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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLECTUALLY

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Astrology, 240:his conduct wisely, controlling his impulses intellectually and then Libra enables him to balanceDiscipleship1, 625:acceptance of any suggestions which seem to you intellectually and intuitionally constructive, youDiscipleship2, 274:and eventually somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to the point whereDiscipleship2, 329:minority. The rest have either been interested intellectually but could not make the neededDiscipleship2, 390:process is carried on through the medium of an intellectually focused personality and is aided byEducation, 50:being. A man will then be instinctively correct, intellectually sound, and intuitively aware. HisEducation, 106:nations from the highest to the lowest are being intellectually equipped as never before. TheExternalisation, 32:A culture is essentially an expression of the intellectually and vitally mental significances andExternalisation, 101:not, that this response has remained subjective, intellectually perceived and aspirationallyExternalisation, 167:values and the true meaning of forgiveness is intellectually, practically and spirituallyExternalisation, 195:right before the world. Instinctively and intellectually, the Jew is separative; intuitively he hasExternalisation, 271:words, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and were intellectually presented to the race. These have nowFire, 179:developed, it would be practically useless intellectually, but certain things may be pointed out inGlamour, 149:and importance, for such a study determines intellectually (if properly investigated) what factorHealing, 50:of all the centers through an act of the will, intellectually and intelligently applied, with theHealing, 660:They are, however, profoundly interesting intellectually to the beginner, the enquirer and theInitiation, 89:also to grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually, and likewise wield them for theMagic, 77:Occult study, as understood in the Occident, is intellectually investigated but not practicallyMagic, 110:of the fact that while their lives intellectually are replete with interest, the desert of theirMagic, 543:call Black Magicians; they are highly developed intellectually and can motivate mental substance orMeditationleaders of the race, - those who emotionally and intellectually sway mankind, - can be seenMeditation, 124:moment. Usually the sufferer is physically weak, intellectually feeble, but possessed of a powerfulMeditation, 280:yet make use? We waste not time in interesting intellectually those we seek to help. When the pupilMeditation, 346:to supply knowledge and facts, to train it intellectually and scientifically so that it may provePatanjali, 25:with a sutra as easy to apprehend as this one; intellectually its meaning is clear; in practice,Patanjali, 167:discrimination, at first theoretically and intellectually (hence the great value [168] of thePatanjali, 321:unfolded. Third, that as this fact is grasped intellectually and meditated upon interiorly,Psychology1, 186:effective. Should the spiritually minded and intellectually constituted people of the race fail atPsychology1, 313:within the human heart and brain, in order to be intellectually grasped. The hierarchy of mystics,Psychology2, 160:This statement is relatively simple to grasp intellectually by the average occult student, but isPsychology2, 176:much have we truly understood this injunction? Intellectually, the mind may give assent.Psychology2, 177:learns to obey it instinctively, intuitively and intellectually. It is through obedience to thisPsychology2, 337:mental consciousness, - intelligent, enquiring, intellectually sensitive, responsive to thoughtRays, 118:in process of revelation. He becomes absorbed - intellectually, intuitively, spiritually andRays, 429:her life and attitudes, instead of grossly and intellectually (though brilliantly) material. She
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