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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENT

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Discipleship1, 361:to the daily life to be lived. I refer to the intelligent appreciation of truth which is yours, toDiscipleship1, 376:a similar manner and then say: Let this divine intelligent Will govern my heart, and lead me in theDiscipleship1, 376:six long breaths and then say: Let this divine intelligent loving Will direct my brain and serviceDiscipleship1, 377:outlines are found in the minds of the average intelligent God-accepting men of the world at thisDiscipleship1, 382:modes of reaction. A loving radiation and an intelligent assessment (or do I mean appraisement,Discipleship1, 405:I say that this relation was established by the intelligent will of your soul in order to stiffenDiscipleship1, 423:weapon whereby the battle will be won is that of intelligent, loving service. Had you ever regardedDiscipleship1, 424:So little do disciples, even the most intelligent, realize the effect, in the early stages, of theDiscipleship1, 447:into the relation of the three aspects of intelligent manifestation: the higher, abstract mind, theDiscipleship1, 447:manifestation: the higher, abstract mind, the intelligent solar angel, and the lower concrete mind.Discipleship1, 469:with such rapidity that the average aspirant and intelligent man has no sooner adjusted himself toDiscipleship1, 491:symbolically. You have much knowledge and much intelligent understanding or theory. Some of it youDiscipleship1, 493:"self-pity," will you accept it and use your intelligent mind to reason yourself out of yourDiscipleship1, 540:is on the third ray. This gives you an active, intelligent grip upon life and a coordinatedDiscipleship1, 542:expression of the divine life. It is the ray of intelligent love above all else, just as the secondDiscipleship1, 556:and you will add to knowledge, wisdom, and to intelligent understanding, its practical but mysticalDiscipleship1, 559:Science. The ray of the mental body - the Ray of Intelligent Activity. The ray of the astral body -Discipleship1, 576:is simply an emphasizing of what they - as most intelligent aspirants - already know. There isDiscipleship1, 588:and controlling all group relations, making them intelligent and presenting to the soul and heartDiscipleship1, 588:of a mind and brain, attuned to the loving, intelligent impulses of the group life. The secondDiscipleship1, 625:the majesty of ordered forces; the glory of the intelligent "arrangement" of the powers which lieDiscipleship1, 649:through the activity of an illumined mind, an intelligent appreciation of true values and a deepDiscipleship1, 658:own ideas loom so large that your wise, loving, intelligent soul has a hard task to make itsDiscipleship1, 658:and the bringing together of opposites into an intelligent unity. But it is a harmony interpretedDiscipleship1, 681:need; [681] utter consecration to the Plan; intelligent cooperation with all whom you recognize toDiscipleship1, 683:life experience and, therefore, humanity in its intelligent brackets is constantly and steadilyDiscipleship1, 684:a group of disciples exists, and an increasingly intelligent participation in the Master's creativeDiscipleship1, 693:first. What is that work? To provide a working intelligent and consecrated group of servers throughDiscipleship1, 693:activity is a conscious one and leads to intelligent undertakings. The task of the Master is toDiscipleship1, 693:These questions must all meet with a balanced, intelligent and non-fanatical response and answer. Discipleship1, 699:man's plan. This plan indicates increasingly his intelligent desire - selfish in the early stages,Discipleship1, 711:for decentralized, forward-looking, loving and intelligent workers is so great, particularly atDiscipleship1, 739:the plans for a postwar world and the need for intelligent and spiritual reconstruction activity.Discipleship1, 748:concerned whose attitude should be positive and intelligent. [749] The Law of Positive and NegativeDiscipleship1, 760:impeded by the advanced aspirants than by the intelligent thinkers. Bear this in mind at this time.Discipleship1, 763:knowledge petals transmit energy, the energy of intelligent activity, to the throat center, againDiscipleship1, 770:of humanity must reckon. It affects the least intelligent of the masses of men and does give themDiscipleship1, 788:be laid on purification and the acquiring of an intelligent understanding of brotherhood and humanDiscipleship1, 789:development and educational progress towards an intelligent spiritual goal; that humanity is notDiscipleship1, 789:provided that love motivates them, that they are intelligent and have trained minds and that theyDiscipleship2, XIII:I would commit this particular objective to your intelligent consideration. I would have you beginDiscipleship2, 12:to the urgency of the time and the need for the intelligent work of the trained disciple. Will youDiscipleship2, 32:of a developed intuition, and which is also an intelligent application of the truths apprehended.Discipleship2, 35:with various activities, playing the part of the intelligent citizen and seeking always to shoulderDiscipleship2, 53:that in this work, true occult obedience or the intelligent response to the urge of the group soulDiscipleship2, 54:right attitude; and dedication, which was the intelligent process, motivated by free will andDiscipleship2, 58:above elucidation should give you a new and more intelligent grasp of the symbolic significances ofDiscipleship2, 78:affiliated member of my Ashram, but only as an intelligent, trained aspirant who is privileged toDiscipleship2, 80:great event - teaching intended to evoke their intelligent cooperation. In your preceding