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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENT

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Astrology, 15:understanding of that response and the conscious intelligent control of individual reactions areAstrology, 30:stimulation throughout the entire body, but the intelligent atom makes no conscious response. TheAstrology, 30:of the planets in the twelve houses. Average intelligent humanity and those nearing the Path ofAstrology, 34:Energy Comments Nos. Up 1 * Unknown III Pisces Intelligent substance None 12 2 * Unknown IV AriesAstrology, 43:lives who are also self-conscious, or fully intelligent. This, certain of the Hierarchies are not.Astrology, 44:had not finished their contacts with the active intelligent principle of the preceding kalpa, andAstrology, 61:consciousness. Leo - Individual awareness - Intelligent consciousness. Aquarius - Group awareness -Astrology, 128:through occult combination. It is by achieving intelligent and active response to the energiesAstrology, 152:Love. Gemini - The fusion of the opposites; the intelligent work of at-one-ment; synthesis. UponAstrology, 156:attracts to the Hierarchy; and the permeating, intelligent activity of the Holy Spirit whichAstrology, 168:the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus and is the perfectAstrology, 173:of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance; Venus reveals the nature ofAstrology, 173:of the second aspect, which is consciousness or intelligent love, whilst the Sun - the physical SunAstrology, 188:of the planetary Logos, and are of a definitely intelligent nature, making them Lords of Knowledge,Astrology, 190:mind; the major objective is, at this time, the intelligent use of all powers to bring aboutAstrology, 200:the teaching that through the divine center of intelligent activity which we call humanity, theAstrology, 208:crises in the life of the aspirant: When the intelligent man of the world comes to himself and thenAstrology, 225:of power and of directed influence. Venus, the intelligent mind, has its power lessened in thisAstrology, 228:period. The stage of the hidden Christ. Intelligent man. Personality, as hiding the Christ life.Astrology, 235:case the sacral center. Finally, through the intelligent activity of the judicial and legal-mindedAstrology, 235:and the right action of the young and highly intelligent emerging generation - the children andAstrology, 239:constitutes the real problem for the masses of intelligent men at this time. As you already know,Astrology, 244:Libra and Capricorn, and is the source of the intelligent mind, acting either through desire (inAstrology, 244:this means the mind expressing itself through intelligent desire, for that is the goal of knowledgeAstrology, 244:is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualitiesAstrology, 249:the Libran subject to concrete understanding, to intelligent will and to knowledge: the first rayAstrology, 249:only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freelyAstrology, 253:that of God the Holy Spirit, the active intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe. ThisAstrology, 266:of the Mother or matter aspect, conditioned by intelligent activity. They indicate points ofAstrology, 271:are to be found three meanings: one for average intelligent man, another for disciples, and a thirdAstrology, 292:egocentric consciousness of the selfish, intelligent man and to the ambitious display of selfishAstrology, 306:duality. Uranus - Occult consciousness or that intelligent, fusing condition which produces theAstrology, 306:two factors, higher and lower self, through the intelligent use of the mind. Neptune - MysticalAstrology, 307:a sign of such paramount importance and why the intelligent Leo subject can usually attain hisAstrology, 308:prove misleading, given man's present point of intelligent understanding and influence. I wouldAstrology, 309:sensitivity to the higher vibration and directed intelligent service of the Plan. Ponder on thisAstrology, 312:awareness. Leo - self consciousness - intelligent awareness. Aquarius - group consciousness -Astrology, 325:misleading [325] terms and "cyclic impulsion," "intelligent purposeful repetition" and "consciousAstrology, 325:largely inaccurate and certainly unimportant. An intelligent understanding of the Plan is neededAstrology, 351:fashion: Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect - intelligent activity of the Whole. Gemini - heart ofAstrology, 351:dominating importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligent synthetic consciousness of the mass,Astrology, 351:leading to experience and growth in all separate intelligent forms; in Aquarius, you have theAstrology, 351:and a universal group awareness. This the intelligent student can trace with moderate facility inAstrology, 367:for in Gemini, the disciple can come to some intelligent grasp of what we might call theAstrology, 394:centralization or personality focus. He will be intelligent but not wise; aspirational but at theAstrology, 397:aspiration. Aspiration eventually gives place to intelligent activity and the acceptance of theAstrology, 402:in its higher and lower aspects. One expresses intelligent love and the other the intelligence ofAstrology, 402:both here and elsewhere. Form life, intelligent activity, and intense struggle summarizes theAstrology, 416:of seven energies, are connected with the active intelligent aspect of logoic expression, andAstrology, 