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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSELY

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Astrology, 285:can produce these results have necessarily to be intensely self-aware. This is the majorAtom, 105:or having achieved the goal), we are most of us intensely selfish, and only mentally interested inAtom, 106:own individual life. We are in the atomic stage, intensely active in connection with our ownAutobiography, 35:have to be carefully watched and handled. I was intensely alive spiritually. I was conscious of myAutobiography, 52:lies right there. It dawned on me then how intensely difficult a thing it is to translateAutobiography, 291:or calls attention to himself. He is, instead, intensely preoccupied with the "things of theBethlehem, 190:have forgotten our divinity; and we have been so intensely individual in our consciousness that weDestiny, 72:Leo personality which is responsible for the intensely nationalistic spirit of the modern FrenchDestiny, 86:- a non-destructive combination. At present, the intensely individualistic Leo force in its worstDiscipleship1, 97:point in group experience wherein you are not so intensely preoccupied with your own development,Discipleship1, 249:learn to work together as a unit. You are all so intensely individual and not only so, but you areDiscipleship1, 299:right and high motives. When to this is added an intensely critical mind, the problem is doublyDiscipleship1, 409:is tremendously complicated. You both feel too intensely, and move and speak with too great aDiscipleship1, 499:first. When the second ray becomes at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of theDiscipleship1, 520:is on the fifth ray and, therefore, you have an intensely analytical mind. I would, however, remindDiscipleship1, 576:is the way out of all your problems? Your intensely active mind which moves from personalities toDiscipleship1, 599:to anyone. You yourself know, however, how intensely applicable they are to you. You can resume theDiscipleship1, 752:case. The world is full of struggling disciples, intensely preoccupied with forming organizations,Discipleship2, 444:it is composed of short periods wherein you were intensely preoccupied with what you sincerelyDiscipleship2, 447:Then, too, your attempted world service has intensely preoccupied you, and you have tried to beDiscipleship2, 506:politics and of temporal power; hence also its intensely commercial and financial preoccupations.Discipleship2, 521:hear from me. You will find all these to be intensely practical considerations. The question ofDiscipleship2, 526:You are at this time in a state of intensely irritable sensitivity to all and sundry; you areDiscipleship2, 611:to know yourself as the disciple, and be not so intensely preoccupied with yourself as theDiscipleship2, 679:in the Ashram, and for humanity. You are again intensely critical of all who do not see things yourExternalisation, 381:us is neither emotional nor sentimental. It is intensely practical, and expresses itself in serviceExternalisation, 466:and then be the agents of, enlightenment is an intensely practical matter. It is hoped that theExternalisation, 557:this time) can share in all of them. This is an intensely practical message and calls for yourExternalisation, 566:to the concept of the One Humanity and the intensely alert spiritual demand which is todayExternalisation, 586:their inevitable success. Disciples who are intensely interested in personal responsiveness to theExternalisation, 586:to the consciousness of disciples in the intensely difficult, though interesting, period with whichExternalisation, 619:most people work and think today; let us be intensely practical and force ourselves to look atFire, 514:rays of parti-colored light which blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astral permanent atom,Fire, 987:scheme. The black magician usually works in an intensely individualistic way, and can be seenFire, 1146:produce a fourth, and this is one reason for the intensely material nature of those who entered theGlamour, 248:We are here concerned, as you can see, with an intensely practical problem which is at the sameGlamour, 257:aspirant fails so often. He is usually so intensely preoccupied with the process of directingHealing, 31:in our conclusion, which is intended to be intensely practical, I will touch upon these two points.Healing, 70:be. These problems will demonstrate to you how intensely difficult it is for men to face up toHealing, 540:Again, and very frequently, the man is so intensely preoccupied with discomfort and pain present inHealing, 551:section of the teaching and is, as you can see, intensely practical. When the personalityHercules, 73:having any external sign of selfishness, are intensely selfish ill their inner spiritualIntellect, 78:and physical state of being into that of an intensely emotional and sensory awareness and in thisIntellect, 144:directions... On the one hand he is intensely aware of, and knows himself to be at one with thatIntellect, 169:the realm of divine energy, and finds himself intensely responsive to it; he senses his groupMagic, 107:atomic light. Later they become aware of an intensely bright electric light; this is the soulMagic, 504:which is partially closed. Others may hear an intensely loud snap in the region of the head. ThisMagic, 583:though mystically minded, occultists. This is an intensely practical work, on which we are engaged;Patanjaliconsciousness) is rapid for those whose will is intensely alive. 22. Those who employ the willPatanjali, 42:consciousness) is rapid for those whose will is intensely alive. This would naturally be so. As thePatanjali, 249:and the yogi is unaware of them. He is, however, intensely alive and alert, positive and awake, forProblems, 27:Again, like all young people, the American is intensely critical of other people, but often blindProblems, 28:and in our mode of governments. It will be an intensely difficult era and will be only successfullyProblems, 101:as a follower of an obsolete religion; he [101] intensely dislikes the cruel and jealous Jehovah ofProblems, 130:are all contrary to the spirit of Christ: An intensely materialistic attitude. The Church of RomePsychology1, 175:antagonisms, and of national pride are burning intensely strong. Such is the problem before thePsychology1, 355:the Lemurian civilizations. Both were and are intensely material civilizations, but the LemurianPsychology1, 367:of nations and lead to that nation's being so intensely disordered that the wrong people come intoPsychology2, 117:the pituitary body) become vibrant and alive and intensely active, through service and meditationPsychology2, 123:of service. In this Treatise I seek to be intensely practical, for this new science of service mustPsychology2, 297:the psychologist will find a person who is intensely sensitive, inclusive and self-willed. BecausePsychology2, 526:center is vivid and potent; the throat center is intensely active and the heart center is rapidlyPsychology2, 548:wherein the energy of the lower center becomes intensely active prior to rising upward. This willRays, 214:necessity. It is a hard task for a group of intensely individualistic disciples (and all disciplesRays, 219:the Monad. But disciples and aspirants are so intensely preoccupied with themselves, their effectRays, 437:people subjugated by the sin idea), and by the intensely forward-looking anticipatory consciousnessRays, 441:learns to register and express consciously. The intensely private and purely subjective life inRays, 442:that remains to him eventually of the active and intensely powerful astral life which he has livedRays, 474:of the antahkarana. This will constitute an intensely practical teaching for which all that I haveRays, 553:center registers this major aspect and becomes intensely invocative; this invocative appeal, beingRays, 629:transmuting and changing from an idealism intensely preoccupied with the preservation of a highReappearance, 166:most people work and think today. Let us be intensely practical and force ourselves to look atSoul, 23:Why We Behave Like Human Beings, p. 333. This intensely materialistic trend of Western psychology
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