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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSIFICATION

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Psychology2, 385:activity upon the path of discipleship, but the intensification of the center of the lotus (thoughPsychology2, 444:The first result of soul influence will be an intensification of every thing in the personality.Psychology2, 452:clear sighted meeting of karmic obligations. An intensification of all reactions. This includes allPsychology2, 578:therefore the most experienced. They work by the intensification of glamor and by the stimulationPsychology2, 578:disciple. The dark forces work also through the intensification or stimulation of the psychicRays, 211:the group is ready for further teaching, for an intensification of its group potency and for aRays, 254:the work I wish to see done. It will involve an intensification of the work of the advanced sectionRays, 370:This is aided by the clarity of perception, the intensification of the livingness of the rightlyRays, 487:character equipment in the personality and an intensification of the mystical approach. In theRays, 496:force. A.A.B.) [496] "Your major need is for an intensification of your inner spiritual aspiration.Rays, 500:the soul. This process falls into two parts: An intensification of the personality life, so that itReappearance, 58:are all striving in one vast movement for an intensification of the Light of the World. This Light
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