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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Psychology1, 47:brevity. Thus the three rays of Will, Love and Intelligence produce appearance, donate quality and,Psychology1, 48:functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causesPsychology1, 48:or ensoul the Love-Wisdom and the creative Intelligence aspects of the two major rays. These threePsychology1, 51:- Plane of the monad. Ray III - Active Intelligence - Plane of spirit, atma. Ray IV - Harmony -Psychology1, 51:its close relation to the third Ray of Active Intelligence might be regarded as a ray having a mostPsychology1, 52:a one-pointed application of desire and of intelligence in order to produce an expression of thatPsychology1, 67:The Third Purpose of Deity Ray III. Active Intelligence or Adaptability Let the Warden of the SouthPsychology1, 76:solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, Who expresses intelligence, both abstractly and concretely, andPsychology1, 88:Logos. Ray III - Adaptability of activity with intelligence. This ray was the dominant one in thePsychology1, 89:of form. Ray 5 forms the connecting link of the intelligence. Psychology1, 110:he will begin to act with precision and with intelligence; he will know with exactitude the wayPsychology1, 120:the subject of man's duality with greater intelligence. We shall comprehend better the nature ofPsychology1, 127:Will or Power - Red Love-Wisdom - Blue Active Intelligence - Yellow [128] We have then thePsychology1, 155:Father, the love of God the Son, and the active intelligence of God the Holy Ghost, you arrive atPsychology1, 162:Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III Active Intelligence Appearance Idols Personality. They findPsychology1, 162:Ray II Love Ideals Astral body Quality. Ray III Intelligence Idols Physical body Form. The rays ofPsychology1, 182:life itself, the energy of love, the energy of intelligence, of active experience, and that energyPsychology1, 190:then be enabled to cooperate with the needed intelligence. Read therefore constructively and notPsychology1, 202:love of truth, faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene temper. Vices of Ray:Psychology1, 203:college; as a man of affairs, he will have clear intelligence and wisdom in dealing with mattersPsychology1, 217:VI. Devotion to Ideas The Plan. III. Active Intelligence Creative Work. 7. Solar Lives I. Will orPsychology1, 223:be able therefore to cooperate (with power and intelligence) in the working out of the Plan. IPsychology1, 239:five secrets are hidden, and so conveyed to the intelligence of the initiate, are as follows: ThePsychology1, 251:Kingdom Influences: The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in thisPsychology1, 254:same divine activity and the same divine innate intelligence are found in the form aspect of bothPsychology1, 254:in matter itself. But this third Ray of Divine Intelligence functions more potently and influencesPsychology1, 256:as the millennia of years passed away, and human intelligence and cunning began to assertPsychology1, 261:Fifth Ray. The Throat center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray. The Heart center - Ray ofPsychology1, 271:by any student who has the time to read, the intelligence to see clearly and without prejudice, andPsychology1, 295:purely emotional, and it will be based also on intelligence. As the creative urge is turned upwardsPsychology1, 304:illumined by the light of pure reason and divine intelligence. I deal not here with the speciousPsychology1, 316:Intuition. 2nd and 6th subraces. Ray III. Intelligence. 3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. AryanPsychology1, 316:In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. Perfected Intelligence. 3rd and 5th subraces. [317] Ray IV.Psychology1, 317:in the sixth race. The third Ray of Active Intelligence leads from the latent mental awareness ofPsychology1, 318:and will mark, the achievement of the Monads of Intelligence. This warrants thought. It is aPsychology1, 321:and physical body are governed by the Rays of Intelligence in matter and of Organizing Power. ButPsychology1, 326:concept underlying those words down to the intelligence of the average student by telling him thatPsychology1, 337:being attracted, enters through the door of the intelligence and expands into the human state ofPsychology1, 337:planetary Logos. This is the Ray of Active Intelligence, and of selective Adaptability. Just asPsychology1, 339:ray of the planetary Logos, the Ray of Active Intelligence or Adaptability. Man might be defined asPsychology1, 343:choices. These, submitted to the discriminating intelligence during the process of the lifePsychology1, 383:for by the interplay of the third Ray of Active Intelligence with the fifth Ray of ScientificPsychology1, 402:monads of power, monads of love, or monads of intelligence. For our specific purposes, we shallPsychology1, 403:of our planet, which is the third Ray of Active Intelligence. All are therefore upon a subray ofPsychology1, 419:seated in the head. [419] Ray III - Active Intelligence or Adaptability Planet: Saturn. Day:Psychology1, 421:functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causesPsychology1, 421:Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III Active Intelligence Appearance Idols The Personality. [422]Psychology1, 422:Ray II Love Ideals Astral Body Quality. Ray III Intelligence Idols Physical Body Form. The rays ofPsychology1, 423:Planetary Lives 6. Devotion to ideas. 