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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSIFICATION

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Astrology, 276:fact that the difficulty of the problem and the intensification of the life of conscious dualityAstrology, 293:and planetary - producing purification, the intensification of the light and eventual revelation toAstrology, 360:it to those influences which will lead to the intensification of the ordinary evolutionary processAstrology, 537:constructive. Twice before has this relation and intensification of vibration occurred: At the timeAstrology, 690:this adjusted Triangle - brought about that intensification of vibration in the human family whichAutobiography, 229:I am confident that it will have led to an intensification of the spiritual urge and that those ofBethlehem, 231:was not supernormal or that, through the intensification of His expressed divinity, Christ had soBethlehem, 242:and the soul, this transition may make for an intensification of consciousness; while if theDestiny, 117:may well conceive, will be achieved through the intensification of the forces, functioning throughDestiny, 137:real proportions and this with much speed. The intensification of the life of the human center willDestiny, 143:discovery" has served its purpose. Any further intensification of the mental processes just nowDiscipleship1, 75:I, therefore, appeal to you, as a group, for an intensification of your group love, purpose andDiscipleship1, 81:it will require the steady and conscious intensification of group love and group interplay; it willDiscipleship1, 114:yet resisted effort. The main result has been an intensification of the heart center's activity,Discipleship1, 148:of non-essential activities (with a consequent intensification of the essential and a certainDiscipleship1, 186:Your life quality in expression is good. Intensification is all you need. NOTE: This disciple isDiscipleship1, 230:pre-eminently one of your characteristics. The intensification of the potency of your aura (yourDiscipleship1, 230:slow them down to less potent expression. This intensification is dependent upon the quality,Discipleship1, 245:Do not arrive at this detachment through an intensification of your sixth ray personalityDiscipleship1, 268:shortly... Until that time arrives, work at an intensification of your understanding andDiscipleship1, 287:I feel the need of reminding you. The goal is intensification of the potent life at the center;Discipleship1, 297:bring in that which the world needs, and the intensification of light in which the real light canDiscipleship1, 308:about a more rapid alignment and a more dynamic intensification of your life of aspiration. YourDiscipleship1, 317:can be greatly assisted by you and through their intensification in your own life you can fosterDiscipleship1, 318:planning to work. This may at first produce an intensification of your own point of glamor and toDiscipleship1, 413:then lies the difficulty? What causes the over-intensification of the glandular system? The answerDiscipleship1, 484:the recognition of one's own capacity, the intensification of one's ability to love one'sDiscipleship1, 485:you avail yourself of this relationship by an intensification of rapport. [486] Your astral body isDiscipleship1, 538:by any means simple. Your major need is for an intensification of your inner spiritual aspiration.Discipleship1, 546:which has for its main objective the intensification of the link already existing between us. ThisDiscipleship1, 599:service, and increasing in radiance through the intensification of your soul's life. Live,Discipleship1, 606:will work two ways. One them will be the intensification of the glamor, so bear this mind for sevenDiscipleship1, 643:all the group members. I ask from you a task of intensification, and this will permit a greaterDiscipleship1, 663:of crisis. These crises produce two results: The intensification of aspiration, if the disciple isDiscipleship1, 663:is still upon the Probationary Path, or the intensification of illumination if the disciple isDiscipleship1, 663:in all forms. Such moments of crisis and of intensification, added to renunciation, have been yourDiscipleship1, 664:the cultivation of the power to visualize, the intensification of the magnetic vibration of theDiscipleship1, 666:runs along the line of 2-4-6, producing the intensification of your second ray qualities andDiscipleship1, 738:must be made in attitude and expression, where intensification of the spiritual life is in orderDiscipleship1, 765:atoms and of the spirillae would lead to an intensification of [766] the form life and to theDiscipleship2, 43:soul has perforce to work. All this produces an intensification oft-times of self-interest and ofDiscipleship2, 52:- passes usually through three stages of intensification: It is, first of all, a diffused light,Discipleship2, 58:in our group activity. A subsequent definite intensification of the life processes, and a spiritualDiscipleship2, 59:invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces theDiscipleship2, 514:upon the struggling disciple, thus bringing intensification of his situation and forcing him toDiscipleship2, 540:contact with your ashramic group will be an intensification of your radiation. A disciple is notDiscipleship2, 545:opportunities. Your aim should therefore be the intensification of the illumination of the mind soDiscipleship2, 585:these things and that all that I am asking is an intensification of present action. I haveDiscipleship2, 592:essential now that the projected work receive an intensification of vitality, that it