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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Discipleship2, 328:students would consider this fact with great intelligence and closer attention; they would thenDiscipleship2, 352:closely linked to Humanity by the principle of intelligence - implementing the love principle - andDiscipleship2, 377:human desire, evinced at the very dawn of human intelligence; this desire has built thought-formsDiscipleship2, 383:of Ceremonial Order to the third Ray of Active Intelligence; the majority of those who have takenDiscipleship2, 412:of a mental nature, and stimulated the intelligence, and intensified the strength of the mind, theDiscipleship2, 412:the race has unfolded the principle or aspect of intelligence and has reached its presentDiscipleship2, 415:of his rays; he begins to discriminate between intelligence, love and what he believes,Discipleship2, 415:of this highest divine aspect. His developing intelligence is the result and the reward ofDiscipleship2, 415:is not reliable; the fused expression of intelligence and love (of personality and soul, to beDiscipleship2, 419:race of men, Humanity, in which the energy of intelligence is focused and critically active, andDiscipleship2, 422:in the unfoldment of the three divine aspects of intelligence, love and will, the disciple orDiscipleship2, 436:we give the inadequate name of the "light of the intelligence." It is really the light of what weDiscipleship2, 436:that the light of the divine Mind or the divine Intelligence becomes available for this increasedDiscipleship2, 436:this takes place, a point is reached wherein the intelligence [437] and its various phases as knownDiscipleship2, 460:expression of directed soul activity as the intelligence (focused in the mind) must condition it. IDiscipleship2, 494:Power. Physical body - The third Ray of Active Intelligence. This constitutes an interestingDiscipleship2, 520:of our planetary Life, focusing will, love and intelligence in one great and fundamental IntentionDiscipleship2, 543:expressed. The Ashram as a center of perfected intelligence. The Master of the Ashram. The AshramDiscipleship2, 546:that you are a sincere and intelligent devotee; intelligence and devotion go hand in hand in theDiscipleship2, 625:thoughts are the product of the principle of intelligence, dealing with life and enabling a man toDiscipleship2, 656:The personality with its aims and ambitions, its intelligence and experience, in itself constitutesDiscipleship2, 701:you know, for there is nothing wrong with your intelligence, my brother. What is wrong is that - inDiscipleship2, 763:- a recognition which necessarily involves more intelligence and sounds out no call to pride. FewEducation, 5:Mind, which we call the Ego or Soul. This is the intelligence principle, and is called by manyEducation, 20:consciousness). Such are the steps. 3. Active Intelligence. This concerns the unfolding of theEducation, 22:has to begin. Not yet can man work with intelligence in the world of ideas and of patterns; not yetEducation, 23:for the free play of the individual will, intelligence, purpose and soul technique. Educators willEducation, 25:ceaselessly meet the demands of the emerging intelligence of the child by always inquiring of theEducation, 25:the fifth year of the child's life; the seeking intelligence (which is the child itself) willEducation, 34:it with the public which is steadily growing in intelligence, but greatly needs the vision. IEducation, 36:and to the soul. This soul is essentially intelligence, vitally used on each plane. It functions asEducation, One of:Love of God holds sway; Humanity, embodying the Intelligence aspect of God.] The future is of greatEducation, 50:people of fourteen will have the equipment and intelligence of the brilliant college men and womenEducation, 54:(physical, astral, mental), and the energy of intelligence became a powerful, ruling factor. NowEducation, 59:esotericism in terms of the general average intelligence of esoteric students and their point inEducation, 80:of the world to contact their environment with intelligence and sanity, and adapt themselves to theEducation, 92:as life and knowledge, or as living energy and intelligence, are the two poles of a child's being.Education, 110:if I demonstrate wisdom and you demonstrate intelligence and perseverance. Where the [111] teacherEducation, 117:Man is now at the point where the principle of intelligence is so strongly awakened within him thatEducation, 131:ideas, but always from the angle of a trained intelligence and of a spiritually developedEducation, 133:large families to that of producing quality and intelligence in the offspring. This will includeEducation, 134:promiscuous use of contraceptive methods. As the intelligence of the race is developed (and that isEducation, 148:therefore, is the thread of consciousness, of intelligence, and the responsive agent in allExternalisation, 15:who function on the astral plane with as much intelligence as they function on the physical plane,Externalisation, 53:major rays of synthesis, of idealism, and of intelligence, which are only other names for the raysExternalisation, 53:of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence. 4. Government by dictatorship. ThisExternalisation, 72:through which one of the three divine aspects, Intelligence, is expressing itself, producing itsExternalisation, 73:is Humanity was prepared and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. In the secondExternalisation, 89:Love-Wisdom. III. Humanity's energy. Divine intelligence. Expression: Many people today. PlanetaryExternalisation, 92:- spiritual soul - head center 4th Kingdom - Intelligence - human soul - throat center 3rd KingdomExternalisation, 92:man. Quality of Separativeness. 