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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Invocation:accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name ofInvocation:could understand; the truth that both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the WillAstrology, 37:under the great major third Ray of Active Intelligence. Pisces is seen at the head of the list ofAstrology, 37:in its turn, related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence. It was the product of the first solarAstrology, 37:development of illumination through an awakened intelligence is the first goal of humanity. TheAstrology, 38:the product of the earlier system, that wherein Intelligence or Manas was the goal. The fiveAstrology, 86:Venus Moon (veiling a planet) Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab Libra, the ScalesAstrology, 156:Shamballa - Hierarchy - Humanity Will - Love - Intelligence Aries - Taurus - Capricorn Astrology, 164:the third major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, theAstrology, 187:through Conflict. The Earth - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence. Pluto - 1st Ray - Destructive aspect.Astrology, 189:or expressions of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, and this ray relationship serves to bringAstrology, 194:expression of the third aspect, that of active intelligence. In that sign the highest function ofAstrology, 200:of the Individual" and sometimes the "star of intelligence." It was potently active during theAstrology, 221:of only one ray, that of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, [222] is missing. All the other raysAstrology, 248:Intellect to Intuition. Saturn - 3rd Ray of Intelligence - God the Holy Spirit. He who knows. Mind.Astrology, 248:Knowledge or Science. Saturn - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence. Neptune - 6th Ray - Idealism,Astrology, 249:has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definiteAstrology, 269:Who is Himself upon the third Ray of Active Intelligence; of Him it is said that "when the thirdAstrology, 269:statement is to be found in the unfoldment of intelligence and love in the initiate, at which timeAstrology, 280:therefore, related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence which controlled the first solar system.Astrology, 281:therefore the agent of the third aspect (active intelligence) from one point of view, and of theAstrology, 281:Mercury reaches his full power, for Virgo is intelligence and the hidden Christ is wisdom or pureAstrology, 281:Virgo and Venus are together two aspects of intelligence. The symbolism of the descent of SpiritAstrology, 340:aided by the forces of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for theAstrology, 357:it is now constituted you have: Ray 3 - Active Intelligence, under the influence of this thirdAstrology, 372:begin to become apparent to the developing intelligence of man. This all indicates a growingAstrology, 394:of Concrete Knowledge. Ray 3 - The ray of Active Intelligence. Astrology, 402:or emanate the same basic energy of active intelligence in its higher and lower aspects. OneAstrology, 402:One expresses intelligent love and the other the intelligence of matter; this dual emphasis isAstrology, 411:and are related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence and affect the personality. To this IAstrology, 423:Mercury Jupiter Venus The Moon Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer Libra Capricorn The Moon VenusAstrology, 427:II Line III Will. Purpose Love-Wisdom Active Intelligence Spirit Consciousness Form 1. The GreatAstrology, 437:called Humanity, involving therefore: The active intelligence of man, latent in the human center.Astrology, 448:a combination of the energies of Ray 3. - Active intelligence. Ray 7. - Ceremonial order or magic.Astrology, 452:heart center - Directed Love Humanity - Intelligence - Planetary ajna center - Directed Mind FourAstrology, 470:individual will, individual love, and individual intelligence; it fosters the "ahamkara" orAstrology, 478:triplicity of manifestation: will, love and intelligence or life, consciousness and form. Until,Astrology, 505:is the three divine aspects - will, love and intelligence. There are others, for our Logos is aAstrology, 506:When this is accomplished, will, love and intelligence are blended and spirit, soul and body areAstrology, 506:will, motivated by love and carried forward with intelligence. Astrologers should here note that,Astrology, 590:Mercury Jupiter Venus The Moon Pluto III Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab Libra, the ScalesAstrology, 590:demonstrated activity. We know somewhat of the intelligence aspect of God. It is revealed in theAstrology, 597:Aspects of the Will Ray III The energy of Active Intelligence. This is the will of conditionedAstrology, 599:system is constructed. The energy of this ray is intelligence; it is the seed of consciousness butAstrology, 628:Energies and Transformation Ray III - Active Intelligence Cancer - Libra - Capricorn workingAstrology, 629:which is focused in the third Ray of Active Intelligence during the "period of appearance" has - inAstrology, 633:us, the hope of glory. Form. Appearance. Body. Intelligence. Individuality. Remember, nevertheless,Astrology, 670:III, 271, Note) "The sun was the image of divine intelligence or wisdom...The word 'sol' (sun) wasAstrology, 671:(S.D. Vol. III, 