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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENT

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Psychology2, 694:committee, but governed through the means of the intelligent cooperation of a group, representingPsychology2, 697:The aggregated aspiration, consecration and intelligent devotion of the group carries thePsychology2, 705:understanding the nature of the egoic ray? What intelligent use can be made by psychologists of thePsychology2, 733:middle classes which will bring about the needed intelligent changes, which can affect every humanPsychology2, 734:(and it is understated, if anything) then any intelligent man or woman can surely see that it isPsychology2, 741:the agency of the awakened world aspirants, the intelligent statesmen who love humanity and workPsychology2, 742:mould public opinion through the expression of intelligent love (with the emphasis upon the wordPsychology2, 742:love (with the emphasis upon the word intelligent) but which will employ no separative devices, noPsychology2, 743:A vast number are known. They are practical intelligent people, not visionary idealistic mystics,Psychology2, 747:do the moving forward. It is for us to evidence intelligent understanding and to set the neededPsychology2, 750:the Hierarchy and the Group. The achieving of an intelligent appreciation of the steps to be takenRays, 26:field of occult teaching, and the difficulty of intelligent comprehension is consequently great.Rays, 33:of right spiritual motive - the motive being the intelligent fulfilment of the will aspect ofRays, 46:the power of inner illumination and by certain intelligent recognitions. They learn the nature ofRays, 47:and implemented by will, which is active intelligent purpose, lovingly applied. The difficulty ofRays, 50:of goodwill, as understood by the average intelligent human being and put into action as a way ofRays, 52:expression in sound of the principle of active intelligent substance in the divine manifestation,Rays, 57:of matter, between emotion and love, between the intelligent will and the mind, between plan andRays, 66:indicates the next phase of the working of the intelligent will in the consciousness of humanity.Rays, 78:views hitherto regarded as the vague visions of intelligent and optimistic dreamers. A greatRays, 101:For Group Initiation It might be stated that an intelligent understanding of this sentence willRays, 103:them with the world of meaning, and capable of intelligent activity which links them with the worldRays, 107:that too must be transcended and superseded by intelligent love (only truly possible after the mindRays, 117:Initiation...the birth of the Christ. Producing intelligent activity. Initiation. The two-leavedRays, 120:of the divine will possible; they guarantee its intelligent application and its magnetic power toRays, 122:soul nature will be expressing itself through intelligent love and a sense of group fellowship;Rays, 152:must take as instruments in his pledged intelligent service. The blending of the four lessons whichRays, 180:the cosmic astral plane. God is mind. God is intelligent functioning. God is creative activity.Rays, 188:(as that name is correctly used to denote modern intelligent humanity) came into being. As the agesRays, 188:and instructed opponents of the Black Lodge and intelligent wielders of energy as it can beRays, 204:That Humanity exists as a great center of intelligent energy in the substance of the planetaryRays, 216:personality development; it was the principle of intelligent synthesis, holding the life principleRays, 273:essence of the previous solar system in which intelligent activity was the goal. Today, thatRays, 275:therefore, that this creative work, with its intelligent and practical purposes and its abilityRays, 295:to their spiritual development and their intelligent perception, so will be the quality and theRays, 299:incontrovertible fact in the realization of the intelligent man. Rays, 303:invocative appeal of the mass of men, and the intelligent voicing of demand by those preparedRays, 318:It is a Way which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractiveRays, 318:of livingness, of loving understanding, and of intelligent activity. Therefore, the order toRays, 340:Throat center 3rd ray Monadic plane Fixation Intelligent cooperation Creativity Initiation 7.Rays, 360:and the atmic, the planes of spiritual love and intelligent will. The Way of the Higher EvolutionRays, 371:the individual aspirant and disciple, is that of intelligent activity and - little as you may haveRays, 371:- it is this constant inflow which aids in the intelligent application of the Plan to humanRays, 377:the "center where the will of God is known" the intelligent loving Master, now responsive to theRays, 417:it is to that unknown "sphere of functioning and intelligent activity" what the Law of Economy isRays, 435:living upon the physical plane the life of an intelligent man within the world of men. He isRays, 436:and mental coordination than does the average intelligent man; in this way he learns theRays, 443:and the lower concrete mind), combined with the intelligent cooperation of his soul-infusedRays, 445:energies which animate the physical body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitiveRays, 445:atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mind, have eventually to be blended withRays, 450:will. It