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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENT

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Intellect, 215:tentatively, however, before there can be an intelligent approach to the meditation work. It is asIntellect, 227:go, and no farther." We deliberately and with intelligent intent set the limits of our mentalIntellect, 232:are others that will occur to the mind of the intelligent student. Whole worlds of thought are openIntellect, 239:through the agency of human beings, but He needs intelligent agents; He needs men and women who areMagic, 10:unit has eventually to be merged, with full intelligent participation, in the greater consciousnessMagic, 11:He learns that that impulse demonstrates an intelligent purpose, wisely directed, and based onMagic, 14:in it a selective quality and which posits the intelligent appreciation and practical applicationMagic, 17:intuition, which is the "knowing faculty" of the intelligent and practical mystic who - relegatingMagic, 19:activity and functioning, and to bring about an intelligent rapport with the world in which it hasMagic, 20:or that which is energizing. It is that intelligent activity which has been clumsily calledMagic, 27:and note what follows when the brain becomes the intelligent instrument of the mind; then study theMagic, 33:of the astronomer, which produces the undeniable intelligent activity which all demonstrate. It canMagic, 37:is found upon or within a planet is produced. Intelligent sentient consciousness, i.e. thatMagic, 42:life of the whole, directed from the head by the intelligent will or energy of the spiritual man.Magic, 58:controlled, the man is galvanized into intelligent activity on the physical plane. Magic, 77:if thinking men and women [77] can formulate intelligent ideas anent this interesting subject. WeMagic, 89:has already found lodgment in the brain of man. Intelligent activity and love wisdom must beMagic, 96:its energy is employed, the soul, as a magnetic intelligent creator, transmits its energies. TheMagic, 97:interpret the vision and utilize the concrete intelligent faculty for the wise adaptation of timeMagic, 103:There is no obligation to obey. We seek to train intelligent servers of the race, and these areMagic, 120:has been the saintly mystic. True knowledge is intelligent love, for it is the blending of theMagic, 120:the devotion. Unity is sensed in the heart; its intelligent application to life has to be workedMagic, 126:and of the plan. Only the soul, whose nature is intelligent love can be trusted with the knowledge,Magic, 165:it and he is quite incapable of calling it into intelligent cooperation with his purposes andMagic, 167:of the soul, he enters into voluntary and intelligent control of his instrument and learns toMagic, 186:a short matter and soon gone and that by study, intelligent activity, loving service, and patientMagic, 188:the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in theMagic, 197:three major rays. All have eventually to express intelligent creative faculty, to be animated byMagic, 212:three worlds is brought about. Just as the fully intelligent human being can only begin consciouslyMagic, 213:purpose, made possible through the use of the intelligent will. In other words, the soul knows theMagic, 214:through its focused attention, directed by the intelligent will, drive out physical matter. It isMagic, 216:force is made potent by the energizing, directed intelligent will. Study these points, for in themMagic, 220:all manifestation. In the other case, he is the intelligent ruler, controller of his own destinies,Magic, 222:incarnation, add the potent desire, purified and intelligent, of all superhuman Lives, includingMagic, 235:as the place from which magic is wrought. The intelligent and constructive desire of the whiteMagic, 235:it covers the immediate work and activity of the intelligent aspirant. It is the most important inMagic, 247:down into the body of ether, and so works with intelligent devotion. Magic, 250:of the intellect and all magical work is an intelligent process, carried out in the strength of theMagic, 250:and so express the ideas and purposes of the intelligent loving soul. These are recognized by theMagic, 313:for in those days, the lesson of sex and the intelligent registering of pain had a place in theMagic, 317:works out in right thought (because based on intelligent love), right speech (because governed byMagic, 356:sinful. But when the highly evolved and the most intelligent of the race discover in themselves theMagic, 361:which we call the Universal Mind, the active intelligent Deity. The lines of force from these threeMagic, 403:which are the needed prerequisites to intensive intelligent work were singularly lacking. For thatMagic, 404:will produce in man an [404] understanding - intelligent and cooperative - of the divine purposeMagic, 406:and of their co-workers. As can be seen in any intelligent historical retrospect, the work thatMagic, 411:and intuition is brought to a condition of intelligent coordination. Instinct relates man to theMagic, 415:body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligent work, unless we except a few prominentMagic, 429:will be no easy short cut to the goal. Only the intelligent can attain it and only coordinatedMagic, 430:out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent men. As yet, and this may surprise a few,Magic, 