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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENT

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Autobiography, 14:stupid when in the schoolroom and as the least intelligent of an intelligent family. My sister wasAutobiography, 14:schoolroom and as the least intelligent of an intelligent family. My sister was one of the mostAutobiography, 33:spite of my ostentatious holiness I was smart, intelligent, well educated and sometimesAutobiography, 35:stiff at the occurrence. Young as I was, I was intelligent enough to know something aboutAutobiography, 41:of standing and who are recognized as sane and intelligent should add their testimony to that ofAutobiography, 41:and occultist. I have a good standing as an intelligent, normal woman, an effective executive andAutobiography, 50:prove it. I know, too, that behind all intelligent processes stands a great Intelligence and that aAutobiography, 57:head. I decided that I must be really good if intelligent men like that came Sunday after Sunday toAutobiography, 77:feminist but I know that if women are real and intelligent they can get to the top of the tree. MyAutobiography, 124:training and I know what I am talking about. Intelligent young men will no longer enter them whenAutobiography, 126:course would undermine a man's faith if he is intelligent enough to ask questions and is not of theAutobiography, 133:five is the number of the mind and of that intelligent creature we call man. I would not know. I amAutobiography, 159:looked up to as initiates were not particularly intelligent or loving, and love and intelligence,Autobiography, 171:knew to be more effective in world service, more intelligent in serving the Christ, and more trulyAutobiography, 187:all had fine minds and have proved to be highly intelligent citizens; but they just were notAutobiography, 187:out that the system broke down for the highly intelligent, creative or gifted child. "And that,"Autobiography, 192:found by the selfless server of the race and the intelligent interpreter of the truth but by no oneAutobiography, 198:be hard and stiff and difficult so the non-intelligent would be eliminated. One of the easiestAutobiography, 202:and our young people are most highly intelligent. Autobiography, 212:still possess one's own set of brains and be an intelligent human being. Through the books andAutobiography, 219:that there were just as nice people, just as intelligent people, just as bad people, just as goodAutobiography, 226:possible absolutely to believe. She was highly intelligent; with a strong sense of humor and a wellAutobiography, 240:is today exacted. The disciple is regarded as an intelligent agent and is left free to fulfil theAutobiography, 240:are no longer obligatory. The modern disciple, intelligent, loving and serving, is regarded as notAutobiography, 256:be laid on purification and the acquiring of an intelligent understanding of brotherhood and humanAutobiography, 257:development and educational progress towards an intelligent spiritual goal; that humanity is notAutobiography, 257:provided that love motivates them, that they are intelligent and have trained minds and that theyAutobiography, 260:forward with such logical precision, that any intelligent person will find even a first reading anAutobiography, 263:not been ready. Today, however, there are enough intelligent men and women to warrant the formingAutobiography, 265:human evolution, through the medium of a highly intelligent personality. Disciples will be preparedAutobiography, 267:person, when he hardly merited the word "intelligent" and before he had any soul contact. EmphasisAutobiography, 269:is emphasized in order that the disciple may be intelligent, analytical (but not critical) and inAutobiography, 282:choose to work. They are seeking, therefore, intelligent, [283] self-controlled men and women -Autobiography, 286:can do if they show a grasp of the teaching, are intelligent and love their fellowmen. In 1947 weBethlehem, viii:Cummings and Mr. Alan Murray for the willing and intelligent help they have given me. They haveBethlehem, 3:value but nevertheless of no vital import to the intelligent men and women of today, who prideBethlehem, 14:upon life and upon our world problems, and this intelligent understanding of the causes of worldBethlehem, 21:for we can now enter into the Holy Place as intelligent men and women, and not as children lookingBethlehem, 24:but to these qualities must be added an intelligent understanding and a mental unfoldment whichBethlehem, 24:mental unfoldment which will lead to a sane and intelligent cooperation with the plans forBethlehem, 41:it is not possible for us to be brought into intelligent touch with those who normally functionBethlehem, 49:of this new force, the intuition, in modern intelligent man. This, in its turn, bringsBethlehem, 94:There comes, however, in the experience of the intelligent human being, a slowly dawningBethlehem, 108:Many such questions arise in the mind of the intelligent man, and many have been the commentariesBethlehem, 121:not expressed by affirmation, but by conscious intelligent organized soul contact. This results inBethlehem, 143:of the divine Plan, and conscious, integral, intelligent parts of the whole. They know what theyBethlehem, 151:this light marks them off from the ordinarily intelligent person, making their words of moment, andBethlehem, 180:Therefore, mankind being more evolved and intelligent, that reinterpretation will more readily andBethlehem, 187:of a wrathful God who demands a blood sacrifice. Intelligent people today must agree thatBethlehem, 245:point of view argues for the