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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENTLY

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Education, 14:building of the antahkarana, so that we can work intelligently, but not critically. It is essentialEducation, 21:so that they can understand themselves and work intelligently. 5. The attribute of concreteEducation, 22:therefore faced with the opportunity of dealing intelligently with the innate idealism to be foundEducation, 34:He should be able to formulate his knowledge intelligently and to express his awareness clearly, inEducation, 67:it is only possible when the student is intelligently polarized and mentally focused; it is onlyEducation, 80:demands of the times. Education is the training, intelligently given, which will enable the youthEducation, 91:and better civilization. Loving understanding, intelligently applied, should be the hallmark of theEducation, 116:if you are to follow development in the future intelligently. First, the point reached by humanityEducation, 149:to come. You can begin, therefore, to work intelligently and with as little loss of time asExternalisation, 8:Psychism: Divine - Controlled - Positive - Intelligently applied - Mediatorship Lower Psychism:Externalisation, 10:attitude and in which the medium, knowingly and intelligently, vacates his body to an enteringExternalisation, 15:that we should train them rightly and guard them intelligently and so link, through their means,Externalisation, 19:a normal measure of study and learn to think intelligently, so that their minds can balance theirExternalisation, 37:must be made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood. The method ofExternalisation, 46:have been endeavoring to apprehend a little more intelligently the work of the new age seed groups,Externalisation, 73:will manifest the Will aspect of Deity intelligently through love. It is interesting to note thatExternalisation, 88:Mankind is not yet handling its problems intelligently. Thus the forces and energies of theExternalisation, 114:This, we perforce accept either blindly or intelligently, regarding it as a natural and unavoidableExternalisation, 116:of process. It has for the first time chosen intelligently to observe what is going on and toExternalisation, 143:and prepared people who will then work intelligently to establish the new order. 6. TheExternalisation, 169:a numerical relationship. When used wisely and intelligently by human beings, many of the blendedExternalisation, 192:to which the people may subscribe, or which they intelligently endorse. Each nation shouldExternalisation, 197:and must either destroy humanity or be brought intelligently to an end. Three things will end thisExternalisation, 204:with the new group of world servers, should seek intelligently to understand the current problem,Externalisation, 213:at the stage where it could grasp the situation intelligently, or been so closely and rapidlyExternalisation, 218:need to face the problem, to think clearly and intelligently about what is going on around you, andExternalisation, 236:who think clearly, see the vision truly, act intelligently, and meet force with force, which is theExternalisation, 272:more importance, and you will then be able intelligently to invoke Those Who can inspire to rightExternalisation, 277:in view of establishing right human relations, intelligently carried forward. Such activity andExternalisation, 279:and the oppressed, and will work actively and intelligently to bring about release, can that fullExternalisation, 288:be grasped by all of you who seek to participate intelligently in the Wesak Festival and who areExternalisation, 303:Understanding (intuitive and instinctual, but intelligently interpreted) of the plan as it can beExternalisation, 325:servant of the Hierarchy thinks clearly, loves intelligently and serves to the utmost. I make noExternalisation, 360:dispelling of illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wiseExternalisation, 365:way, for the subject is too vast for us to be intelligently specific. We can, however, consider theExternalisation, 372:of things to come" for the children must be intelligently determined. This will have to be done onExternalisation, 377:great responsibility. These realizations, when intelligently developed and wisely handled, willExternalisation, 381:who loves his fellowmen is mentally poised and intelligently working; he is mobilizing all hisExternalisation, 414:of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligently convinced worker, disciple and initiate -Externalisation, 416:Him. In the future we shall draw closer and more intelligently to the living substance of [417]Externalisation, 422:of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for thisExternalisation, 479:and secondly, into the sphere of implementing intelligently those activities which come under theExternalisation, 519:all forms, so that it is awakened, expanded and intelligently employed. The Hierarchy directs worldExternalisation, 541:can be informed and can then work unitedly and intelligently at its implementation. More than thisExternalisation, 556:they may find themselves) and to participate intelligently in the ordained ceremonies. I would askExternalisation, 590:devotion but Who loves all men persistently, intelligently and optimistically, Who sees divinity inExternalisation, 591:emerges (if you have read them in order and intelligently) a picture of the spiritual life of theExternalisation, 608:the earlier days), if the Will of God is to be