427:which is 666. This is the number of the active intelligent man and distinguishes his form natureAstrology, 447:self-conscious; then he arrives at the stage of intelligent discipleship; he formulates a consciousAstrology, 469:the physical plane and [469] so be of aid to the intelligent, dedicated personality. Ponder onAstrology, 474:The cycle of aspiration from the stage of intelligent integrated man to that of the acceptedAstrology, 508:is itself an expression of the third Ray of Intelligent Activity. Aries, the first house, and MarsAstrology, 516:the statement remains relatively useless to the intelligent human being; it remains in the form ofAstrology, 522:will be potent in establishing a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economicAstrology, 531:the microcosm, man will some day establish an intelligent relation to the whole of which he is aAstrology, 572:and the correctly oriented attitudes of the intelligent aspirants and disciples. This was necessaryAstrology, 598:is the will of God or what is the nature of His intelligent purpose. It is the Will to Evolution.Astrology, 608:a dim perception of that vast aggregation of intelligent Forces and this immense concatenation ofAstrology, 629:process, of progress, of activity and of mind or intelligent perception. These three stages are:Astrology, 656:consists in the relation between that spiritual, intelligent Unit or Rishi of the SuperiorAstrology, 659:in the relation between that spiritual intelligent unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation,"Astrology, 664:allied. Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity whilst Mars demonstrates kundaliniAstrology, 688:allied. Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity, while Mars demonstrates kundaliniAtom, 19:possibility of the ideal materializing, for the intelligent relationship between the form and thatAtom, 19:existence, we should be able to see somewhat His intelligent activities, and to watch His plansAtom, 20:that it has to be demonstrated that there is an intelligent purpose working through forms of everyAtom, 21:Oversoul of the philosopher. This, again, is the intelligent Will which controls, formulates,Atom, 22:the recognition of this accomplishment that the intelligent purpose of indwelling Existence can beAtom, 22:is achieved is that of discrimination, or of intelligent choice. There are, in the textbooks ofAtom, 27:of activity should see us playing our part with intelligent understanding. Our first aim shouldAtom, 39:Edison answered. "Do you believe, then, in an intelligent Creator, a personal God?" "Certainly. TheAtom, 44:and up through varying grades and groups of such intelligent centers, to man, and thence to theAtom, 49:be studied and followed. We shall then be truly intelligent atoms - a thing we, as yet, are not.Atom, 50:we see around us may be hidden in the will and intelligent purpose of that greater Life, Who worksAtom, 67:demonstration of His psychic quality, for God is intelligent Love, and the fulfilment of HisAtom, 67:fulfilment of His determined purpose, for God is intelligent loving Will. For all the differentAtom, 69:macrocosm for the three lower. Man demonstrates intelligent activity, he is capable of emotion orAtom, 69:love, and has added yet another factor, that of intelligent will. He is the deity of his own littleAtom, 70:and a gradual evolution from one form of intelligent manifestation to another, and always the lifeAtom, 79:through a spheroidal form and working out an intelligent purpose. Then we reached our consummation,Atom, 81:cooperating with the second; you have the intelligent activity of divinity, or the Holy SpiritAtom, 84:First, the primordial stuff, essentially intelligent energy; next, atomic matter, in all itsAtom, 89:them all. Thus he arrives at the final stage of intelligent appreciation of divine unity. ThisAtom, 92:Thus, in summing up, we have four states of intelligent activity, which we might termAtom, 100:in the human body as a little entity, a tiny, intelligent life, and a microscopic, active sphere.Atom, 107:they are not so essential to the development of intelligent awareness as are the other three.Atom, 108:that environment. Having, then, learnt to be intelligent units by means of these five senses, andAtom, 108:crisis, and another factor comes in, that of intelligent discrimination. Here I am referring to theAtom, 110:and become, in his turn, a conscious, active, intelligent part of the greater whole. And how isAtom, 125:form or substantial vehicle, and the factor of intelligent activity - certain specific results willAtom, 128:coordinated. That is not so as yet. We have much intelligent energy continuously displayed now, butAtom, 128:animated and instigated by love working through intelligent activity. The time is coming, however,Atom, 128:present stage of development, we are certainly intelligent, but as yet there is very little love.Atom, 145:in that it is self-conscious; that man is an intelligent will, consciously performing every action,Atom, 149:the working out of their own plans, but into an intelligent cooperation with the greater Life ofAtom, 156:of the atomic life of our Logos, the active intelligent aspect, that one which was first developed,Atom, 156:of the electrical manifestation, the active intelligent aspect of the solar system, and theirAutobiography, 8:and the good in all peoples, by happiness and an intelligent appreciation of opportunity - one's
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