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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENDED

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Glamour, 27:first of the exoteric groups with which it is intended to work in the new age. Through the activityGlamour, 36:in this group in their own lives; hence also the intended teaching later to be given to the group -Glamour, 71:There is, or has been, no comprehension of the intended life purpose as visioned by the soul andGlamour, 80:which the first part of this teaching was intended to convey. Before taking up this subject in someGlamour, 98:group, when it can work as a group, has for its intended task the dissolution of some of the worldGlamour, 112:emerging ideas by means of which the race was intended to progress. These forms, when old andGlamour, 134:temporary expression of a basic idea; it is not intended to be permanent but simply to serve a needGlamour, 180:That is the mystical way and though not intended to be negated in the disciple's life, is not usedGlamour, 193:that has yet been given and its true meaning is intended to be revealed in the next twoGlamour, 204:the mind is directed upon the glamor which it is intended should be dissipated. The stage ofGlamour, 219:the aspirant may clearly apprehend what he is intended to do. After due practice and a faithfulGlamour, 223:difficulty in recognizing that which the mind is intended to reveal - the divine spiritual Self.Glamour, 233:realizing mentally the work of dissipation it is intended to do. This is called the Act ofGlamour, 247:that [247] mind, emotions and physical being are intended eventually to manifest that Reality. InGlamour, 254:the Sacred Word, the OM. The use of the Word is intended to be confined to those aspirants who areHealing, 12:or rather, that which is the result of this intended union, we call the soul, the self whereHealing, 12:of interpreting Law I, and the entire thesis is intended to be an exposition of that Law. This lackHealing, 31:field. Later, in our conclusion, which is intended to be intensely practical, I will touch uponHealing, 52:the result of the inflow of energy. It is only intended to be suggestive; the complexity of theHealing, 84:control the physical man in the manner that is intended. There is much need today for the study ofHealing, 129:with free circulation and with a consequently intended freedom of humanity from the ills andHealing, 135:The lay reader, for whom these teachings are intended, will get a clearer comprehension of myHealing, 201:Causes of Disease The spinal column is primarily intended to be the channel through which theHealing, 203:the organs which are affected by both. It is not intended to be a true picture of any physiologicalHealing, 222:application is at the present moment. Something intended is being brought about and it cannot beHealing, 251:conditions. Let me state that Nature never intended that bodies would be buried in the ground. TheHealing, 259:an aspect of a sequence of experiences which are intended to lead to one, clear, definite goal -Healing, 268:In this solar system, the created world is intended to be the expression of the second aspect, ofHealing, 268:nor Gentile." The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to theHealing, 464:In the case of the ordinary man, where death is intended, the battle between the physical elementalHealing, 658:be misled and his work rendered useless. This is intended; for the healing art - when perfectlyHealing, 680:so as to arrive at the synthesis which it is intended to convey: we will thus gain some realizationHercules, 24:it, we can infer that something symbolic is intended. There are many cases in history where a robeHercules, 108:the peace of the countryside. What is the lesson intended to be learned by the fact that HerculesHercules, 115:that for which the whole creative process was intended." (Esoteric Astrology, pp. 251-2) ThisInitiation, 155:and sounds, for the word veils the thought or intended idea or purpose, and the sound makes itIntellect, 33:generation, country and race. That education is intended to prepare us for "complete living" (asIntellect, 38:for growth beyond that type. Education is intended to make man truly human; it must round out andIntellect, 43:facts and the training given every child is intended to make him a useful member of society,Intellect, 111:of vibrations, is made available to man. It is intended that the mind should serve a similarIntellect, 258:the true celibacy to which the ancient rules are intended to refer concerns the attitude of theMagic, 5:upon four fundamental postulates. These are intended to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology asMagic, 18:"Man, know thyself" was an inspired utterance, intended to give man the clue to the mystery ofMagic, 22:divinity, man himself. As this treatise is intended for the thinking human being and not for theMagic, 25:him, tends to make him believe, that evasion is intended, and that the writer (having got out ofMagic, 58:from the start the simplicity of the idea intended to be conveyed by my remarks hitherto. Just asMagic, 144:world. The thought form created by the Sound is intended to be a source of revelation. It mustMagic, 158:and employs a physical form. These teachings are intended to be practical; they will emphasize theMagic, 178:chosen to be the recipient of teachings that are intended for the general public or for esotericMagic, 207:This will be grasped by those for whom it is intended and will not work harm