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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTELLIGIBLE

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Astrology, 313:forms. But does that truly convey to you an intelligible truth? In Cancer, God breathed into man'sAstrology, 313:form). However, does that statement convey an intelligible concept to your mind? I think not,Discipleship1, 215:phrase because it connotes something definitely intelligible to you. I seek not to be moreEducation, 110:to make an effort to render my thought and ideas intelligible to you, and this can only be possibleFire, 729:God, the Love of God, and the Mind of God become intelligible and apparent. He is positiveFire, 1161:but little can be said which would prove intelligible to man at his present stage of evolution.Intellect, 38:"supernatural." He says: "There is, I submit, an intelligible sense in which it may be said that,Magic, 298:esoteric history of the solar system there is no intelligible answer to be given. Only the advancedPsychology2, 82:that which it is almost impossible to make intelligible in words. From the angle of the illuminedPsychology2, 345:can be profitably said. Teaching which would be intelligible to an initiate of the third degreePsychology2, 719:these problems in words which would convey intelligible meaning to us. The three problems whichRays, 573:(the world initiate). To establish in a new and intelligible manner the ever-existent sense ofSoulversatile significance of the dance, all become intelligible. Posture, gesture, and a millionSoul, 56:given. It is incomplete, but if it gives an [56] intelligible survey of the field, however brief,Soul, 151:are invisible, but they are illustrated and made intelligible by the physical realities revealed in
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