453:these rules can be read from the standpoint of intelligent man, and will mean but little; they canMagic, 454:- Analysis of the Three Sentences This one intelligent Life may be posited as creating in hisMagic, 459:ease and facility, as much so as does normally intelligent man work on the physical plane. TheirMagic, 462:Humanity must be more diligent and more intelligent in the working out of its true destiny andMagic, 477:seek to make suggestions which will carry to the intelligent reader some idea of the enormousMagic, 482:This group is constituted of the unselfish and intelligent men and women in every field of humanMagic, 493:in the physical and astral bodies. The intelligent and highly evolved man has added to these twoMagic, 495:The soul, seated in the brain, makes man an intelligent rational entity, self-conscious and [496]Magic, 497:anchored in the heart. There is life but no intelligent awareness; there is movement but noMagic, 497:intelligent awareness; there is movement but no intelligent direction; in the case of senile decay,Magic, 497:utilized in life, there may be the appearance of intelligent functioning but that is an illusionMagic, 498:still functioning through the heart but no intelligent awareness. The soul is engaged elsewhere andMagic, 498:there is much more than this. There is an intelligent understanding of the laws of abstraction andMagic, 500:so very long this will be deeply so for the intelligent of the race, and little by little for all.Magic, 502:man or woman who is a good citizen, an intelligent friend and a philanthropic worker. The exit inMagic, 525:types, the developed and the undeveloped, the intelligent and the unintelligent - all who areMagic, 530:so clearly and carried so powerfully to an intelligent climax that the mode of its materializationMagic, 531:medium of the animal kingdom is a self-conscious intelligent entity, working in full awareness ofMagic, 568:magicians under group impulse and through an intelligent understanding of the evolutionary plan.Magic, 571:Learning to work with these energies in an intelligent manner in order to bring about threeMagic, 571:may impose its rhythm upon the lunar forces. An intelligent response to and affiliation with theMagic, 608:and status matter not at all. But they are the intelligent forces of the planet; they express,Magic, 608:consciousness, the Mind of God; they embody the intelligent principle, immutable and unchanging,Magic, 612:in words. It is only possible to suggest to the intelligent student that the light of his soulMagic, 638:to his senses. Let a disciple who is [638] intelligent, honest and basically true so err, and inMeditation, 6:of a sensitive plate and discriminator, and the intelligent explainer of the higher imparted truth,Meditation, 19:to liberation through the understanding and the intelligent application of the law to his own life,Meditation, 48:must have demonstrated first for many lives his intelligent willingness to serve and to work amongMeditation, 53:hints will be possible, to form a basis for the intelligent application of the law. First, let usMeditation, 59:sounded his own threefold Word, and is now an intelligent creator animated by love. The goal isMeditation, 149:he coordinates the whole through the use of intelligent will. Therefore he has to become theMeditation, 150:much further. Thirdly, to learn through the intelligent study of the microcosm, his littleMeditation, 151:of finding the Self. The occultist, through his intelligent interest in the forms which veil theMeditation, 161:grasped here is that only when the pupil has an intelligent appreciation of the trouble or troublesMeditation, 235:of his life. Herein comes opportunity. In the intelligent apprehension of quality, in the strivingMeditation, 353:of mind; that faculty in man which is the intelligent thinking principle, and which differentiatesMeditation, 353:the inner planes of the solar system who are the intelligent forces of nature, and who control thePatanjali, 11:of densest manifestation through the conscious intelligent control of the lower nature. Patanjali, 12:real man and limit his powers. These lives are intelligent units on the involutionary arc ofPatanjali, 14:impulses should be replaced by the considered intelligent action of the soul or spiritual man,Patanjali, 26:the fruit of a steady effort which is based upon intelligent appreciation of the work to be donePatanjali, 42:highest aspect of the soul, The mental body or intelligent Will, the highest aspect of thePatanjali, 142:be forgotten, otherwise theory will not become intelligent practice. This meditation process isPatanjali, 152:uses the world of the senses as the field of his intelligent activities and no longer as the fieldPatanjali, 156:of the Trimurti or Trinity, the aspect of active intelligent matter, out of which the body ofPatanjali, 255:realizes that the path is long and that an intelligent understanding of each stage of the path isPatanjali, 267:the Eternal Now is a realized fact in nature and intelligent cooperation with the evolutionary planPatanjali, 270:triplicities, remembering that the third aspect (intelligent substance), the Holy Ghost or BrahmaPatanjali, 302:is regarded as triple: The physical sun - body - intelligent form. The heart of the sun - soul -Patanjali, 302:are: The personal physical man - body - intelligent form. The Ego or Christ - soul - love. The
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