3rd Ray Active Intelligence. [93] These can be linked up with theExternalisation, 107:Son of the Morning. The Prodigal Son. Active Intelligence. Planetary Throat center. This ShamballaExternalisation, 121:the only people who had any true measure of intelligence were the disciples and initiates; theyExternalisation, 125:low stage of the [125] universal human intelligence at the time that they were given (for theExternalisation, 145:brings into activity the will, the love and the intelligence of the man who is using these wordsExternalisation, 158:the expression of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [159] This knowledge is achieved during theExternalisation, 161:creative and magnetic, and two divine aspects - intelligence and love - will reach fruition uponExternalisation, 190:development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill,Externalisation, 192:as well as the recognition of a divine directing Intelligence in Whom man lives, and moves and hasExternalisation, 201:a widespread recognition of a universal divine Intelligence or of God (by whatever name theExternalisation, 202:divine nature and quality. God is now known as Intelligence and Love. That the past has given us.Externalisation, 203:possible if the men and women of goodwill, of intelligence and of idealism can begin the task ofExternalisation, 275:other. The Will of God, the Love of God and the Intelligence of God will thus fuse and blend onExternalisation, 287:are greater than is known or realized; human intelligence and aspiration can only sense TheirExternalisation, 411:poured through and upon the race, stimulating intelligence into wisdom and emotion into love. TheExternalisation, 422:- April Full Moon (Aries) Humanity - divine Intelligence - Goodwill - June Full Moon (Gemini) TheExternalisation, 428:negative acceptance of evil. With humility and intelligence must the German nation be taught toExternalisation, 458:spiritually and implement the inner plans with intelligence. On a planetary scale, and not just inExternalisation, 480:because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has made all menExternalisation, 492:the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, and are concerned with the substance orExternalisation, 512:It touches the masses and those in whom the intelligence aspect predominates to the lessening ofExternalisation, 537:Shamballa and Humanity or between will and intelligence. This is an important point to recognize.Externalisation, 606:of the divine Trinity [606] - will, love and intelligence - have become a part of human thinkingExternalisation, 611:Knowers of God and the expectant multitude. The intelligence of divinity is vested in the spiritualExternalisation, 645:of the impossible. 3. The Energy of Active Intelligence. This third type of energy is the easiestExternalisation, 646:mankind) has been crystallized into money. Human intelligence has served on the side of materialismExternalisation, 646:They will to make a fortune; they bring their intelligence to bear upon their goal, and naught canExternalisation, 653:these disciples are laying their emphasis upon intelligence and spiritual freedom, working out asExternalisation, 664:the result that - from the angle of developed intelligence - the entire level of consciousExternalisation, 664:would not have been adapted to the level of the intelligence of the then totally uneducated massesExternalisation, 664:a third ray Master - upon the Ray of Active Intelligence. His Ashram is occupied with the [665]Externalisation, 666:gold (a basic symbol of the third Ray of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudesExternalisation, 666:entry into a Master's Ashram is dependent upon Intelligence, plus right motive and service. WhenExternalisation, 667:Ashrams to be found upon the third Ray of Active Intelligence, upon the fifth Ray of ConcreteExternalisation, 670:is our objective, and its expression through intelligence, applied with wisdom and with skill inExternalisation, 671:Is it not better for the rapidly awakening intelligence and activity of men (in every land) to beExternalisation, 672:sway. The guarantee of this is the developing intelligence of men everywhere fighting blindly forExternalisation, 673:the lowest formulated expression of the creative Intelligence, embodying the principle of life orExternalisation, 676:time He is present as the life and the informing intelligence upon and within our planet. You haveExternalisation, 694:is useless and inaccessible without a high grade intelligence - all these people must be sought forFire, 4:Matter) 3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy. Each of these threeFire, 5:Love-Wisdom - 2nd Aspect Ray III - Ray of Active Intelligence - 3rd Aspect (These are the majorFire, 44:effect of the primordial ray of active intelligence. It would be well to ponder on this for itFire, 62:of Love and Wisdom. The cosmic Lord of Active Intelligence. The triple Logos, sevenfold inFire, 63:In point of time the cosmic Lord of active Intelligence, considered from the standpoint of cosmicFire, 65:by H. P. B. "Fohat." He is that active fiery Intelligence, Who is the basis of the internal firesFire, 69:Love-Wisdom S. D, 1, 100, 144, 155. He is Active Intelligence S. D., 1, 136. Therefore He is God S.Fire, 83:divisions of the Primordial Ray of active intelligence. Each of the cosmic Rays is in essenceFire, 97:Love and Wisdom. Saturn Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSM (subjective expression) The MonadFire, 97:The Personality Fire by friction Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSM (objective expression) The
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