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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Magic, 40:love which demonstrates as wisdom also when the intelligence of the body nature is fused with theMagic, 40:the soul, making it what it is. 3rd Aspect - Intelligence, transmitted via the soul and broughtMagic, 40:This aspect is brought into touch with the intelligence of all cells in the threefold bodyMagic, 44:creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart, the love wisdomMagic, 89:is love. The soul, expressing love and abstract intelligence, is at one with its expression on theMagic, 121:to have a developed mind, a well-nurtured intelligence, and also to have achieved some measure ofMagic, 121:an era wherein men will function as minds; when intelligence will be stronger than desire, and whenMagic, 136:lain in lack of idealism or even in a lack of intelligence and sincerity, it consists in theMagic, 144:practical worker, and so enable him to work with intelligence. His main work (and increasingly heMagic, 144:in being as long as his thought and sound and intelligence [145] animate it. This is true of aMagic, 169:consciously and with the use of cooperative intelligence, the lower powers must be quiescent. TheyMagic, 180:the transmitting agent. If, however, he couples intelligence, devotion and service, with hisMagic, 193:these cases, but because there is no directing intelligence it will run riot and we then have thoseMagic, 196:things separative and selfish. 3. That of active intelligence, or the energy which animates theMagic, 196:with the subjective purposes of the presiding intelligence - God or man, human or divine. This alsoMagic, 196:line of its contact is: Monad. Manas. Spiritual intelligence. The higher mind. The third or outerMagic, 206:the lungs in the physical body. The presiding Intelligence, the Self, "seated on the throne betweenMagic, 226:ability to react to those forms with wisdom and intelligence. This consciousness he shares with theMagic, 316:with greater efficiency and to love with greater intelligence. Forget not that in the lastMagic, 328:and love, but refuse recognition to the divine intelligence with which they are gifted. TheirMagic, 338:center of awareness, the "I" upon the throne of intelligence, and the apparatus through which heMagic, 405:generally active, and the entire level of human intelligence must be raised. It was necessary,Magic, 434:So little is really known by the highest intelligence on the planet; for, forget not, that theMagic, 456:which is compulsory reading for all in whom the intelligence is awakening to functioning activity.Magic, 504:in this work. The first steps must be taken with intelligence and followed for many years untilMagic, 535:illumination - take the place of instinct and of intelligence. Illumination - what does that leadMagic, 604:may, in sincerity and truth, begin to work with intelligence. They can be thus aided to placeMeditation, 21:[21] circumstances. But, though of average intelligence, he lacks the stabilizing vibration thatMeditation, 30:spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." What do I mean by this phrase? JustMeditation, 116:first through activity, through the use of his intelligence, using the high faculties of mind andMeditation, 116:the snare of pride. He takes, then, that active intelligence of his and lays it at the feet ofMeditation, 123:followed the path of selfish cruelty, using the intelligence as a means to serve selfish ends andMeditation, 147:with the law, till he attains the fundamental Intelligence Himself. [148] The mystic works throughMeditation, 148:Ray of Concrete Knowledge (a fragment of cosmic intelligence), and on this fifth ray the mystic isMeditation, 149:only a selfish exponent of power working through intelligence, unless be finds a purpose for thatMeditation, 167:for this system), and the Aspect of Activity or Intelligence. You know from your studies the workMeditation, 167:the four lower rays, deals with mind or intelligence, and, in collaboration with His Brothers,Meditation, 167:Lords is inconceivably great. Form - Life - Intelligence, Matter - Spirit - Mind, Prakriti -Meditation, 168:power, or on the line of love, or on the line of intelligence, he must finally find his goal on theMeditation, 172:of the Mahachohan This is the line of mind or intelligence, of knowledge and of science. It is theMeditation, 180:some goal, to communicate with some individual Intelligence, to control some involutionary life,Meditation, 189:being. By the Mahachohan, in His work with the intelligence, or the fifth principle. All theseMeditation, 207:and which has direct connection with man as an intelligence. He is the custodian of the fifthMeditation, 210:apply to the manasic principle, that fire of intelligence or reason which the Lords of the FlameMeditation, 215:this synchronization is meditation. When the intelligence grasps the scientific facts anent thisMeditation, 216:is closely allied to the cosmic ray of the intelligence, or to that activity aspect that found itsMeditation, 216:alliances in the ray of orange, or mind or intelligence demonstrating through form. You get aMeditation, 217:SOLAR SYSTEM Green Ray Third Aspect Activity or Intelligence Third subray Activity Green-greenMeditation, 218:orange (which is scientific apprehension by the intelligence) comes in to perfect the link betweenMeditation, 218:universe: 1. Life Aspect 2. Form Aspect 3. Intelligence Aspect Spirit Matter Mind ConsciousnessMeditation, 219:it