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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Psychology2, 746:men and women of good will in every land use intelligence, plus good business technique and methodsRays, 9:to be crucified. These four elementals have an intelligence all their own, are upon theRays, 47:planned purpose. The realization then grows that intelligence and love are not enough, but thatRays, 47:love will be to the will aspect what intelligence is, in this solar system, to love. Rays, 80:1. 1. 1.3.3. 1. - spirit and matter, will and intelligence. Two of them are along the second lineRays, 97:the initiate to the Mind [97] of God, to the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, toRays, 99:blends with the love aspect and makes the [99] intelligence aspect fruitful and effective for theRays, 106:I can bring such ideas down to the level of the intelligence of the aspirant) it is realized thatRays, 114:the Path of Discipleship, but the higher rate of intelligence of the modern applicant warrants aRays, 120:quality of Deity. It was inevitable that intelligence and love should be evolutionary objectives onRays, 150:the seven root races. Humanity These embody the intelligence of the Logos as it expresses itselfRays, 181:their activity comes into contact with the human intelligence, the effect upon humanity (beforeRays, 185:transitional, evolutionary fundamentals, whilst intelligence concerns itself with the detail andRays, 204:the M is omitted, does that convey ought to your intelligence? Again I venture to say that it doesRays, 205:of humanity - the at-one-ment of love and intelligence, of soul and personality. These are pointsRays, 243:next. It is related to an aspect of the creative intelligence, an aspect and characteristicRays, 243:in which the other aspects of the creative intelligence functioned. In this solar system, it hasRays, 257:within his head is related, and love, will and intelligence are functioning in synthesis. Here weRays, 258:for the three divine qualities (love, will and intelligence), but also as a channel for that whichRays, 266:has been subjected for aeons. The principle of intelligence controls him and the principle of loveRays, 310:eventually absorbed into the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Rays, 316:the soul aspect as love or the matter aspect as intelligence. This is, as you know the first majorRays, 358:2nd aspect - Love The atmic plane - 3rd aspect - Intelligence The buddhic plane - Pure reason -Rays, 359:is a fusion of 2 and 3, of love and [359] intelligence, and produces understanding and intuitiveRays, 359:of the truth and presents a false picture to the intelligence; the facts which I have justRays, 359:make it possible for him to work with intelligence [360] and love on the two lower levels of theRays, 360:of the spiritual activity of man. Love and intelligence are now perfectly developed in Him, thoughRays, 369:Mahachohan, representing the third Ray of Active Intelligence, are responsible to the Lord of theRays, 376:which we call the race of men" the potency of intelligence (developed in a previous solar system)Rays, 376:which is nearest to the Lord" the potencies of intelligence and love are expressed, and at theRays, 380:enlightenment." [380] The energy of active intelligence from Humanity, thus enabling the Masters toRays, 381:the case. Their task was to bring the primitive intelligence of humanity to the point where thereRays, 381:the matter aspect and quality - that of active intelligence - was so strong that the secondRays, 383:until: Soul and personality are one, Love and intelligence are coordinated, Plan and fulfilment areRays, 391:which we give the simple name: the Will of God. Intelligence and love have been fully unfolded inRays, 394:energy and influence in the world, that of the intelligence. They have to penetrate into theRays, 407:love-wisdom or a complete synthesis of active intelligence, active love and active will. TheRays, 412:manifestation upon the physical plane. 2. The intelligence of humanity now is of such a nature thatRays, 424:is a new factor, conditioning much. Love and intelligence distinguished the Masters up to threeRays, 424:Masters up to three hundred years ago. Love and intelligence and will distinguish Them today. ThisRays, 435:but appears as a man of goodwill, of benevolent intelligence, of unalterable goodness, and of stemRays, 445:the lower nature is the mind or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these three weRays, 447:aspirational) meditation. It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line of demarcationRays, 452:by the human being as knowledge and life, or as intelligence and living energy, are the two polesRays, 464:the creative thread: 3. The Mother Aspect The intelligence of substance The Intelligence Aspect TheRays, 464:Mother Aspect The intelligence of substance The Intelligence Aspect The nature of form The HolyRays, 466:form. Recognition and cooperation with the soul. Intelligence. Action. Expression. The influence ofRays, 472:all his will, and he can wisely serve." Love and intelligence then become the servants of the will.Rays, 517:the Mysteries of Initiation Ray Three - Active Intelligence The processes of Intention andRays, 526:of Initiation It must be remembered that intelligence and love were present upon Earth, the firstRays, 551:The throat center - Humanity - 