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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSE

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Discipleship2, 545:itself through the third ray physical nature. Intense focus is, therefore, the continuous theme ofDiscipleship2, 570:also to criticism. Your first reaction is one of intense pain of being misunderstood - as you thinkDiscipleship2, 657:spiritual dharma but live within yourself an intense life of aspiration, of questioning and (if IDiscipleship2, 710:must work not only from a sense of duty and deep intense devotion, not only from a sense of karmicDiscipleship2, 714:to show for any activity instituted? How can the intense activity of your mind be slowed down andDiscipleship2, 714:touches. Secondly, the physical body under this intense mental tension and constant movement isExternalisation, 4:of four years (1914-1918), and through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetaryExternalisation, 130:of selfishness and aggression, expressed in an intense nationalism, thus sacrificing the true andExternalisation, 137:to all right-thinking people. Intolerance and an intense national pride and self-satisfaction canExternalisation, 185:families and homes are broken up; there is intense fear, hopeless looking into the future,Externalisation, 270:of people. Are there enough focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centersExternalisation, 277:intelligently carried forward. Such activity and intense change is not consonant with what isExternalisation, 327:Process First, the steadily mounting feeling of intense resentment (amounting to hate in the caseExternalisation, 364:subjectively and practically unified into one intense spiritual determination to win the war; theExternalisation, 369:their backs to the wall, for human liberty. An intense interest in after-war conditions isExternalisation, 372:of re-emergence of the nationalist spirit. Intense nationalism was one of the prime movers inExternalisation, 391:come then to the realization that in times of intense human urgency, stress and crisis and when theExternalisation, 391:The entire world of men is today engaged in an intense activity in the material world - marchingExternalisation, 391:seething migrations and deportations of people, intense air activity and the organizing and plannedExternalisation, 437:point, owing to the numbness which comes through intense suffering. He stands in His place unmovedExternalisation, 683:all forms. This can best be accomplished in the intense quiet of those "protected" areas where theFire, 124:produces the heat of the center, and its intense radiance and brilliance, while the pranicFire, 201:Hence, its rarity these days owing to the intense individualization of the Ego, and itsFire, 232:as heat. This heat radiates consciously and with intense magnetic attraction between all the sevenFire, 315:or the final disintegration of matter owing to intense heat. This can be seen in connection withFire, 322:These vortices will be distinguished by: Intense vibratory activity. The predominance of oneFire, 406:is assuming a vibration that will cause the intense vitalization of the vehicles, and eventuallyFire, 419:It is incident upon an earlier stage of intense self-assertion and intense self-realization. ThisFire, 419:an earlier stage of intense self-assertion and intense self-realization. This stage is with us now;Fire, 542:of light; its four spirillae transmit force with intense rapidity. The three higher petals unfold,Fire, 542:wheel can be seen the nine spokes rotating with intense rapidity and - after the third Initiation -Fire, 542:or "fire by friction," becomes sufficiently intense; when the fire of mind, or solar fire (whichFire, 643:nature for selfish ends; it is characterized by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends inFire, 662:principal battleground and the area of his most intense field of sensation, - mental sensationFire, 694:spirilla; this vitalization shows itself in the intense activity of the mental plane, and theFire, 738:"Of course it is a state, one, so to say, of intense selfishness during which an Ego reaps theFire, 878:energy of these atoms is set loose through the intense heat produced by the union of the threeFire, 883:revealed) through its blazing light, its intense radiatory heat, and its terrific outflow of force,Fire, 913:with the devas. They are arduous in Their work, intense in Their zeal, but much obstructed by man.Fire, 1020:vitality of the form until it is so powerful and intense in its own separated life that it is readyFire, 1104:of ever increasing activity. They are cycles of intense mental adjustment, and of the generation ofFire, 1135:the positive and the negative. The types of most intense rajas or activity in the mineral kingdomFire, 1251:a cultivation of a vivid imagination and an intense power to visualize are laying a groundwork uponGlamour, 22:Maya is really the same as the above, plus the intense activity produced when both glamor andGlamour, 99:of opposites upon the astral plane. Hence the intense feeling abroad in the world; hence also theGlamour, 179:ever the dual life of mundane activity and of intense and simultaneous spiritual reflection. ThisGlamour, 209:who, from purely selfish motives and through an intense concentration, focuses his mind and bringsGlamour, 217:know on the mental plane) is seen generating an intense light which can be visualized as aGlamour, 236:power thus generated are retained for use. An intense light is slowly and consciously generated.Glamour, 263:of maya. He works