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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSEST

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Bethlehem, 213:did not founder, but He had His moments of intensest agony, finding relief only in the realizationDestiny, 77:these two countries through the dominating self-intensest of Leo (ruling both personalities).Destiny, 140:of the initiate's life. Aspiration ends and the intensest conviction takes its place. It isDiscipleship1, 730:Rakoczi are reaching out towards a period of the intensest activity. The destiny of the world liesFire, 623:of the logoic physical body. It is the body of intensest vibration from the physical standpoint,Healing, 341:as a blind. Symbolically speaking, the period of intensest meditation of our planetary Logos comesMagic, 258:will enter the consciousness in a blaze of intensest realization. For the majority, physical andMagic, 361:more vibrant and now we have the period of its intensest activity in the concrete sense. We areMeditation, 2:of needed humanitarian effort and in times of intensest aspiration. Abstraction of a more or lessMeditation, 12:- the life of worldly apotheosis and the life of intensest meditation along the mystic orMeditation, 61:something that affords support to the spine. In intensest meditation or when the aspirant is veryMeditation, 147:the process. The mystic mounts by aspiration and intensest devotion to the God within or to theMeditation, 165:the Logos Himself. It marks [165] the moment of intensest spiritual effort and vitalization duringMeditation, 198:vehicle, and this lining up - when coupled with intensest aspiration and ardent desire - results inMeditation, 283:of Light. The method followed is that of the intensest application to the work of rounding out theMeditation, 290:student becomes conscious during his moments of intensest aspiration in meditation of a certainPatanjali, 353:is frequently used when an expression of the intensest rapidity is required. In the yogin his actsProblems, 17:the nature of the human soul in its stage of intensest individualism and selfishness. Through firePsychology1, 9:or they may produce in you a reaction of the intensest conviction, emanating from your intuitivelyPsychology1, 76:mind energy. This fifth ray is a Being of the intensest spiritual light and in His manifestation onPsychology2, 331:of a long preceding history. In this age of intensest separative thinking and attitudes, it is thePsychology2, 393:words. This condition has been described as "the intensest reflection of the man, isolated in GodRays, 176:point of light which, from a pin-point of intensest brilliance develops before him into a
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