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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENCE

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Telepathy, 64:to the engendered circumstances the needed intelligence, wisdom, [65] intuition or will. Ponder onTelepathy, 71:MIND and on the various aspects of the mind - intelligence, mental perception, the Son of Mind, theTelepathy, 77:to their ray type of receptivity. As true intelligence develops and as love begins to permeateTelepathy, 109:the Universal Mind." The third aspect, that of intelligence, is involved when interpretation ofTelepathy, 111:of the egoic lotus - a high form of mental intelligence. The abstract mind, so called. This aspectTelepathy, 115:to develop right receptivity, plus an intuitive intelligence which will enable him to make correctTelepathy, 120:which will probably convey nothing to the intelligence of the average disciple, but which mayTelepathy, 120:It is adapted in time and space to human intelligence by the presented Plan, and - in the glory ofTelepathy, 125:in nature, the expression also of the divine Intelligence, Humanity. This is the energy of activeTelepathy, 127:these matters clearer to your avid and active intelligence. Telepathy, 135:whilst the third Ray of active creative Intelligence passes through and energizes the throatTelepathy, 135:governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray energy arrives at the throat center viaTelepathy, 137:begins to express the combined energies of the intelligence and of love; finally, on the Path ofTelepathy, 159:is manifest: the Hierarchy. The Center where the intelligence of God is producing the evolutionaryTelepathy, 169:(commonly called love), and the active intelligence which will bring the livingness and the loveTelepathy, 185:of the energy of the third [185] Ray of Active Intelligence. Its major function is intelligentTelepathy, 186:will, of spiritual love and of [186] spiritual intelligence are to be found upon Earth; even if
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