series ofDiscipleship2, 141:angle, and above all, from the angle of "intelligent supervision" - a phrase which will mean moreDiscipleship2, 162:impression. This entails the awakening of an intelligent use of the intuition, plus the capacity toDiscipleship2, 198:consummation of the third divine aspect, that of intelligent activity, and - as I have earlierDiscipleship2, 203:must have creative objectives, must be truly intelligent, and must have added expanding love toDiscipleship2, 212:group itself works through another group: the intelligent men and women upon the mental plane,Discipleship2, 218:on a much higher turn of the spiral and with the intelligent cooperation also and the wiseDiscipleship2, 257:is necessarily laid upon recognition - the intelligent recognition of what is to be revealed. ThisDiscipleship2, 276:were not correct and right. It means that the intelligent grasp of the disciple and the initiate isDiscipleship2, 278:it negates fanaticism, requires a trained and intelligent understanding of applied measures andDiscipleship2, 289:and though these may be mentally grasped by the intelligent disciple, they are very seldomDiscipleship2, 290:is the conscious use of these energies and the intelligent utilization of this triple mechanismDiscipleship2, 297:I may only indicate direction. 2. A sense of "intelligent supervision. This must be esotericallyDiscipleship2, 298:by the Hierarchy that man is now adequately intelligent to be trained in right interpretation. 5.Discipleship2, 300:that which is imminent, so that they can be the intelligent agents whereby the neededDiscipleship2, 303:More I will not indicate, but I seek your intelligent assent to that word. It will becomeDiscipleship2, 307:wisdom, of occult facts which must take intelligent place in the life-service of the initiate, andDiscipleship2, 357:I have frequently referred: The higher and more intelligent type of disciple who is now affiliatingDiscipleship2, 364:into the Law of Cause and Effect; it also gives intelligent appreciation of present opportunity asDiscipleship2, 376:be a revelation; they will be committed to an intelligent implementing of the Plan upon theDiscipleship2, 392:"souls" work in the carrying out of the Plan. Intelligent aspirants who are not yet soul-infusedDiscipleship2, 394:but which is proven, factual, and the intelligent result of hard work; it is also the result ofDiscipleship2, 407:consciousness; this is loving understanding and intelligent, living service, no matter by whatDiscipleship2, 419:of mine, initiation ever connotes activity, intelligent understanding, focused attitude,Discipleship2, 424:of revelation concern the Hierarchy and its intelligent appreciation of the second or love aspect;Discipleship2, 431:of importance; otherwise you are working with no intelligent perception and are using words withoutDiscipleship2, 443:desire to serve and the kindling of the flame of intelligent love for mankind in the hearts of yourDiscipleship2, 448:by love of humanity and, therefore, an automatic intelligent response to human appeal? Are youDiscipleship2, 494:(which is in fact transmuted desire) and its intelligent expression, and through the third rayDiscipleship2, 516:ray, and that consequently the power of your intelligent and focused mind has driven you into theDiscipleship2, 517:book "The Way into Shamballa," knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of the problemDiscipleship2, 520:planet. It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent Will, free from all self-will or mentalDiscipleship2, 539:incarnation to a finish on a high note of intelligent and useful living. When the time comes,Discipleship2, 546:and that is that you are a sincere and intelligent devotee; intelligence and devotion go hand inDiscipleship2, 583:it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy. It is needless for me toDiscipleship2, 589:through entirely new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding of old modes of religion,Discipleship2, 589:subjective aspects of the active working group. Intelligent adaptability should be the mental note.Discipleship2, 596:you know - the making known and the steady and intelligent preparation of the human consciousnessDiscipleship2, 601:Once a disciple sees clearly, he can then take intelligent action. You have not really liked myDiscipleship2, 601:into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of her sense ofDiscipleship2, 646:contact, your group brothers, you have the intelligent activity and consequent stimulation upon theDiscipleship2, 667:be added, are dependent upon the conscious and intelligent construction of the antahkarana. YouDiscipleship2, 667:Plan; thus materialize the vision and work at intelligent understanding of the Plan. Let naught -Discipleship2, 699:I help you to bring in the power of your loving, intelligent soul so that it can release yourDiscipleship2, 710:that you unify all these forces into one intelligent, serving and constructive unity. You areDiscipleship2, 736:with precipitating karma but is concerned with intelligent initiating of new karma which will, inEducation, 4:to fit a child or adult to be a good citizen, an intelligent parent and no charge upon the state.Education, 4:has been grasped by many, it must make a man an intelligent citizen, a wise parent, and aEducation, 17:by the integrated consciousness of the intelligent human being. Certain words will recur again andEducation, 32:will. It is upon this knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. Education, 36:the active participator in physical life. This intelligent activity is always used from the wisdomEducation, 37:be said would be meaningless, even to the most intelligent. Modern education is beginning to give
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