evolves by means of that third factor, the intelligence. These three divisions make the threeMeditation, 219:three. They are life, they are form, they are intelligence, and their totality is the manifestedMeditation, 225:Will, Love and Activity, or Power, Wisdom and Intelligence, the terms that we apply to the threeMeditation, 225:of appearing: The Personality expresses active intelligence. [226] The Ego expresses love orMeditation, 226:Ego? Higher manas, expressing the activity or intelligence aspect. Buddhi, expressing the love orMeditation, 227:these two. Meditation is the expression of the intelligence that links life and form, the self andMeditation, 229:consciousness, in terms of form, and in terms of intelligence. He knows it, - if I may so expressMeditation, 229:side, and in terms of vitality when dealing with intelligence, or the activity aspect. The aboveMeditation, 232:them, through magnetism and through vitality and intelligence. To put it quite briefly, as theMeditation, 239:of its all-including perfections. On the intelligence side it is the method whereby the lifeMeditation, 239:virtues through forms by the use of activity or intelligence. The life shows color and the formMeditation, 239:color and the form perfects those colors, as the intelligence aspect (which forms the energizingMeditation, 239:so) as essential. By the use now of the intelligence which has linked these two pairs of opposites,Meditation, 239:the forms built of matter by the aid of the intelligence are one after another repudiated by theMeditation, 239:after another repudiated by the aid of that same intelligence, or reasoning faculty transmuted intoMeditation, 240:the utilization of many forms by the life, the intelligence constituting the means whereby thatMeditation, 298:of initiation. But even the average man of intelligence of today - the product, for instance, ofMeditation, 351:Literally, he whose consciousness has become intelligence, or buddhi. Those who need but one moreMeditation, 354:amongst other names. They are the sum total of intelligence and of wisdom. Within the planetaryMeditation, 355:and the flowering forth of the principle of intelligence. He is the embodiment on the planet of theMeditation, 355:is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence, aspect of deity in its fiveMeditation, 358:devas who are the sum total and the controlling intelligence of a plane. Raja Yoga The true systemPatanjali, 46:of the sun Body Holy Spirit Personality Active Intelligence Throat Physical sun Ishvara is thePatanjali, 272:5. Eternal Love-Wisdom. 5. Eternal activity and intelligence. 6. The great Breath. 6. The AUM. 6.Patanjali, 317:touches on all these three. He says: [317] "Intelligence is the emancipator - the forerunner ofPatanjali, 318:from the animal kingdom by the possession of intelligence, of the rational reasoning mind. Hence inPatanjali, 319:second, is responsible for the consciousness or intelligence aspect, for the power of spirit toPatanjali, 320:the mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, and these two aspects of one greatPatanjali, 334:Spiritual The Ether God the Holy-Ghost Active Intelligence. Plane of Union or At-one-ment Plane IV.Patanjali, 369:to infinite confusion. 22. When the spiritual intelligence which stands alone and freed fromPatanjali, 415:- Book 4 - Illumination 22. When the spiritual intelligence, which stands alone and freed fromPatanjali, 415:then comes awareness of the self. This spiritual intelligence, which is the real [416] man, the SonPatanjali, 416:are everywhere to be found. The spiritual Intelligence. The inner Ruler. The Word made Flesh. TheProblems, 47:are now to be found everywhere are of high grade intelligence; without knowing it, they areProblems, 51:of the world to contact their environment with intelligence and sanity, and adapt themselves to theProblems, 89:or immanent, whether regarded as energy or intelligence, whether called God, Brahma, the AbstractProblems, 118:with which humanity is faced releases the intelligence along constructive lines; where goodwill isProblems, 150:to express or manifest two aspects of divinity: Intelligence and Love. Intelligence today isProblems, 150:two aspects of divinity: Intelligence and Love. Intelligence today is flowering through knowledgeProblems, 165:accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name ofProblems, 166:understand; the truth that both love [166] and intelligence are effects of what is called the WillPsychology1, 7:these three, the qualities of Will, Love and Intelligence. Seven groups of energies which are thePsychology1, 10:need and that which they choose, must work with intelligence, so that there may be a subsequentPsychology1, 16:value and which can be grasped by the illumined intelligence of the average man. It is necessaryPsychology1, 23:His body of manifestation. 3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linked toPsychology1, 27:would be a disaster. There is not sufficient intelligence and love in the world to balance thePsychology1, 38:B. The soul can be regarded as the principle of intelligence - an intelligence whosePsychology1, 38:regarded as the principle of intelligence - an intelligence whose characteristics are mind andPsychology1, 42:to be an embodiment of love, applied with intelligence and producing those "attractive" forms whichPsychology1, 42:forms which will serve to express that loving intelligence. The soul in its turn is intended to be
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