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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGENTLY

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Psychology1, 257:values must be better understood before man can intelligently decide what constitutes his problemPsychology1, 294:purpose. Man's relations to others will then be intelligently directed, and his relation to thePsychology1, 322:The person who works consciously and intelligently at adapting himself to that situation and thosePsychology1, 342:Wisdom, actuated and motivated by love, and intelligently applied to world problems, is much neededPsychology1, 348:provide an interesting hypothesis which can be intelligently accepted until disproven. ThisPsychology1, 363:will increasingly find themselves cooperating intelligently with the Plan, and participating inPsychology1, 379:as the nations are concerned, and can grasp more intelligently the ray influence which, inPsychology2, 6:which will enable man to Work consciously and intelligently Realize the relation of form andPsychology2, 25:desires; the capacity to employ time somewhat intelligently begins to make its presence felt. ThePsychology2, 41:to reveal beauty and truth; The use of forces intelligently for the furtherance of the Plan;Psychology2, 59:with increased rapidity as the soul, actively, intelligently and intuitively, begins to work withPsychology2, 71:mental levels, and when therefore his mind is intelligently and consciously functioning. He mustPsychology2, 74:dedicated aspirant. When the work is carried on intelligently and with full awareness of thePsychology2, 110:form differentiations. These we can only study intelligently from the angle of the seven rayPsychology2, 112:come into touch with the Master of his group and intelligently respond to the Plan, so does thisPsychology2, 115:This work, carried forward successfully and intelligently, should make it possible to inaugurate aPsychology2, 122:Enable emotionally polarized humanity to focus intelligently in the mind. Transfer the energy ofPsychology2, 149:the mind is active, and unless we are beginning intelligently to use the mind, there is no mediumPsychology2, 260:forward by them through any emphasized or intelligently appreciated activity, but it is naturallyPsychology2, 333:one includes or appropriates, consciously and intelligently, the spiritual world. We see the desirePsychology2, 336:the impacts of an environment which he does not intelligently understand but in which he findsPsychology2, 342:Becomes slowly conscious and consequently intelligently active in the three worlds of humanPsychology2, 383:brain (revealing actual capacity to cooperate intelligently with the Plan). Therefore, we shallPsychology2, 399:Avatars are possessed by the attribute; They intelligently comprehend it and are used to "anchor"Psychology2, 424:vision. The formulation of an inner program, intelligently compiled, and suitable for the point inPsychology2, 430:generally chaotic and undesirable conditions. An intelligently applied bridging process, graduallyPsychology2, 442:of difficulty. If, however, the cause is more intelligently approached and handled, it will bePsychology2, 444:because he is truly idealistic; who will fight intelligently to achieve it, but will fightPsychology2, 485:he is then in touch with, and can collaborate intelligently with, other disciples. When he is anPsychology2, 486:way or another. Some of these groups are working intelligently and are sometimes correct [487] inPsychology2, 487:of the higher spiritual forces upon the more intelligently inclined and mystically motivated peoplePsychology2, 509:by the psychologist before interpretation can be intelligently given and prove useful. Psychology2, 526:Father's house". During this period, we find the intelligently creative or the powerful man willPsychology2, 558:and present Aryan characteristics. He is intelligently aware of his power and of a few of hisPsychology2, 585:the man who is born as a medium is his inability intelligently to control the phenomena evidenced.Psychology2, 621:of the group - instinctual in nature more than intelligently planned - to offset certain definitelyPsychology2, 667:ideals become practical and the work be carried intelligently forward. The various plans underPsychology2, 674:and attained. The law of Love, expressed intelligently, must be applied to all human relationships.Psychology2, 676:that growing spirit of good will has not been intelligently developed, applied, and systematized.Psychology2, 697:come into touch with the Master of his group and intelligently respond to the Plan, so does thisPsychology2, 699:World Servers. Carried forward successfully and intelligently, it should be possible to inauguratePsychology2, 704:in nature. Aspirants must learn to work intelligently and understandingly with the law of cycles.Psychology2, 719:apparent, therefore, if we have read the above intelligently and have endeavored to synthesize itPsychology2, 733:but the cultivation of a spirit of good will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purposePsychology2, 733:The next consideration is how can these ideas be intelligently understood? How can they evoke thePsychology2, 744:happening every day if you read the world news intelligently and separate the spectacular andRays, 5:is marked, but the earlier stages can be intelligently approached by any earnest student andRays, 10:they might proceed more earnestly and more intelligently. This is the message that must [11] goRays, 51:motivated by goodness, beauty and truth and intelligently expressed as pure love. All these stagesRays, 87:and culture based on the spiritual values and intelligently developing the divine purpose. TheRays, 150:through creativity. They are learning to work intelligently with matter in order to develop love inRays, 153:and his power of direction are becoming intelligently applied, he can then begin to work within theRays, 205:and purpose, motivated by love and implemented intelligently in carrying forward the plans throughRays, 206:or Purpose. They embody and consciously know and intelligently appreciate what is the motivatingRays, 212:when, and if, the group is functioning intelligently and demonstrating love adequately. We now comeRays, 265:and, therefore, consciously undertaken and intelligently planned; it must be backed, first of allRays, 273:and the One Who works through love in humanity, intelligently applied. Forget not that these threeRays, 294:of it; that responsibility he seeks to share intelligently and effectively. Recognition of theRays, 303:intelligent voicing of demand by those prepared intelligently to move forward, will inevitablyRays, 350:and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them. You have here a hintRays, 385:of years. Soul and personality could be and were intelligently fused. This is one of the reasonsRays, 413:does not at that time make His decision, faces intelligently and with some understanding of theRays, 436:time (coming within that cycle of limitation) intelligently to interpret and truly register whatRays, 446:mental levels, and when therefore his mind is intelligently and consciously functioning. He mustRays, 448:earnest student. When the work is carried on intelligently and with full awareness of the desiredRays, 466:fusion, unity or blending; only when this is intelligently realized can the disciple begin to weaveRays, 469:Plan - a Plan which is motivated by love and intelligently carried forward. Direction-Will (whichRays, 528:thread of living substance, irradiated by love, intelligently woven and energized by will" whichRays, 573:of the Christ-consciousness among the masses of intelligently aspiring human beings. To set inRays, 679:The leaders of the U.S.S.R. are working intelligently and potently against human freedom andRays, 724:Higher Evolution. Upon this Way [724] the Master intelligently embarks when He has made His finalReappearance, 18:and secondly, into the sphere of implementing intelligently those activities which come under theReappearance, 56:in the earlier days) if the Will of God is to be intelligently carried out on Earth. His major taskReappearance, 73:in such phraseology that all humanity could intelligently use it. The right to use certain greatReappearance, 94:- intuitive and spiritually instinctual, but intelligently interpreted - of the Plan, as it can beReappearance, 116:with the theory; had it, however, been more intelligently presented, it might have been moreReappearance, 133:dispelling of illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wiseReappearance, 151:of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligently convinced worker, disciple and initiate, -Reappearance, 157:of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for thisSoul, 16:the next act, in which humanity can participate intelligently. It is a humanity with a long past,Soul, 29:about the nature of the Soul be brought together intelligently so that a perfect expression of theSoul, 152:and the attractive force of the soul - are intelligently applied to the perfecting of the matterTelepathy, 4:He will find one who responds more readily and intelligently than the others and this one, throughTelepathy, 33:must be made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood. Telepathy, 60:and then learning to use it constructively and intelligently. This work proceeds from cycle toTelepathy, 79:plus inability to work consciously and intelligently with the embryonic minds within animal forms;
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