unworthy of hindering group integrity. This experiment, being attempted by a groupDiscipleship1, 59:which (in group work) preserves the group integrity, fosters the group rhythm and permits noDiscipleship1, 60:by the group, as a group, are as follows: Group integrity. This grows out of right integration andDiscipleship1, 60:in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VI Integrity, fusion and understanding - this is theDiscipleship1, 74:The New Group of World Servers must preserve its integrity and work steadily and undismayed. TheDiscipleship1, 131:own free choice and for the purposes of group integrity. Discipleship1, 156:it is? Love all. Serve all. Preserve your mental integrity and be not influenced by those whoseDiscipleship1, 238:of the greatest moment - personal truth and integrity. This decision may lead you to continue toDiscipleship1, 249:The group rhythm, the group unity, the group integrity and the group synthesis are secondary in theDiscipleship1, 304:will help in establishing a group interplay and integrity which is one of the main objectivesDiscipleship1, 338:and will enable you to preserve your spiritual integrity; it will also serve each month to awakenDiscipleship1, 351:with a sensitive compliance and a spiritual integrity which seven years ago would have been utterlyDiscipleship1, 366:of D. A. O. in my group and so help preserve the integrity of the group relationship. This is notDiscipleship1, 413:do any of the work then - for the sake of group integrity and the purposed undertaking of healing -Discipleship1, 428:your full share in the preservation of group integrity; I should like to take this opportunity toDiscipleship1, 502:are primarily concerned is protecting the integrity of consciousness, [503] even though it may (ifDiscipleship1, 635:this means, brother of old, that the group integrity has been infringed and that the group is notDiscipleship1, 639:individually acquired wisdom; preserve the group integrity by definite effort. Do the work which IDiscipleship1, 639:to you. Work for the preservation of the group integrity. I ask this of you. Discipleship1, 708:(if necessary), preserving always his spiritual integrity but learning three important lessons: TheDiscipleship1, 715:desire for personal liberation, for personal integrity and for personal lasting happiness. This hasDiscipleship1, 723:one of the factors which produce: Hierarchical integrity. Eventual close relationship betweenDiscipleship2, 76:which is a factor in my decision, is A.A.B.'s integrity in the work. Among some of you, if what IDiscipleship2, 108:to be weak. This entire problem of group integrity and personnel synthesis (if I may coin such aDiscipleship2, 184:have been correctly aligned and the resultant integrity has been stabilized and fully accepted, theDiscipleship2, 384:undergoing different initiations? Is the group integrity imperilled? During the period ofDiscipleship2, 450:let me say: Preserve your essential and innate integrity, my brother. Be like the sapling whichDiscipleship2, 504:side of the veil. This preservation of conscious integrity is no easy task; it requiresEducation, 107:systems will be to preserve individual integrity, promote the sense of individual responsibility,Externalisation, 10:another soul for service, preserving their own integrity all the time. The highest expression ofExternalisation, 61:The new group of world servers must preserve its integrity and work undismayed. All is not yetExternalisation, 80:nearer the goal. I would remind you also of the integrity and solidarity of the human family. WeExternalisation, 80:our goal. It is this essential and recognizable integrity which is emerging at this time powerfullyExternalisation, 176:task of endeavoring to preserve their national integrity. The conflict today is a world conflict.Externalisation, 178:own liberty of action, the preservation of its integrity, the right of the little nations and theExternalisation, 190:of evolutionary development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus aExternalisation, 258:security and safety of France more than with the integrity and happiness of humanity, and this ledExternalisation, 332:prompt obedience to soul injunction, and inner integrity are unfolded and developed. Where theseExternalisation, 380:inherent divinity of the human spirit and on the integrity of the whole. It is founded also on theExternalisation, 417:So many know the truth today; so many people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciouslyExternalisation, 442:divisions, and thus render effective that basic integrity which should unite the three major worldExternalisation, 456:are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as they underlie the entireExternalisation, 469:all who remain aware of their own spiritual integrity and responsibility, who refuse to be gatheredExternalisation, 524:perception of the proposed hierarchical integrity and future