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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEGRITY

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Psychology2, 382:used, preserving at the same time the realized integrity of the motive which, if correctlyPsychology2, 728:elsewhere and carefully developed. Group integrity, loyalties and purpose must be preserved, butRays, 102:on this subject concerns the central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will note that in thisRays, 122:established. Physical coordination, personal integrity (which involves primarily the control andRays, 130:of purposeful planning and of planetary integrity. This great spiritual structure of Being, of LifeRays, 259:that he is so doing; he expresses this group integrity simply as a part of his nature, just as inRays, 266:the universal into the many but preserves its integrity; which originates the plan but preservesRays, 535:purpose and will, his persistence and spiritual integrity. It is through his understanding of theRays, 735:far as they convey to you a sense of planetary integrity and of solar synthesis, and present to youTelepathy, 40:all love of power. Thus you will preserve the integrity of those you seek to help and will beTelepathy, 124:up to a planetary synthesis or a planetary integrity of a nature hitherto not even visioned by man.
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