intelligently carried out on Earth. His major taskExternalisation, 651:are called today; it means the spreading of an intelligently cultivated goodwill and the fosteringExternalisation, 681:and to the nature of goodwill and understanding (intelligently applied); all these qualities areExternalisation, 685:in which humanity (again for the first time) is intelligently participating and cooperating. It isFire, 225:expression) we shall be in a position to go more intelligently into a consideration of the plan,Fire, 279:atoms show ability to select, to discriminate intelligently under the Law of Attraction andFire, 304:his consciousness expands, but he begins to work intelligently from above and does not work blindlyFire, 318:the microcosm) through the Manasic principle, intelligently reduces matter to form, and utilizesFire, 329:will be better comprehended, and assisted intelligently by those lesser intelligences who - by theFire, 338:Logos or Heavenly Man, and a human being to: Use intelligently a form or vehicle. Build facultyFire, 339:sets up vibrations which have to be worked out intelligently. The acquisitive side of thisFire, 339:to discard, and he begins to merge the two poles intelligently. In the [340] Hall of Wisdom heFire, 355:incarnation; each is actively following and intelligently working to effect certain ends, and thusFire, 393:and we saw first, that it is the active will, intelligently applied, of an Entity, and then thatFire, 409:the ensouling life within the form to progress intelligently from lower to higher forms ofFire, 410:superior embracing lives are consciously and intelligently working through and dominating the form,Fire, 413:called for lack of a better term) are vitally intelligently active; three are in abeyance and oneFire, 418:faculty in man which enables him to distinguish intelligently between the Self and the Not-Self.Fire, 422:oneness of their self-interest, and therefore intelligently, actively, and with conscious purposeFire, 464:response from those who are actively and intelligently working at the development of groupFire, 480:it is possible for an entity consciously and intelligently to do two things: First: aid in theFire, 543:a period of time covering his participation intelligently in world affairs until he enters theFire, 615:then, and only then, can he safely, wisely, and intelligently cooperate in the plan. As yet, forFire, 666:point of view of those great devas Who cooperate intelligently in the plan of evolution. They haveFire, 717:man, so that they may in due course of time intelligently express the will and purpose of theFire, 784:and the "Pitris of the Dual Heat" are now intelligently cooperating. The heart and brain of theFire, 822:through knowledge on the mental plane, and thus intelligently to dominate the entire threefoldFire, 877:which will be his in the future, which he will intelligently focus through the highest head centerFire, 929:own interests in the greater, and to cooperate intelligently. The creative power which had beforeFire, 930:deva forces and can consequently work with them intelligently. Some he will control and manipulate,Fire, 946:once he has reached the point where he has intelligently put himself on the side of evolution, orFire, 970:that the solar Angel can rest assured that it is intelligently registered and recorded. It isFire, 1048:Mind The Monad, acted upon by the Heavenly Man, intelligently forms his ring-pass-not. There hisFire, 1212:evolutions, for through him can be worked out intelligently the laws of group unity for all theFire, 1216:planet and solar life to be consciously and intelligently part of a cosmic whole. 2. The Seven LawsFire, 1231:these are the only things which the disciple can intelligently comprehend. All that it will beGlamour, xi:as aspirants to discipleship have to do, and so intelligently cooperate, I will concisely state theGlamour, 13:use of this method you may learn to work more intelligently with the Plan and become a betterGlamour, 32:gained, for that which is recognized can then be intelligently handled, if the will to do soGlamour, 64:He contacts an idea intuitively and also intelligently (note the distinction here expressed) andGlamour, 70:you must, on the Path itself, work actively and intelligently with the surrounding glamor,Glamour, 92:the causes of difficulty and to study more intelligently the effect you may have upon each otherGlamour, 146:there are others who are definitely, though intelligently, anti-Jew. I would ask those in bothGlamour, 152:large scale) is it possible for man to sense - intelligently and not just mystically - the AngelGlamour, 167:dispelling of illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wiseHealing, 5:require elucidation before they can be applied intelligently. In the third place, I shall layHealing, 11:and understand that just as man can enter more intelligently into the mind of God than can theHealing, 12:demonstrated to be true where the microcosm is intelligently concerned. Healing, 50:through an act of the will, intellectually and intelligently applied, with the objective ofHealing, 60:It has been discovered (when the mind was intelligently applied to the problem) that sunshine andHealing, 118:to the surface of his consciousness, is then intelligently explained and related to the existingHealing, 129:helpful at this time, if they want to cooperate intelligently with the happenings of the day, toHealing, 139:point, the solar plexus, and then steadily and intelligently to coordinate these forces so that an
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