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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENTLY

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Healing, 172:learn to work as intermediaries, consciously and intelligently using their powers; they willHealing, 176:and its activities will be carried forward intelligently and as the result of knowledge, of insightHealing, 205:instruction must be understood and applied intelligently. Rule five Let the healer concentrate theHealing, 213:consciousness, and a brain which is ever intelligently receptive, but a constant inflow ofHealing, 225:considered and dealt with rationally, sanely, intelligently and [226] spiritually; it will requireHealing, 272:of anatomy, its diagnosis of requirements can be intelligently controlled, and [273] its practiceHealing, 273:medicine cannot be scientifically formulated or intelligently presented until such time as the factHealing, 318:can be obviated. To the extent that the patient intelligently tries to help himself, and isHealing, 329:of the personality forces. Carried forward intelligently, this synthesis brings about the healingHealing, 349:initiate and so able to work effectively and intelligently on the causal levels whereon soulsHealing, 366:higher one) you will be able to help them more intelligently. A large measure of the inferiorityHealing, 441:of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, and applied [442] in a spirit of love uponHealing, 505:The Processes of Integration In considering this intelligently utilized event as it is employed byHealing, 561:the etheric body, and works scientifically and intelligently with it and its controlling centers ofHealing, 573:he knows he must accept and with which he must intelligently work. How, therefore, can he applyHealing, 669:to avoid consideration of forces potent enough intelligently to use the latent imperfection inHercules, 5:of an erring but sincerely earnest human being, intelligently aware of the work to be accomplished,Hercules, 6:a divine manner and in line with divine purpose, intelligently apprehended. When they have thusHercules, 9:discover that individualism must be sacrificed intelligently to the good of the group. He discoversHercules, 192:Let me ask a question. Are you able to enter intelligently, sympathetically and understandinglyHercules, 202:They orient their minds in that direction, serve intelligently and are not in a hurry. [203] TheHercules, 208:of an erring but sincerely earnest human being, intelligently aware of the work to be done, a WorldHercules, 209:and it is seen how sequentially and intelligently Hercules attained this knowledge. We see himHercules, 210:only to discover that individualism must be intelligently sacrificed to the good of the group; heHercules, 215:the Zodiac so that we can follow his labors intelligently. It might also be of benefit to ascertainInitiation, 13:and the method of procedure, are his to use intelligently. These moments of intelligentInitiation, 115:Self. That purpose, being now revealed, can be intelligently cooperated with, and thus matured. Initiation, 119:direction of the "open mind," and can cooperate intelligently with the forces of nature. Thus, inInitiation, 121:and the plans and purposes can be furthered more intelligently. As this consolidation of groupInitiation, 121:the physical plane as an ability to work wisely, intelligently and harmoniously with many diverseInitiation, 170:the past, thereby enabling himself to work intelligently in the present, and he can begin toInitiation, 172:helping the ends of evolution, and to cooperate intelligently with the plans of the Planetary LogosInitiation, 177:to life. Willingly used in service for others. Intelligently utilized on the side of evolution.Initiation, 178:is that this effort to make people cooperate intelligently with the Hierarchy, and to train them toInitiation, 182:concerns itself with the utilization of the form intelligently by the life aspect. It is largelyInitiation, 201:in deed, to serving whole-heartedly, to thinking intelligently, and to keeping a close watch uponIntellect, 68:into the kingdom of the soul, and to participate intelligently in its life and states ofIntellect, 130:contacts with the greatest efficiency and use intelligently that apparatus which the BehavioristsMagic, 11:to wield the law or to pass wisely, lovingly and intelligently through himself as much of thatMagic, 48:the machine is likewise present, and man now can intelligently use and control, not only theMagic, 51:the real self and the illusory self, can work intelligently. This has been well expressed in theMagic, 64:necessary nevertheless if we are to appreciate intelligently our task and its effects. Magic, 141:Mind, and hence are in a position to cooperate intelligently. They, in their turn, as this RuleMagic, 165:of capacities and powers which are not as yet intelligently under his control. He experiencesMagic, 187:It is better to wait and work gradually and intelligently oneself than force one's way unpreparedMagic, 194:with and utilize all these seven types of energy intelligently in the early stages of the Path ofMagic, 236:is [236] based on love, animated by wisdom and intelligently applied to forms. We will, therefore,Magic, 280:no person so situated who cannot begin to work intelligently and to build thought-forms under lawMagic, 404:awakening that inner light which, when seen and intelligently used, will serve to reveal otherMagic, 405:bring about the unification, consciously and intelligently, of mankind, and