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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLECTUAL

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Fire, 207:The seven Builders - S. D., I, 152, 153. Seven intellectual Breaths - S. D., II, 332, note. TheFire, 392:egoic groups, each working consciously, and with intellectual application, to bring about certainFire, 455:be some degree of will, conscious purpose, and intellectual apprehension, and unless this isFire, 485:work under safeguards and supervision. Advanced intellectual man should be able to cooperate in theFire, 486:[486] of the metals, as the ratio of their intellectual development to that of the mineralFire, 730:state. Second cycle - average man. Third cycle - intellectual successful man. The Vishnu aspect,Fire, 775:it to the other two. At the stage of advanced intellectual man, the mental unit takes the primaryFire, 806:awakens in him recognition of the law, and an intellectual apprehension of cause and of effect.Fire, 842:as it is called. They may be seen in the purely intellectual selfish scientific type. They areFire, 959:are largely based on desire, and are emotional. Intellectual men utilize the sutratma as it passesFire, 975:form. In the aspirant, and the man who is intellectual, the triangle may be from the solar plexus,Fire, 1026:work is concerned, but much where inner intellectual development is desired. He who meditates andFire, 1198:to find opportunity in that very material and intellectual evolution. Even in this, they will findGlamour, 11:idea, of what it is intended to teach, of the intellectual meaning it is intended to convey. TheGlamour, 26:attitude of mind of those people who are more intellectual than emotional. They have outgrownGlamour, 112:plane. These illusions are theoretical and intellectual in nature. 3. A group of people who areGlamour, 133:of these prevailing thought-forms and aspects of intellectual and mental illusion. I would not haveGlamour, 194:a knowledge of the astral plane; the mind brings intellectual perception, but all three are aspectsGlamour, 223:with the world of the concrete and the intellectual. The moment that the Angel of the Presence is aHealing, 364:of the creative imagination, and not through intellectual concepts (no matter how high), must theHealing, 401:the gift of personal immortality. The highly intellectual also argue at times that the crowningHealing, 403:is the case. Advanced souls and those whose intellectual capacity is rapidly developing come backHealing, 456:situation: The exit in the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples and initiates ofHealing, 664:of mankind, en masse, to much higher intellectual levels. To this the growth of education, theHercules, 13:of Hercules, the Sun-God. The moment that the intellectual altitude has been achieved, the "silentHercules, 35:will show us that the horse [35] stands for intellectual activity. The white horse symbolizes theHercules, 93:which we call the mind, and that faculty of intellectual perception and response, whichHercules, 147:the benefits he himself has received. Are not intellectual riches and spiritual treasure aspects ofHercules, 207:and cyclic; they can be of an emotional or an intellectual nature but they serve to lead theInitiation, 65:as to the macrocosm, the amplification of his intellectual grip of the working of the cosmos.Initiation, 87:devotee is easier in some ways than that of the intellectual man, for he has learnt the measures ofIntellect, 14:who have added to the emotional rapture an intellectual achievement (an orientation of the mind)Intellect, 26:of the reason, all of which by contrast are intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon,Intellect, 29:God's Nature, as revealed to us by the labors, intellectual, intuitional, inspirational, of theIntellect, 49:the technique whereby it is claimed the educated intellectual can become the intuitional knower itIntellect, 55:part of the [55] organism; the other stream, of intellectual energy, centers itself in the brain,Intellect, 59:nature has sought after God. It is the method of intellectual approach and of the subordination ofIntellect, 71:gathers itself together and then breaks down; intellectual activity is entirely concentrated in itsIntellect, 91:the standpoint of the mystical devotee or the intellectual aspirant, there are certain basicIntellect, 94:the fire of discipline, to the heights of intellectual certainty. This is beautifully pictured forIntellect, 99:of Concentration In all schools of advanced or intellectual mysticism, the first and necessary stepIntellect, 101:make their appearance." It is the seat of the intellectual functions, and a great recording centerIntellect, 111:strenuous effort we travail in divine love for intellectual vision, till, clearing a way throughIntellect, 120:The brain allows us to have an intuition and an intellectual apprehension of the world in itsIntellect, 124:something which dominates the whole of our intellectual life," and points out the necessity forIntellect, 125:Instinctual awareness has given place in man to intellectual knowledge. Is it not possible thatIntellect, 125:knowledge. Is it not possible that this intellectual perception may, in its turn, be transcendedIntellect, 126:factor. Second: As man grows in knowledge and in intellectual awareness, the brain and the mindIntellect, 127:number of human beings at this time - efficient, intellectual, well-informed, responsible, but atIntellect, 135:positive mental type, some serious, persistent, intellectual