should expandDiscipleship2, 657:dissatisfied for this will produce in you an intensification of the major qualities which IDiscipleship2, 752:desired keynote. For years I have watched the intensification of your spiritual life upon the innerExternalisation, 152:resultant physical reactions. This produces an intensification, retrospection and anticipationExternalisation, 277:is needed by all. This will probably not be an intensification of any earlier vision, no matter howExternalisation, 334:the Evolutionary Process I would ask for an intensification of love between all of you, and aExternalisation, 336:the attaining of the needed inner attitudes, the intensification of the inner spiritual life ofExternalisation, 610:are all striving in one vast movement for an intensification of the Light of the World. This LightFire, 99:spleen, and is there subjected to a process of intensification or devitalization, according to theFire, 228:its evolutionary development, and by the gradual intensification of the heat to be felt, and of theFire, 228:time proceeds, the emanations of heat, - due to intensification of the inner flame, coupled withFire, 369:this adjusted Triangle - brought about that intensification of vibration in the human family whichFire, 423:for during the coming century. This is the intensification of business organization, and theFire, 491:within the atom itself, which produces an intensification of the positive burning center, and theFire, 731:marks one stage of the process in the intensification of "fire by friction." It has relation to theFire, 731:attracted. Initiation marks a stage in the intensification of "solar Fire." It has relation to theFire, 1117:We can picture the cosmic stimulation and intensification which proceeds as constellations form theFire, 1144:- the producing of perfected activity, intensification of heat, and of radiant magnetic light as anFire, 1150:certain lines but lack what is called the full intensification of a particular principle. He may,Fire, 1169:cause of the occasional irregular flaring-up or intensification of suns and their increasedGlamour, 83:with glamor may (and frequently does) lead to an intensification of the difficulty. The mind is theHealing, 54:either real freedom from physical ills or an intensification of those reactions which produceHealing, 67:psychological complaint and has its roots in the intensification of the astral body, whichHealing, 101:an increase in the power of the disease and its intensification by stimulating the atoms and cellsHealing, 283:controlling a particular area and thus - by the intensification of the higher center - reduce theHealing, 284:areas. They produce, in the one case, an intensification of the life of the associated center, withHealing, 467:into a vessel upon the physical plane, or an intensification of the radiation of that life andInitiation, 184:and passed, because it is regarded simply as an intensification of the normal, and no initiate hasMagic, 9:increased vibratory action, plus capacity for an intensification of the light when again the cycleMagic, 428:In these schools [428] modes of meditation, the intensification of vibration and the laws of theMeditation, 36:matter of increased fire or heat, and consequent intensification of vibratory capacity. The egoicMeditation, 79:and geometrically from vortex to vortex, the intensification interacts in three directions. ItMeditation, 109:practically those of wasted time, of an intensification of a vibration out of all proportion to theMeditation, 129:to try out certain methods that promise intensification of psychic faculty is too strong. TheyMeditation, 199:of force contacted, and their culture and the intensification of the rotary movement will beMeditation, 270:difficult thing to do; it frequently involves an intensification of all that subsists within aMeditation, 270:to move steadily forward when subjected to the intensification of vibration that comes from theMeditation, 277:by the publication of these letters except the intensification of the desire to meditate withMeditation, 298:supervision, and a method of stimulation and intensification is being applied which will bring toMeditation, 336:the kingdoms of nature. As progress is made an intensification of this force will be possible inPsychology1, 102:turn reflected from the realm of the soul. An intensification of the light is going on all thePsychology1, 102:which discovery was a direct result of this intensification. The electrification of the planetPsychology1, 102:of the presence of the soul. Before long this intensification will become so great that it willPsychology1, 103:"And in Thy light shall we see light." This intensification of the light will continue until A.D.Psychology1, 225:But when the seventh ray comes in there is an intensification of that radiation, and new substancesPsychology1, 225:appear to come into new activity. This intensification leaves the entire mineral kingdom, as aPsychology1, 377:in time and space, in order to produce its intensification and its consequent and subsequent [378]Psychology2, 42:and temporarily the negation of Deity, Intensification of the power to isolate, The implications ofPsychology2, 90:of life in the various kingdoms of nature. An intensification of conscious activity, on aPsychology2, 91:the increasing refinement of form, and that intensification of life which distinguishes HisPsychology2, 91:of consciousness A refining of forms An intensification of realized life will convey to the earnestPsychology2, 341:they do, out of the shifting consciousness, the intensification of the energy reception by the
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