functioning. Resent not my wordsExternalisation, 531:of thought and a consequent better hierarchical integrity and one which - no matter what may happenExternalisation, 538:based not on lack of previous unity and integrity, but on the absorption of new energies, madeExternalisation, 677:from the point of view of the staunch and basic integrity of the divine human being. [678] Time andFire, 420:man, but is the mantric word which preserves the integrity of all groups likewise. When man can sayFire, 436:be interpreted in terms of fire, and thus the integrity of the thought-form of this book beFire, 1168:life of the mineral kingdom and to preserve its integrity. It is the cause of the immetalisation ofGlamour, 48:that it warrants your sacrificing the group integrity in order to have it? [49] Does your ownGlamour, 129:do so increasingly if you preserve your soul's integrity and are not overcome by the battle and theHealing, 14:self-preservation and the preservation of form integrity is a vital principle in matter, and theHealing, 243:is recognized as my proved veracity and [243] integrity. I shall, and can, say but little - onlyHealing, 247:resistance, wherein the form preserves its own integrity for a temporary cycle, determined by itsHealing, 269:must regard it as a blot upon their national integrity if there is the appearance within theirHealing, 438:on this subject concerns the central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will note that in thisHealing, 473:those who have achieved a measure of personality integrity and are attempting to fulfil, as far asHealing, 473:for it will enable you to preserve your mental integrity, it will indicate an open mind, and at theHealing, 478:body in its two aspects: that thought is the integrity of the inner man. He remains himself. He isHealing, 523:Laws of the Soul - the blending laws of group integrity. The Laws of Life - the dynamic laws ofHealing, 523:that we shall now deal, for they concern the integrity and activity of the soul in form. This mustHealing, 523:in mind. Disease is something which attacks the integrity or the harmony of the form nature whichHealing, 523:laws of the fundamental Law of Essential Integrity. They constitute nine elaborations or aspects ofHealing, 524:deal only with the application of this realized integrity to the conditions and situation withHealing, 524:situation with which the healer is confronted. Integrity involves focus, tension and expressionHealing, 551:must be remembered, however, that owing to the integrity of the human soul, and to the fact thatHealing, 637:excellence whereby this elemental life retains integrity and the capacity to reabsorb that which isHercules, 111:in large an awesome testimony to the unflawed integrity of the Plan. "As above so below. A strikingHercules, 137:be adaptable, yet to retain the purity and total integrity of one's vision and one's ideal; toIntellect, 232:of from the personality, [232] but a fine integrity of the personality must be established beforeMagic, 260:before has there existed such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation between workers inMagic, 260:this and to work to substantiate this group integrity and to develop the power to recognize allMagic, 267:make the distinction clear and yet preserves the integrity of substance-matter and their UnityMagic, 314:the race who are asserting increasingly a group integrity of a very real moment and interest. TheseMagic, 392:constitutes the self, and which governs the integrity of the solar system, and of the solarProblems, 12:and the fixed determination to preserve national integrity - interpreted often in terms ofProblems, 19:in order to preserve the status quo and the integrity of the British Isles. She has wrought withProblems, 42:to deal with world economics and to preserve the integrity and the sovereignty of nations whilstProblems, 145:So many know this truth and so many people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciously withPsychology1, 399:and also to preserve their racial and national integrity, are their outstanding characteristics.Psychology1, 401:Hebrew today has preserved any measure of racial integrity. When humanity awakens to the fact ofPsychology2, 10:are developing that spirit or sense of personal integrity or wholeness which will eventuate in anPsychology2, 107:relation in which you stand to each other. The integrity of the inner band of servers must bePsychology2, 108:work, and thus preserve the inner group integrity. More plans for service have gone astray and morePsychology2, 108:each other and with Their disciples. The inner integrity is necessarily a proven fact to Them. ToPsychology2, 182:the first and foremost requirements are group integrity and group cohesion. Nothing can be [183]Psychology2, 350:one realized integration to another; man's basic integrity is, however, in the realm of
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