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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSE

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Psychology2, 622:have suffered in this age and generation. The intense one-pointed attitude, the fanatical state ofPsychology2, 653:ordered that the present state of fear and of intense competitive struggle for existence will bePsychology2, 681:will be inculcated, which in no way negates intense, intelligent activity, and the propagation ofPsychology2, 688:prayer (sanctified desire, illumined thought and intense aspirational longing) and by thePsychology2, 709:are making contact with their souls through an intense aspiration and - in many cases - very realPsychology2, 751:the interested public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which will constructRays, 111:relationship and group interest supersede that intense personal and interior relationship andRays, 174:understand. It is a center or point of such intense brilliance that everything fades out and at theRays, 252:paid hitherto to personal problems and the intense earlier focus on the relation of the discipleRays, 302:wanes and makes the darkness darker. Look with intense desire towards the dark and, when the lightRays, 382:by Humanity itself and the invocative cry is intense enough, then the Great Ashram will slowly makeRays, 467:relate the three divine aspects. This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates the powerRays, 516:out to the triadal light. Then comes a moment of intense concentration and the peculiar Word ofRays, 516:it involves, if I might so express it, the most intense effort to see in the light the relation ofRays, 517:the necessary focal point of silence; his intense fluidity leads to many words or to great mentalRays, 548:which the disciple must also lead, producing an intense activity in the three worlds - an activityRays, 553:have a definite bearing upon our subject: This intense creative activity falls into two parts: ARays, 582:and when his emotions have been purified by intense self-effort, then the disciple can step intoRays, 582:the baptismal waters; he is then subjected to an intense purificatory experience which, occultlyRays, 626:and destroying old forms and producing intense national friction in all groups and parties. OneRays, 627:and of clashing personalities, and leading to an intense preoccupation with France and its welfare;Rays, 633:sense) and the present and past period of an intense individualism is not easy, and in GreatRays, 653:to him, and he knows that he faces a period of intense preparation (not training, as that word isRays, 684:and the third initiations. It is a period of intense suffering, of the penalty of applying factorsRays, 747:into the pit or prison of materialism. The intense political interest of the Catholic Church, plusReappearance, 29:universal implications of His mission and the intense focusing of His life in a universal sense.Soul, 132:of the fleshly appetites. To this he added an intense devotion for the Beloved and a longing forTelepathy, 10:part of the broadcasting or transmitting agent. Intense desire to make a satisfactory impressionTelepathy, 10:on the part of the receiving agent whose own intense desire to be successful sends out such aTelepathy, 53:daily life which characterizes most people, the intense preoccupation with the interior states orTelepathy, 75:of so doing. Their interest in themselves is so intense. Not knowing that they have done this, [76]Telepathy, 114:time. The spreading stimulation is of a very intense nature. The invocative cry of humanity is not
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