training (designed to create mentalIntellect, 136:to master. It is so easy to slip back into the intellectual activity which ordinary meditationIntellect, 147:so much so, that to many the achievement of intellectual ability is the consummation of the work ofIntellect, 147:contemplation) has been applied by the western intellectual, the mind processes can be trained toIntellect, 163:of the reason), all of which by contrast are intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon,Intellect, 168:Rapture is, on the contrary, the effect of pure intellectual vision in those who have a great andIntellect, 186:a Buddha. This knowledge is "...a faculty both intellectual and spiritual, through the operation ofIntellect, 187:to a new vista never before presented to his intellectual vision." - Suzuki, Daisetz Taitaro,Intellect, 189:which might be rendered fairly accurately as 'intellectual intuition'), he perceives (or ratherIntellect, 194:338, 144, 66, 101. Thus, the great schools of intellectual meditation (devoid in the final stagesIntellect, 214:temporarily, inhibited. Sixth: The high grade intellectual personality, with its focus of attentionIntellect, 232:"I do not like this technique; it is too intellectual and mental and not a bit spiritual." WhatMagic, 110:Is not true knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poet can pen an ode to intellectualMagic, 110:intellectual love? If a poet can pen an ode to intellectual beauty why may not we expressMagic, 165:there should be forming a group in which an intellectual understanding of this mechanism of heart,Magic, 190:realize. It is simple to grasp the informative intellectual data regarding the centers of force; itMagic, 193:into that of the intuition, but leaving the intellectual faculties and the mental apparatus totallyMagic, 239:ray types. The crystallized thought form of intellectual achievement for selfish ends, and the useMagic, 245:much thought, keen investigation and a steady intellectual urge will characterize the mind of theMagic, 328:It is that inner group of lovers of God, the intellectual mystics, the knowers of reality whoMagic, 357:will come, as units, into possession of their intellectual heritage but, numerically speaking,Magic, 370:presence brings to them peace and uplift, or an intellectual result as we stimulate them to clarityMagic, 396:by desire. The two above stages, plus a growing intellectual grasp of environing conditions. TheMagic, 399:to possess active mentalities, and their intellectual powers were practically nil. They liked andMagic, 502:situation: The exit in the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples and initiates ofMagic, 519:the soul is active, and the mind responsive. The intellectual activity and the responsiveness ofMagic, 545:many lives of selfishness, low desire, perverted intellectual aspiration, and love of the lowerMagic, 583:work. Discipleship is a synthesis of hard work, intellectual unfoldment, steady aspiration andMagic, 604:will remain for them theoretical and mainly intellectual, instead of being practical and effective.Magic, 605:from the instinctual stage into that of intellectual awareness, and on to that intuitionalMagic, 610:course, refers to the work of those who through intellectual achievement have learnt to work asMagic, 629:with increasing rapidity, as he now arrives at intellectual comprehension and can apply himself toMagic, 631:adaptation of the suggested ideas of worldly or intellectual counselors. Public opinion and theMeditation, 21:position and to the development of mind. Intellectual progress may seem of too paramount importanceMeditation, 21:will demonstrate the wisdom of the egoic choice. Intellectual expansion by the combination ofMeditation, 21:of development most apparent may be the purely intellectual. Reservation of opinion is the bestMeditation, 61:on the Probationary Path, who has therefore an intellectual grasp of what has to be accomplished.Meditation, 67:only for their spiritual attainments and their intellectual capacity, but for their ability to seeMeditation, 85:in the personal life on the physical plane as intellectual hardness. Later, the emotional permanentMeditation, 133:darkness over the disciple. The darkness may be intellectual, and is consequently still moreMeditation, 282:service. Love demonstrating through wisdom. Intellectual application. They are all three butMeditation, 286:VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation 3. Intellectual Application Here the order is reversedMeditation, 286:broken before the student who progresses through intellectual application can serve his race withMeditation, 287:worlds. Only when the student, who progresses by intellectual application, has learned the secretMeditation, 344:and reach Them at all costs. When you have this intellectual grip of God's plan, coupled with theMeditation, 345:scheme; who calculates soberly his mental and intellectual capacity, his emotional caliber and hisPatanjali, 24:based upon desire, but which has its basis in intellectual interest. All the various contacts whichPatanjali, 47:has to tread the Path of Raja Yoga, and combine intellectual knowledge, mental control andPatanjali, 61:of the things which prevent true knowledge. Intellectual comprehension as to the nature of thosePatanjali, 64:of the mental body, the development of an intellectual interest, and the substitution of mindPatanjali, 66:man which prevents him from measuring up to the intellectual recognition and the inner aspiration.
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