utter lack of an intelligent plan in existence, and leads to theBethlehem, 259:stage in its development. The race had become intelligent, and the personality of man - physical,Bethlehem, 264:the world processes, and their conscious [264] intelligent integration into a recognizable worldBethlehem, 269:so utterly negative and so emptied of all intelligent thought that the sounds, the ideas and theBethlehem, 269:spoke to Him. It is the intuitive response of an intelligent mind to impressions coming from theBethlehem, 276:are forgiven seems an inadequate reason to an intelligent mind; to have everlasting life becauseDestiny, 19:but the results do not appear with clarity to intelligent human beings because they refuse to seeDestiny, 20:of the Hierarchy are seeking to evoke an intelligent response from men and an indication that theyDestiny, 21:energy upon which we shall touch here is that of intelligent activity - the potency of the thirdDestiny, 21:we call Humanity. The evocation of a loving intelligent response to the Shamballa impulse, steppedDestiny, 45:these societies would concentrate on the intelligent and mental psychics and rule out all tranceDestiny, 45:if possible because the moment there is positive intelligent understanding of the world on theDestiny, 48:powers and their place and part in the field of intelligent service. The interpretative faculty ofDestiny, 54:aspect of the mind which expresses itself in intelligent government, based on just [55] and lovingDestiny, 58:by her soul ray of love into just and intelligent world service, then she will give to the worldDestiny, 62:anticipated, thus balancing in that highly intelligent and individualistic country the field ofDestiny, 72:- self-conscious, self-centered, brilliantly intelligent and individual - conditioned Europe. It isDestiny, 97:will be potent in establishing a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economicDestiny, 105:the microcosm, man will some day establish an intelligent relation to the whole of which he is aDestiny, 115:instinctual reaction, translating it into intelligent perception. In the case of the worldDestiny, 120:frequency, and from day to day more and more intelligent men and women are coming (or are beingDestiny, 125:will take place. By means of this, the intelligent factor in the animal (of which instinct is theDestiny, 141:towards love and the desire of humanity for intelligent activity with combined power will gatherDiscipleship1, XIII:third Ray of Active Intelligence. The mass of intelligent humanity are found on this ray. TheDiscipleship1, 37:their nature. The work to be done is that of the intelligent transmission of energy to variousDiscipleship1, 43:that their cooperation would be evoked and their intelligent help forthcoming. What were theDiscipleship1, 45:An occult law would have been broken. Free, intelligent assistance is what we are asking from allDiscipleship1, 48:for you and face you with them. It is hard for intelligent men and women to see others closelyDiscipleship1, 81:will involve clear vision and a keen and intelligent understanding; it will require the steady andDiscipleship1, 87:plus the resultant effect of conscious, intelligent, spiritual work, motivated by love. In the NewDiscipleship1, 116:you should ponder. Your service is ever intelligent (highly so) for you have much knowledge as theDiscipleship1, 121:my brother? You have a third ray (the Ray of Intelligent Activity) physical body. This is largelyDiscipleship1, 126:on this. The energy of the intelligence and two intelligent forces - the soul, the mind and theDiscipleship1, 126:You should reverse this, my brother, and let the intelligent soul control your devoted personality.Discipleship1, 126:ray astral body instead of in your mind, so that intelligent love may be your outstandingDiscipleship1, 150:file of people. You can, however, work with the intelligent masses, the aspirants and theDiscipleship1, 165:principles, of impartiality in service and pure intelligent goodwill, then give freely of your timeDiscipleship1, 212:plane as being lost and merged in an ocean of intelligent love. On their way up the spine, theyDiscipleship1, 219:body is also the first ray. This means that your intelligent mind can dominate at need and can beDiscipleship1, 222:to that effect when teaching you that "your intelligent mind can dominate at need." This was aDiscipleship1, 230:love, free from personal criticism and with the intelligent reticence which is so pre-eminently oneDiscipleship1, 247:understanding of the Plan and your consequent intelligent cooperation with that Plan. But it is theDiscipleship1, 258:aspiration. In the future, it must be founded on intelligent conviction - a very different thing,Discipleship1, 264:taught to work inclusively and to be animated by intelligent love. Take them into your aura andDiscipleship1, 273:much on these ideas for, in the education of the intelligent world servers, this question of moneyDiscipleship1, 274:you grant them an obedient acquiescence and an intelligent understanding of their meaning, thatDiscipleship1, 286:and with beauty of feeling; To those wise and intelligent steps which will bring about theDiscipleship1, 320:ray mind and a seventh ray brain. This leads to intelligent high grade work in your chosenDiscipleship1, 320:to incorporate your aspiration, life content and intelligent consciousness with your group, plusDiscipleship1, 338:week each month make your conscious, dynamic and intelligent approach and let nothing interfereDiscipleship1, 360:your outer usefulness. It grows out of your intelligent awareness that the inner worlds hold for
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