459) "The pure energy of solar intelligence proceeds from the luminous seatAtom, 17:for us the very necessary aspect of the intelligence which links the matter aspect and theAtom, 18:be led to the consideration of the evolution of intelligence, or of the factor of mind which isAtom, 19:Evolution The recognition of the factor of the intelligence will inevitably lead us to theAtom, 19:behind the objective form and its animating intelligence, an evolution which corresponds to the "I"Atom, 23:seen that evolution, whether it is of matter, of intelligence, of consciousness, or of spirit,Atom, 27:view, which he is working out by the aid of his intelligence. In these talks I should like if IAtom, 27:atom. I trust that we can prove that there is an intelligence underlying all; and that fromAtom, 32:life within it, and it posits a Consciousness or Intelligence which is evolving by means of thatAtom, 38:another. One writer has remarked that "absolute intelligence thrills through every atom in theAtom, 38:is possessed by a certain amount of primitive intelligence. Look at the thousands of ways in whichAtom, 39:Do you mean to say that they do this without intelligence? Atoms in harmonious and useful relationAtom, 39:they combine in man, who represents the total intelligence of all the atoms." "But where does thisAtom, 39:of all the atoms." "But where does this intelligence come from originally?" asked the interviewer.Atom, 41:these different qualities of the atom - energy, intelligence, ability to select and reject, toAtom, 42:the cells of his body; he shows discrimination, intelligence, and energy. The difference lies butAtom, 43:of influence. If you have within the atom, intelligence; if you have within the human being,Atom, 43:if you have within the human being, intelligence; if you have within the planet, an IntelligenceAtom, 43:intelligence; if you have within the planet, an Intelligence controlling all its functions, may itAtom, 43:to extend the idea and predicate a still greater Intelligence back of that larger atom, the solarAtom, 45:us? Not one atom of matter, showing latent intelligence, discrimination, and selective power, butAtom, 46:to the Logos, the deity of our solar system, the Intelligence or Life which lies back of allAtom, 46:tonight with the different developments of this intelligence animating all atoms, but I should likeAtom, 47:is only just beginning to dawn upon the human intelligence, and to assume its just importance. WeAtom, 50:therefore, be logical to surmise that the great Intelligence of our planet is similarly carryingAtom, 50:sphere, which is indwelt by the solar Logos, the Intelligence Who is the sumtotal of all the lesserAtom, 53:basic idea of the unity of consciousness, or of intelligence, as developed somewhat in the lectureAtom, 54:and evolutionary unfoldment of that subjective intelligence or consciousness which lies behind theAtom, 57:of the manifestation of God, the central Intelligence, by the means of the material form, whetherAtom, 57:symptoms of mind and a rudimentary form of intelligence. The atom demonstrates the quality ofAtom, 57:or repel. It may seem curious to use the word intelligence in connection with an atom of chemistry,Atom, 58:words: inter, between, and legere to choose. Intelligence, therefore, is the capacity to think orAtom, 58:of manifestation. This fundamental faculty of intelligence characterizes all atomic matter, andAtom, 58:of the atom, and its prime characteristic of intelligence, and have laid our emphasis upon that outAtom, 59:can be defined as that central energy, life, or intelligence, who works through a materialAtom, 61:differing only in degree of consciousness or intelligence. We can therefore regard the kingdomsAtom, 61:of forms, and demonstrating discriminative intelligence. It is not possible to deal with the methodAtom, 67:of the psyche, or the soul, the evolution of intelligence. Surely it is the gradual demonstrationAtom, 68:for instance, demonstrates the quality of intelligence; it shows symptoms of discriminative mind,Atom, 68:sensation of a rudimentary kind. The initial intelligence of the atom has acquired something duringAtom, 69:built up of atoms show not only discriminative intelligence and elasticity, but also are capable ofAtom, 70:consciousness. May it not be possible that His intelligence, as it informs the totality of allAtom, 77:their close interrelation through the faculty of intelligence manifesting as consciousness of someAtom, 78:and utilizing a third factor, which we call the intelligence. In the gradual synthesis, of theseAtom, 79:possess quality, show symptoms of mind or intelligence, and can discriminate, select, and choose.Atom, 81:of them. Of the atom we have already predicated intelligence, or discriminative power, and we foundAtom, 81:have one aspect of the threefold nature of God, intelligence, demonstrating through the atom; andAtom, 83:nature of the Logos. He must demonstrate intelligence, he must show forth love, and he mustAtom, 83:spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." Man is here pictured as the meetingAtom, 84:us entities, ensouling a form, and through the intelligence endeavoring to utilize that form for aAtom, 84:dweller within the form, who is not only active intelligence, not only inherent attraction andAtom, 85:or His psychic quality. We know that God is intelligence, we know that He is love, or the great
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