so produce theMagic, 423:and the emotional or astral world. Discriminate intelligently between all these spheres of sentientMagic, 455:that its Creator has: Visualized. Built intelligently and "colored" or "qualified", so as to meetMagic, 462:mind, when they can train themselves to respond intelligently to the timely impulses whichMagic, 471:creator in mental matter has: To learn to build intelligently. To give the impulse, through rightMagic, 491:them free to accomplish the purpose for which he intelligently sent them forth. This fourth processMagic, 523:to you of laws, and I seek to formulate them intelligently but I am dealing really with thoseMagic, 530:be that the magical work will be carried forward intelligently and perfectly and human beings inMagic, 537:of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, and applied in a spirit of love upon theMagic, 585:have worked out their karma alone and who have intelligently taken up the task of treading theMagic, 638:and to read and study so that the work may go intelligently forward. Let all students make up theirMeditation, 116:with the power that follows from active love intelligently applied. He works with the law, andMeditation, 193:must also be animated by pure love, and work intelligently for the spiritual uplift of all. Part ofMeditation, 193:to bands of workers constructively and intelligently working together for certain ends. You have inMeditation, 280:the work of the [280] Master on his bodies, and intelligently follow the effects brought about.Patanjali, 41:the blueprints of the great plan and thus can intelligently cooperate in the building of the TemplePatanjali, 64:and used before the nature of the thinker can be intelligently appreciated. When this is realized,Patanjali, 65:latent at the heart of all beings. To ask intelligently and to find the answer, they must firstPatanjali, 70:at present stands, and consequently to prepare intelligently for the next step forward. ObstaclePatanjali, 73:is understood, then the disciple can work intelligently and hence the necessity of a rightPatanjali, 87:can be contacted and seen. Thus the adept can intelligently participate in the great plan ofPatanjali, 144:He has to study and comprehend practically and intelligently the working of the law of Cause andPatanjali, 154:he becomes aware of his surroundings and later intelligently appreciates them. The great elementsPatanjali, 279:events, and this only in order to work out intelligently the plans of the Hierarchy and ofPatanjali, 285:to the wheel of rebirth. Thus he consciously and intelligently nears his goal and every deed, actPatanjali, 295:the central organ in the head, and from there intelligently traversing the Path which leads throughPatanjali, 322:as he does on the physical. He can then serve intelligently in those realms and cooperate with thePatanjali, 344:and nature, he can then cooperate intelligently in the plan and become a white magician. For thePatanjali, 351:possible lines of approach, and this he does intelligently and not simply blindly. 2. TheirPatanjali, 368:of service. The soul can now function freely and intelligently in the three worlds because completePatanjali, 387:the many. This the student can appreciate more intelligently if he follows the golden rule whichPatanjali, 419:the Mount of God," and he cooperates with it intelligently upon the physical plane; he hears theProblems, 51:demands of the times. Education is the training, intelligently given, which will enable the youthProblems, 65:and better civilization. Loving understanding, intelligently applied, should be the hallmark of theProblems, 145:[145] know what the will of God is and can work intelligently with that will - these are the truthsProblems, 156:for a more vital approach to God and one more intelligently presented; men are tired of doctrinalProblems, 163:expressed and through humanity whose task it is intelligently to work out God's plan in love andProblems, 165:in response to the work of Christ; it would be intelligently presented on earth because the mindsProblems, 171:and security will come through the recognition - intelligently assessed - of the evils which haveProblems, 177:needed adjustments and humanity must learn to be intelligently patient; humanity must face withPsychology1, xviii:group vibration, and thus able to cooperate intelligently with the unfolding purpose. It is aPsychology1, xx:effort, there would emerge a group activity, intelligently undertaken, which would achieve greatPsychology1, 8:problem with judgment. We can then deal more intelligently with ourselves, with our children andPsychology1, 42:to be the embodiment of divine purpose or will, intelligently applied in the great creative work,Psychology1, 47:of a gradually growing satisfaction, and has intelligently applied the gain of experience to thePsychology1, 57:the individual contribution, which is now intelligently and willingly offered, so that the form notPsychology1, 58:aware of the conscious purpose of Deity; can intelligently cooperate with the will of God, and thusPsychology1, 120:the form. When these two knowledges are brought intelligently together, we shall evolve a truer andPsychology1, 141:in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan of which They are thePsychology1, 186:kingdoms. This flow of energy must be [186] intelligently apprehended and intelligently directed,Psychology1, 186:must be [186] intelligently apprehended and intelligently directed, and thus will be brought to an
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