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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSE

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Magic, 140:of the physical body. When sounded forth with intense spiritual aspiration behind it, it acts as anMagic, 151:carried forward, produces an interlude of intense concentration and it is in this moment that theMagic, 151:in the three worlds is created through intense meditation, which is ever the paralleling activityMagic, 216:carries on the work in magic. It is through the intense focusing of intention in the head and theMagic, 227:in the astral body, and only reaches its most intense point and its potent fierceness when there isMagic, 245:on to the mental body and produce a cycle of intense mental activity. Constant study, much thought,Magic, 330:two things: their need for freedom, and an intense eagerness for knowledge. They despise theMagic, 401:of the first ray had also brought about an intense differentiation and crystallization among theMagic, 402:and the end, before so many centuries, of this intense distinctiveness of thought. After noting andMagic, 416:be a true Aquarian with a universal touch, an intense sensitivity, a highly organized mentalMagic, 460:charts or plans of intuitive impression and of intense activity on the mental plane is the soleMagic, 513:this rapidity of activity is to be found in the intense rushing to and fro of the ordinary man asMagic, 514:He has to register the distinction between intense outgoing activity, periods of withdrawal, andMagic, 515:to work with power. This interlude or period of intense silence differentiates itself into twoMagic, 517:the two aspects of physical breathing for intense activity and the use of the power of will toMagic, 519:the relation of mind and brain. Through an intense application and a knowledge of the science ofMagic, 520:activity is increased by a cycle of equally intense planetary activity, due to the coming in of aMagic, 528:type of activity of which man is capable is an intense progressive and spiral development withinMagic, 593:by a definite act of the will and through the intense mental focusing and concentrated attention ofMagic, 627:in some form or another) until today we have the intense individualism and the positive sense ofMagic, 628:turn, has given to our modern civilization its intense individualism, the cult of the personality,Meditation, 15:it is largely what we term achievement by an intense focusing, a terrific one-pointedness, thatMeditation, 17:is very interesting. It takes the form of the intense application of the concrete mind to someMeditation, 73:intuitional levels, and if his mental life is intense, vibrant, and animated by a powerful will.Meditation, 82:both internally and with the environment, intense and apparent darkness and disruption - all theseMeditation, 195:the emotional bodies of the participants, and an intense vitalization of their heart centers. ByPatanjalithe will likewise differ, for its use may be intense, moderate, or gentle. In respect to thePatanjaliconsciousness there is yet another way. 23. By intense devotion to Ishvara, knowledge of Ishvara isPatanjalithe obstacles and their accompaniments, the intense application of the will to some one truth (orPatanjali, 23:of the Nirmankayas, which is a condition of such intense spiritual concentration and focusing inPatanjali, 27:of Raja Yoga must first be devotees. Only intense love of the soul and of all that knowledge of thePatanjali, 36:the samadhi of the adept. It is a condition of intense internal activity instead of external; it isPatanjali, 37:which he has sought to know. Concentration (or intense focusing) results in meditation andPatanjali, 38:brain. The cloud is perceived as the result of intense concentration and the stilling of the lowerPatanjali, 43:the will likewise differ, for its use may be intense, moderate or gentle. In respect to thePatanjali, 44:other way is the way of pure devotion. Through intense adoration and entire consecration thePatanjali, 44:of sensuous perception, being the way of intense feeling. Through following this method the fourPatanjali, 44:he will recapitulate his experience, plus the intense exercise of the will and control of the mindPatanjali, 45:at their goal. They are distinguished by intense tenacity. Their progress is slow. They are thePatanjali, 45:and they are portrayed under three symbols: The intense group are depicted as goats, and aspirantsPatanjali, 46:Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union 23. By intense devotion to Ishvara, knowledge of IshvaraPatanjali, 47:[47] real meaning of this sutra is that through intense devotion to, and love of Ishvara, thePatanjali, 71:condition works out on the physical plane as an intense activity, a violent seeking for solution orPatanjali, 72:centers in the body. It will be found in an intense inner concentration upon rhythmic living and inPatanjali, 72:the obstacles and their accompaniments, the intense application of the will to some one truth (orPatanjali, 73:and their cure is of small avail as long as the intense application of the will is omitted. OnlyPatanjali, 112:is aversion for any object of the senses. 9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment.Patanjali, 137:of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment.Patanjali, 148:soul, and it is this quality which causes the intense activity and constant labor of the man as hePatanjali, 279:may be attuned to him or not; through intense meditation and the use of the will faculty thoughtPatanjali, 369:by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power, intense desire or by meditation. 