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence The impact of the new incomingRays, 553:the divine third aspect, that of divine active intelligence. Therefore the human center registersRays, 558:Ray of Love-Wisdom The Ray of Active Creative Intelligence Rays of Attribute: The Ray of HarmonyRays, 558:with the energy of the third Ray of Active Intelligence or (as it is sometimes called) the "acuteRays, 559:A cycle of lives upon the third Ray of Creative Intelligence (as I prefer to call it) alwaysRays, 560:ago) the influence of the third Ray of Active Intelligence became exceedingly potent. Certain ofRays, 560:wave," as it is called) expressed an active intelligence. It was intelligence which its initiatesRays, 560:called) expressed an active intelligence. It was intelligence which its initiates had toRays, 561:The presence in humanity today of an ardent intelligence and a growing inclusiveness is symbolizedRays, 561:with the developed and manifesting energies of intelligence and love. In the final race (lyingRays, 591:in the first solar system, that of active intelligence. It is the energy which admits humanity (andRays, 593:the fifth root race, the Aryan race, of active intelligence. In all these basic relationships, thatRays, 608:based on the energy of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [609] This Principle of Decision, as aRays, 628:her personality or material Ray of Active Intelligence, once the most powerful of all the rays. TheRays, 632:In the U.S.S.R. - right use of the mind - Intelligence This must be remembered and taught, and menRays, 634:The Jews are governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence, the energy which permeates andRays, 642:with the 7th Initiation. Ray III. - Active Intelligence, active in connection with the 6thRays, 648:stimulation of the fifth Principle of manas, the intelligence principle in man. A revelation whichRays, 654:is governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. The only reason that I am making a fewRays, 666:Universal Mind and the workings of that great Intelligence which created the manifested universe.Rays, 676:smaller group of human beings the world of the intelligence appears paramount, and the concreteRays, 724:Who are conditioned by the third Ray of Active Intelligence (and this is ever the case with ThoseReappearance, 18:because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has made all menReappearance, 27:progressing Son of God; He knows the meaning of intelligence; He realizes the significance of loveReappearance, 28:will, and from humanity, the center of divine intelligence. Christ had oriented Himself to thatReappearance, 30:it is the way which expresses the light of the intelligence, the radiant substance of true love,Reappearance, 34:of the Path; he combines both head and heart, intelligence and feeling, plus an intuitiveReappearance, 34:accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name ofReappearance, 34:could understand; the truth that both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the willReappearance, 53:of the divine Trinity - will, love and intelligence - have become a part of human thinking andReappearance, 59:Knowers of God and the expectant multitude. The intelligence of divinity is vested in the SpiritualReappearance, 62:in Himself the Wisdom of God, of which human intelligence (the third aspect of divinity) is anReappearance, 84:to knowledge and to the principle of intelligence, so in the Aquarian Age, a mass response to rightReappearance, 88:religions (including the Christian religion) - Intelligence or the Universal Mind, Love and Will -Reappearance, 88:die out as the race achieves increasing intelligence and a more scientific approach will beReappearance, 91:and is related to the stimulation of the mass intelligence; it is not the energy which we haveReappearance, 105:is relatively dim and faint in its outlines, the intelligence of men had been rapidly growing, andReappearance, 113:and that God is life essentially as well as intelligence. That life carries within itself theReappearance, 114:has in it the element of an understanding intelligence, and this marks a great step forward. - BothReappearance, 164:awaits the expression of man's free will; his intelligence and his growth in goodwill are alreadyReappearance, 171:if to it is added the development of a sound intelligence and the practice of an organized life.Reappearance, 183:of God on Earth; they are men of goodwill and intelligence who are trying to increase understandingReappearance, 189:deep love of our fellowmen. It will also require intelligence and wisdom and a practical grasp ofSoul, 36:grains of the thyroid secretion stands between intelligence and idiocy. It is a gruesome thought toSoul, 56:that it is truly beyond the real grasp of human intelligence. In comparison with it, the mostSoul, 67:systems as it does matter, with coordination and intelligence, and endows all chemical elements itSoul, 129:sufficient knowledge and experience to work with intelligence directly upon the centers and thus beSoul, 152:its own nature, which is love, wisdom and intelligence. Science has even recognized this ultimateTelepathy, 46:of World Servers are impressed by the active INTELLIGENCE of God; they translate this divineTelepathy, 52:soul. 3. The Science of Telepathy - Mind. Human intelligence. Relation to the personality. Source
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