to the unevolved. ThisMagic, 253:only to the aspirants for whom these letters are intended. That the inner vision may be ours, theMagic, 266:of the life which will enable it to perform its intended function. Magic, 285:following order. The table gives man as he is intended to be and not as be now is in the course ofMagic, 371:comes that the form no longer serves the purpose intended, when the structure atrophies,Magic, 447:physical plane effects, and fail in their intended purpose. As long however, as man is animated byMagic, 455:so as to meet the purpose for which it was intended. Vitalized by the potency of his desire and theMagic, 471:and so enable the thought-form to convey the intended idea. [472] To send out his thought-formMagic, 514:of the opportunity which life experience is intended to furnish. The whole of life is notMagic, 521:who have sensed the vision or seen a part of the intended plan should rededicate yourselves to theMagic, 523:to repeat myself here. This second treatise is intended to be more practical and generally useful.Magic, 527:he is seeking to carry forward. Humanity is intended to be the medium wherein certain activitiesMagic, 554:on Cosmic Fire and as these Instructions are intended to deal with the inner development of theMagic, 568:would be of the most use. These Instructions are intended for those who are definitely interestedMagic, 568:of the evolutionary plan. These Instructions are intended to be practical and to convey theMagic, 622:and lift is real. Steps are taken which are intended by the aspirant to enable him to fit in withMeditation, 140:four divisions under which I seek to place the intended data are as follows: The use of Form inMeditation, 214:their names, and the names themselves are intended to blind and mislead. That each of these threeMeditation, 241:eluciated if the future brings that which is intended, and in the meantime I can, for yourPatanjali, 17:of Raja Yoga has to realize that the mind is intended to be an organ of perception; only thus willPatanjali, 46:and the bowl be shattered." Because the water is intended to slake the thirst of the masses, theyPatanjali, 55:[55] emanated provides the forms which are intended to reveal the soul or second aspect, so thePatanjali, 74:his various forms, sheaths, or bodies are intended to express, then he will know how to direct hisPatanjali, 75:of the specific divine quality which the body is intended to express as a part or aspect of the onePatanjali, 85:point of view, does not seem to be the main idea intended. Freedom from attachment is brought aboutPatanjali, 103:processes of experience) and which has as its intended object the thing as it really is... ImpurityPatanjali, 122:to its fullest development and this Raja Yoga is intended to do and this is the object ofPatanjali, 134:bear in mind the three purposes for which it is intended, he will make rapid progress, the sense ofPatanjali, 146:of fruition and for which the present life is intended to provide the needed soil for the floweringPatanjali, 156:who is the sum total of all these. This sutra is intended to cover the technicalities of the formPatanjali, 210:found to refer equally to a human form, which is intended to be the symbol (or made in the image)Patanjali, 221:It is not possible nor right to give in a book intended for the general public those rules,Patanjali, 316:and by conforming to the requirements of the intended investigation or development, the aspirantProblems, 39:approximation to what the truly spiritual man is intended to be. In relation to the totalPsychology1, xx:was Initiation, Human and Solar. This book was intended for the average aspirant, to lead him onPsychology1, xxi:Sutras of Patanjali, which is a bridging book, intended to show the aspirant the rules whereby thePsychology1, 19:from the human angle, for this treatise is intended to give the new psychological approach to manPsychology1, 40:of men, for the race was not mental nor was it intended so to be. The emphasis was laid upon thePsychology1, 42:ray light. The personality of the soul is intended to be an embodiment of love, applied withPsychology1, 42:loving intelligence. The soul in its turn is intended to be the embodiment of divine purpose orPsychology1, 75:After these preliminary remarks, which are intended to indicate the magnitude of the subject, wePsychology1, 76:of expression of, the soul, so the lower mind is intended to be the channel for the pure inflow ofPsychology1, 133:will be found suggestive. That is all that it is intended to be: 1. Hearing 7th Ray Magic The WordPsychology1, 160:and the twelve mansions of the zodiac, are but intended to give the student an idea of a world ofPsychology1, 170:are to achieve the purpose, for which they are intended, it is essential that scattered through thePsychology1, 185:you can understand and cooperate. Humanity is intended to act as a power house through whichPsychology1, 186:the objectives of all esoteric training. Men are intended to acquire the facility to functionPsychology1, 190:to gather out of these instructions the true, intended perspective. If the reader loses himself inPsychology1, 190:into the realm of that clear vision which is intended. When he eliminates the detail and deals withPsychology1, 191:man, grasping the fact that every personality is intended to be an expression of a solar angel, andPsychology1, 192:that quality determines the appearance, is intended to control or direct the feeling or desire life
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