2. The transfer ofPatanjali, 369:by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power, intense desire or by meditation. We have now come toPatanjali, 379:by speech, or the method of the mental plane. 4. Intense desire The sublimation of aspiration orPatanjali, 379:this enumeration, it might be noted that just as intense desire of a spiritual kind is aPatanjali, 380:that (for the seeker after truth) incarnation, intense desire and meditation are the threePatanjali, 381:Path. The gaining of the soul powers by intense desire (or fervent aspiration) and by meditationProblems, 11:bring disorder and finally disaster. An intense spirit of nationalism - assertive and boastful -Problems, 12:Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations The intense isolationism and the "hands off" policy ofProblems, 17:man. The accent upon the material values and the intense emphasis upon the importance of France toProblems, 19:and attain her ends. She has been accused of an intense commercialism and the phrase "a nation ofProblems, 151:the individual son of God and the necessity for intense spiritual effort. The opportunity,Problems, 172:competition, blind stupid greed. It is an intense emotional nationalism which made the PolishPsychology1, 106:and not handicap the Masters at this time of intense strain and danger by attracting TheirPsychology1, 131:atoms is so bright, and the light in the head so intense (with a paralleling stimulation of thePsychology1, 194:time, they increase our capacity to grasp the intense activity of every form in every kingdom inPsychology1, 209:full of religious instincts and impulses, and of intense personal feeling; nothing is takenPsychology1, 229:process. The resolving agencies are fire, intense heat and pressure. These three agencies havePsychology2, 40:Intelligent use of force with wrong motive, Intense material and mental activity, The realizationPsychology2, 42:leads to material activity, Detailed analysis, Intense materialism and temporarily the negation ofPsychology2, 43:activity between the pairs of opposites. [43] Intense capacity to be personal and emphasizePsychology2, 44:inner reflective quiet which in no way negates intense outer activity but which does release themPsychology2, 166:and loss of contentment, and then by a period of intense suffering, which broke his will to wanderPsychology2, 205:world, - good, well-intentioned, capable of intense emotional activity, with the feeling naturePsychology2, 217:will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developedPsychology2, 246:no need for too great an upward straining or too intense an outward looking, to use terms which thePsychology2, 247:becomes stable and withdrawn from its present intense exteriorization. An initiate is essentiallyPsychology2, 250:the fact that, through specialization or focused intense interest over a period of lives, therePsychology2, 329:becomes focused there, preparatory to the intense crisis of "appearing", and there takes place whatPsychology2, 337:duality, and his reaching out after God, plus an intense devotion to an ideal of some kind orPsychology2, 356:to bring the aspirant to a point of such intense inner focusing and alert mental detachment that hePsychology2, 356:been established and recognized, and a crisis of intense activity ensues, wherein the man occultlyPsychology2, 375:out of God's Plan. It is free from hatred, from intense emphasis upon an aspect or a part, and isPsychology2, 382:the control of the soul. This accounts for the intense difficulty of the life of every disciple atPsychology2, 426:aspect is aware of need, of frustration and of intense suffering and difficulty, yet needs thePsychology2, 454:or categories: Those problems which arise out of intense mental activity, which produce unduePsychology2, 454:first group of problems (those arising out of intense mental activity) are those of the pronouncedPsychology2, 461:This can lead to acute megalomania, to an intense preoccupation with and an admiring satisfactionPsychology2, 463:am using it in only one of its connotations. The intense mental focusing, producing undue mentalPsychology2, 463:other areas of mental perception and induces an intense one-pointed mental stimulation of aPsychology2, 472:of Maya is really the same as above, plus the intense activity produced when both glamor andPsychology2, 496:inner fret, leads to envy, hatred, bitterness, intense dislike of the successful, and causesPsychology2, 518:personality. It is responsible also for the intense individualism which is manifesting in everyPsychology2, 534:plexus or to the throat center. It produces the intense activities of the centers and this can, inPsychology2, 537:prematurely to the throat where it produces an intense stimulation. The equipment of the manPsychology2, 548:of elevation" are taking place, producing intense activity in the higher center and a lessening ofPsychology2, 550:of crisis" of greater or lesser moment. This intense interior activity which is going on all thePsychology2, 550:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics 1. The intense activity of the sacral center will often producePsychology2, 551:altogether. 2. In all cases of transference, the intense activity produced will cause all kinds ofPsychology2, 586:to the mystical life and to the expression of an intense aspiration towards the spiritualPsychology2, 604:sexual longing, of agonizing aspirations and an intense "wish-life" of dream and desire may
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