is upon this knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. InRays, 467:in terms of right living and thinking, love and intelligent understanding. It is all that, but itRays, 468:purpose. Therefore, self-will, desire and those intelligent activities which are dually motivatedRays, 468:- when these foundations of good character and intelligent activity are firmly established -Rays, 484:book form, information anent the next stage of intelligent and spiritual recognition for humanity.Rays, 517:"mental silence" and is simply a point of intelligent concentration, then he can use the Word ofRays, 535:being of the third aspect of divinity, that of intelligent activity. The fourth, fifth and sixthRays, 542:growing divine realization within these forms of intelligent activity, of love-wisdom and of theRays, 580:of men focused on the astral plane. To all intelligent observers, this ideological situation isRays, 616:of the minds of disciples. The enlightening of intelligent humanity. The mental plane. Stanza I.Rays, 625:this produced a vortex of conflict in the highly intelligent Italian people. The dictator is noRays, 641:the voice of a trained public opinion and the intelligent demand of the masses for right humanRays, 641:of each individual disciple, man of goodwill and intelligent thinker is also clear. Let me bringRays, 645:high place, atma-buddhi-manas (will, love and intelligent action) can be seen in united activityRays, 654:of five initiations (and is therefore expressing intelligent love), will be attempted. ThisRays, 673:circumstance; they are not swept usually by an intelligent reaction to life as it is. The normalRays, 677:from an emotional aspirational focus to an intelligent, thinking focus. He has, theoretically atRays, 678:of a wide usefulness and of a trained intelligent capacity. This may not be the case where theRays, 701:Plan is sensed and receives cooperation, and intelligent aspiration takes the place of vagueRays, 725:therefore governed by the third ray, the Ray of Intelligent Activity. This ray is closely relatedRays, 726:of the nature of creation, of the reason for the intelligent manifestation of substantial forms andRays, 729:now understand and fully express. He is now an intelligent cooperator with the Building Forces ofRays, 746:personality basis and not from any spiritual or intelligent conviction. There is a material,Reappearance, 24:yet the modern commentator is probably more intelligent and better educated than the ancient oneReappearance, 24:weight than the modern, more educated and intelligent man. If The New Testament is true in itsReappearance, 29:developed will, His all-inclusive love and His intelligent mind. This affirmation has made allReappearance, 43:been laughed at by the crowd and rebuked by the intelligent. Their eyes have not seen Him and thereReappearance, 53:Father's Will on Earth and made it possible for intelligent humanity to carry it out. Hitherto,Reappearance, 53:and be transformed into right human relations by intelligent humanity. Thus the direct line orReappearance, 55:impeded by the advanced aspirant than by the intelligent thinker. It was not the cruelty of theReappearance, 59:the world at large, and thus in overcoming the intelligent criticism that all that is said is tooReappearance, 89:and generally accepted fact by thinking and intelligent people. Speech, the written word, andReappearance, 91:the awakening of men's minds so that they take intelligent action. That action is necessarilyReappearance, 92:from the Mind of God and are connected with the intelligent principle in the divine nature; theReappearance, 95:The Plan is ready for immediate application and intelligent implementing; the workers are there andReappearance, 97:this particular Master takes over His task, the intelligent principle or knowledge, which is theReappearance, 114:have also to foster spiritual submission and intelligent acquiescence in the masses, who normallyReappearance, 118:materialism to a spiritual perfection and an intelligent perception which will enable a man toReappearance, 120:IV, 13.) [120] Beyond this generalization, no intelligent person will attempt to go. 'When ChristReappearance, 135:been more firmly established. Thus thousands of intelligent men and women will be enabled to freeReappearance, 151:The method employed will be the scientific and intelligent use of Invocation and Evocation and theReappearance, 151:thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligent organization of spiritual energy and of theReappearance, 169:toward a greater glory and a steadily deepening, intelligent responsiveness. This today isReappearance, 179:People may have the courage to speak, but an intelligent presentation is of equal importance. TheSoul, 10:is a notable one and should bear fruit in a more intelligent approach to both types of thought.Soul, 28:the denial of the soul and of a motivating intelligent power. For it, man is but dust of the groundSoul, 30:been isolated. Under these circumstances, an intelligent layman, even if not scientifically trainedSoul, 35:nervous system and the ductless glands as the intelligent and emotional response apparatus, and theSoul, 66:"It seems plain that the need of a primary intelligent and coordinative creative medium such as theSoul, 129:demonstrating life, self-consciousness and intelligent purpose. The first is: As a man's glands and
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