3. Active Intelligence. The Plan. Creative Work. 7. SolarPsychology1, 425:Kingdom Influences: The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in thisPsychology1, 428:Fifth Ray. The Throat Center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray. The Heart Center - Ray ofPsychology1, 429:Intuition. 2nd and 6th subraces. Ray III. Intelligence. 3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. AryanPsychology1, 429:In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. Perfected Intelligence. 3rd and 5th subraces. Ray IV. Harmony.Psychology2, 9:God through developed love and a wise use of the intelligence. The above preamble lays the groundPsychology2, 9:of the soul, which is that of the creative intelligence, so that it can express itself through thePsychology2, 45:the illumined initiate are made available to his intelligence in symbolic form, but if these formsPsychology2, 46:of all energies from above and from below. With intelligence, the Angel works to make the One WhoPsychology2, 57:is literally the reaction of active intelligence to the pattern. Today, it is as if we werePsychology2, 62:which infuses it and motivates it with life and intelligence. Certain basic premises are recognizedPsychology2, 62:the life". The "thread of consciousness" or of intelligence is anchored in the head, in the regionPsychology2, 70:the lower nature is the mind or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these threePsychology2, 72:aspirational) meditation. It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line of demarcationPsychology2, 81:our universe. Ray Three - The Energy of Active Intelligence Just as the grasping and attracting arePsychology2, 87:the first of the laws to be grasped by the human intelligence, and is therefore the easiest for manPsychology2, 101:Monads among the sons of men. The ray of active intelligence, expressing itself through the sevenPsychology2, 101:the bulk of our humanity, and the ray of active intelligence expressing itself through Will,Psychology2, 203:sleeps. These are the dormant human beings whose intelligence is of such a low order, and theirPsychology2, 207:hope and final possibility. [207] Souls whose intelligence and love nature is becoming so awakenedPsychology2, 211:of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence. The following facts must, therefore,Psychology2, 211:upon the moon chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of the total, thePsychology2, 211:with the remaining 25% being the egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, practically aPsychology2, 214:established between the egos of love and of intelligence, and these together must and willPsychology2, 222:of manas, or mind, and the emergence of the intelligence. It is the peculiar quality or instinctualPsychology2, 230:Whose life is the source of the [230] activity, intelligence, growth and attractiveness of everyPsychology2, 243:or vital vehicle. Yet because the soul is intelligence, motivated by love, it can (within thePsychology2, 278:of divinity - the divine cosmic principle of Intelligence. By its fusion with the ray of our solarPsychology2, 278:the significance of light in matter, of the intelligence principle as found in form, and was thePsychology2, 293:the purpose and the will of God. The one whose intelligence is being transmuted into wisdom. ThePsychology2, 295:quality and characteristic, just as instinctual intelligence or automatic activity was thePsychology2, 351:slightly responsive to the soul, the directing Intelligence. Psychology2, 358:a man's egoic ray is the third ray of active intelligence or adaptability, and his personality rayPsychology2, 358:is the second subray of the third ray of active intelligence. Then, in addition, there might be thePsychology2, 383:and which are essentially Will, Love and Intelligence. This Technique of Fusion evokes these threePsychology2, 384:Bring Inspiration, through the evocation of the Intelligence, the third aspect. Psychology2, 384:through the full and conscious use of the intelligence. This, in its turn, brings about the roundedPsychology2, 406:involving as they do (particularly when the intelligence is beginning to control) a sense ofPsychology2, 411:and a strictly human being, characterized by intelligence, comes into active expression. The focusPsychology2, 415:of three types of energy - life, love and intelligence. For the reception of these three energies,Psychology2, 415:triple lower nature has been prepared and the intelligence aspect reflects itself in the mind, thePsychology2, 417:the solar plexus and the organs of reproduction. Intelligence distinguishes the mind aspect orPsychology2, 418:such as self-consciousness, desire and intelligence, is abstracted and only life and thePsychology2, 429:are brought to the attention of the developing intelligence. Therefore: The sense of fantasy ThePsychology2, 432:itself, expressing will or purpose, love and intelligence) work through the seven major centers,Psychology2, 442:through their integration, reached the level of intelligence. The group that has already bridgedPsychology2, 443:Energies Mental energy - Ray 3. The energy of intelligence. Astral energy - Ray 6. The energy ofPsychology2, 521:- Love-Wisdom - Heart center. Ray three - Active Intelligence - Throat center. Ray four - HarmonyPsychology2, 569:a seance is not usually of the highest grade of intelligence, unless he is simply there as anPsychology2, 569:known and usually presuppose more than average intelligence on the part of the sitter, thePsychology2, 635:or wrongly by their leaders). Because of their intelligence, due to the improving educationalPsychology2, 741:beauty into the world, thus glorifying that Intelligence to Whom we give the name of "God" for want
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