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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENDED

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Psychology1, 199:and of the "chitta" or mind stuff. Man is also intended to be radioactive; the incense or thePsychology1, 221:and by a study of the atom. As this treatise is intended for the reader who has no academic orPsychology1, 222:of the higher initiation. As this treatise is intended to be a practical attempt to elucidate thePsychology1, 256:the evocation [256] of love, fear or pain. It is intended to be a purely mental process and aPsychology1, 280:to relations and fusions which are not along the intended or the evolutionary line, and whichPsychology1, 286:the restitution of the marriage relation to its intended position in the Mind of God. Today it isPsychology1, 299:appetite. This relation leads to no result as intended, but to a momentary second of satisfaction,Psychology1, 368:been emphasized, whilst that which they were intended to convey and to reveal to the initiated hasPsychology2, 5:of the underlying qualities which the form is intended to reveal, and identifies himself with thePsychology2, 49:clearer and clearer, serving to convey the intended teaching. When this happens, the Angel of thePsychology2, 83:in A Treatise on White Magic give clearly the intended [84] technique. They are as follows, and arePsychology2, 118:of the third Law of the Soul, which is intended to govern all soul activity. It is the Law ofPsychology2, 132:be dangerous and prevent the rendering of the intended service. The server's efforts will be turnedPsychology2, 188:is summed up the whole story. These groups are intended to facilitate interrelation orPsychology2, 190:in all aspects of their nature. [190] The work intended is the intelligent transmission of energyPsychology2, 234:of the occult forces which I have written are intended to act as sign posts, and as beacon lightsPsychology2, 246:for that which the outer world of appearance is intended to express. Much is heard today of the NewPsychology2, 283:at times, such discussions are not primarily intended for the present generation of readers but forPsychology2, 313:was covered in my earlier books which are intended to aid in the bridging process between the olderPsychology2, 356:connected with the Raja-Yoga system are intended to bring the aspirant to a point of such intensePsychology2, 391:of Integration and Fusion have done their intended work, this spiritual Identity can work inPsychology2, 475:disease or maladjustment of some kind. It is not intended that the race (when the work of thisPsychology2, 475:did the Lemurian or the Atlantean races. It is intended that men should function as Caucasians,Psychology2, 484:for my readers to realize that destiny never intended man to be a helpless victim of circumstancePsychology2, 484:an affirmed, but undeveloped, divinity. Man is intended to be the intelligent arbiter of his ownPsychology2, 491:to themselves sometimes that which is intended for a group or a hint given by a Master to aPsychology2, 495:aspirant in the world today to touch the intended plans for the race and thus see them as desirablePsychology2, 540:in that central area of the body which is intended to be simply the clearing house for that "whichPsychology2, 541:it and is not the controlling factor, as he is intended to be. The second illustration is connectedPsychology2, 564:powers nor are they the powers which humanity is intended to express unless at the lowest point inPsychology2, 574:of lower psychic perception what the brain is intended to be in the worlds of higher psychicPsychology2, 581:separateness eventually be fought out. It is not intended that the Aryan race should be a psychicPsychology2, 583:and away from the physical plane where it is intended that men should express all that is in them.Psychology2, 591:from one center to another. This treatise is intended primarily for the general public and will bePsychology2, 595:destroyed by fire"; he will not be then (as is intended) the "burning bush which burns forever andPsychology2, 652:Group of World Servers is endeavoring to do is intended to hasten that process, and so avert a longPsychology2, 657:activity of the New Group of World Servers, is intended to be the right and desired technique ofPsychology2, 669:during the next few years. This work is intended: To produce a balancing of the forces present inPsychology2, 684:us, - in our small measure to cooperate in the intended Plan, and therefore what I have to sayPsychology2, 684:the needed power and understanding to effect the intended work, and secondly the effort of allPsychology2, 725:working out into detailed expression of the intended ameliorative measures must be carried out byPsychology2, 725:been needed and useful, but the task they were intended to carry out has been accomplished, andPsychology2, 742:Brotherhood, can flow and that power is not intended (as is sometimes necessary under thePsychology2, 743:has brought about. They are expressions of the intended good will and a leavening force in theirRays, 46:It also involves the determination to take the intended action (always of a creative nature andRays, 81:major initiation. These preliminary remarks are intended to convey much esoteric information toRays, 109:humanity, for the fourth kingdom in nature is intended to be the agent of the will to the threeRays, 137:itself - the physical heart. The higher mind is intended to become increasingly the field of theRays, 146:this rule for initiates could be interpreted as intended, as far as is possible, to the uninitiatedRays, 156:be avoided. These great protective laws are intended to guard the personalities through which theRays, 245:The Masters have to prepare Themselves for this intended and imminent emergence. They are facedRays, 258:first receive these papers. The instruction is intended for a group which will come later and whichRays, 258:planetary centers of divine life are unitedly intended to reveal. Something lies behind the threeRays, 263:is simply a symbolically sounded word which is intended to bring into the minds of those upon theRays, 335:which never reached humanity at all and was not intended for strictly human use, but which wasRays, 409:to that already given; this book is, however, intended for a much larger number than those who readRays, 479:This brief summation of the past process is intended simply to give a synthetic background to allRays, 511:so that you may have a visual picture of the intended process. The following of the process is, ofRays, 582:relationship to the need of the time or to their intended creative aspects. Later, as the discipleRays, 705:disciples, but it will not be, as originally intended, the Christ. Symbolically, the Jews representRays, 707:to do certain work. That which I here write is intended - during the next forty years - to find itsRays, 753:to our planet, an evil with which it was never intended that men should deal. For untold aeons, theReappearance, 26:in a sense hitherto unknown to Him, what God intended and what human destiny meant, and the partReappearance, 113:and is an expression of divine free will. The intended, divine expression can move rapidly orTelepathy, 14:of thought." The medium through which it is intended to convey the transfer of thought, of idea, ofTelepathy, 43:- as a whole - may cooperate with the purposes intended by those who are forming the needed Plan.Telepathy, 44:recurrent and therefore cumulative in its intended effects. The second type of impression is theTelepathy, 58:unless there is a planned reason and direction intended. We respond similarly and as automaticallyTelepathy, 86:statement on this subject a few pages back was intended to lead up to this teaching and I repeat itTelepathy, 115:are not correctly directed towards the intended objective. When a man is a disciple andTelepathy, 122:with their own self-will or with their well-intended effort to conform to what they believe to beTelepathy, 128:work done through the processes of initiation is intended to fit disciples and initiates to receiveTelepathy, 156:four ethers, as they are sometimes called, is intended - as far as man is concerned - to be aTelepathy, 176:of the physical plane; forget not that it is intended, first of all, to carry the energies of theTelepathy, 176:stage of incarnation; that it is also intended to carry the threefold energies of the soul in theTelepathy, 176:that also, as the antahkarana is built, it is intended to carry the energies of the Monad in the
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