consequently from a point of intense concentration; he refuses any "attachment"Healing, 13:by the power of his directed thought and his intense antagonism to disease, he only tends toHealing, 38:any violent activity under stress of temper, intense worry or prolonged irritation will pour aHealing, 38:will galvanize that center into a condition of intense disturbance. This next affects the stomach,Healing, 126:his relationships and environment, and with an intense introspective, introverted expression.Healing, 162:to the theory also institutes a cycle of intense difficulty and complexity, because it leads to aHealing, 310:ones such as, for instance, that worry and intense anxiety can aggravate existing heart trouble. ItHealing, 340:am talking from the standpoint of the form. The intense spiritual and mental stimulation which isHealing, 348:seldom does. The desire may pass off through the intense effort the man is making to achieve someHealing, 357:inter-group relations. This may show itself in intense criticism of each other, or of oneself; in aHealing, 452:non-dogmatic. - Vol. V. The Light of the Soul: Intense desire for sentient existence or attachment.Healing, 513:increasingly potent and the man develops into an intense individual. The head center begins toHealing, 514:and being dominated, is that which induces an intense karmic activity. Events and circumstancesHealing, 525:and others. Healing does not come through an intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouringHealing, 565:resistance from that body of a correspondingly intense kind. This friction set up is so acute thatHealing, 580:is a potent force in healing. The radiation is intense, not so much from the familiar aspect ofHealing, 592:submit his personality to soul control, the more intense will be the conflict, with consequentHealing, 651:task of the healer is to preserve an attitude of intense concentration upon the triangle "existingHealing, 657:work of the healer during this process is one of intense quiescence. Having made his contact, heHealing, 675:healer and should fail to deviate him from the intense concentration needed for his work; theseHealing, 680:We live at this time in a cycle wherein His intense activity is utilizing the technique of divineHercules, 3:Study Foreword The Purpose of this Study The intense interest evinced at this time in the subjectHercules, 7:upon the personal horoscope and the intense interest evinced by individuals in their own pettyHercules, 53:aspect of divinity, expressing itself in the intense activity of physical plane life. These divineHercules, 69:two constellations, contains a star of the most intense crimson color, almost like a drop of blood.Hercules, 170:grew stifling, the darkness steadily more intense. And yet his will was firm. This steep descentHercules, 174:Capricorn is a sad sign, it is the sign of intense suffering and loneliness, for these also areHercules, 205:of the human spirit back to its source. The intense interest evinced at this time in the spiritualInitiation, 167:same time as the [167] initiate. Their trained intense mental concentration greatly facilitates hisInitiation, 183:mind produces, and a type of meditation of which intense business concentration might be consideredIntellect, 81:call an introverted use of the mind and its intense focusing upon a new and unusual field ofIntellect, 110:XVIII, 13-14. Meditation is activity of a very intense kind and it will be found that all theseIntellect, 112:been an ever deeper concentration, and a more intense meditation. The attention has sunk inwardIntellect, 123:senses, by the emotions and by other minds. This intense activity of the mind-stuff has to beIntellect, 130:process up to this stage there has been an intense activity, and no condition of quiescence, ofIntellect, 133:or of vision, and "the misty flats" of intense feeling and longing. They are either undergoing theIntellect, 134:shut off, yet he preserves at the same time an intense mental attention and a one-pointedIntellect, 135:These two stages of meditation, one of intense activity and the other of an intense waiting, haveIntellect, 135:one of intense activity and the other of an intense waiting, have been called the Martha and MaryIntellect, 139:Jeremy Taylor calls it the "transition from intense meditation to that contemplation which attainsIntellect, 147:also that the finest minds we have, through an intense interest and application, reach the sameIntellect, 149:which shines upon our way, the symbolism of an intense irradiation or blinding radiance whichIntellect, 153:Then there is the way of the intellect, of the intense focusing of the mind upon a problem and uponIntellect, 160:into two main groups: First, a stimulation to an intense activity, which has a definite effect uponIntellect, 229:is dangerous. The safe way is that of an intense mental activity, confined within the field ofIntellect, 232:for us. We inhibit other mental activities by an intense interest, not by a mental stunning ofIntellect, 254:or to be unduly restless; they have periods of intense activity wherein they find themselvesIntellect, 257:of vomiting in moments of shock, or fright, or intense emotion. The same rules apply as in theIntellect, 260:of the thought life and transmutation. An intense mental preoccupation and interest should beMagic, 80:races who so paramountly represent it. By its intense activity and stimulated action it hinders theMagic, 109:soul and the two other aspects of light are so intense that now all life in the three worlds is
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