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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSIFIED

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Astrology, 19:upon our planetary life, are evoking a greatly intensified response from the world thinkers, thusAstrology, 199:in relation to Capricorn. This involves the intensified activity of the 6th and the 3rd rays andAstrology, 361:true service in Aquarius. All this activity is intensified by two facts: one is that the Earth isAstrology, 485:self-consciousness is today enormously intensified as is the paralleling individual movementDestiny, 136:within these major cycles there are periods of intensified activity which are like the beat orDestiny, 137:Shamballa can take place, becoming more and more intensified and pronounced at the time of theDestiny, 142:center which is Humanity itself still needs the intensified application of these forces so as toDiscipleship1, 54:powers [54] could be studied and focused, intensified light and power could be so clearlyDiscipleship1, 153:of environment have made possible. A period of intensified service lies ahead of you, beginning inDiscipleship1, 220:for that is progressively proceeding, but an intensified illumination of the concrete mind.Discipleship1, 236:a focusing of energy in the head. This has been intensified also, owing to our western civilizationDiscipleship1, 266:The door of opportunity - growing out of the intensified effort of the next two years - opens wideDiscipleship1, 266:approach and giving each of you a slightly more intensified personal interest. The reason for thisDiscipleship1, 285:various reactions of the group members and their intensified effort to learn and to understand. ItDiscipleship1, 478:If I tell you that your self-interest has intensified lately, you will perhaps not believe me andDiscipleship1, 545:You are entering now upon a few years of intensified training. For this you must be prepared. AreDiscipleship1, 556:major line of energy, [556] 1-3-5-7, and this is intensified by the fact that your mental body isDiscipleship1, 580:without unduly hurting you) is frequently intensified by the fact that your mental body, like yourDiscipleship1, 695:place with varying effects. This involves an intensified aspiration and spiritual determination. ItDiscipleship1, 714:takes place the light in the head is momentarily intensified. The karmic agitation of the man'sDiscipleship1, 754:to the quality of the Master's aura is trained, intensified and purified. His own radiatoryDiscipleship1, 757:be given. The moment when an initiate-chela has intensified his vibration so that it is identicalDiscipleship2, 52:work and when your spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediately into,Discipleship2, 56:Moon Approach was shortened, but tremendously intensified, and the objective was to produce a farDiscipleship2, 67:both good and bad. Everything in his nature is intensified, and the more mental he may be, the moreDiscipleship2, 77:in the New Age (Vol. I). You have much intensified and concentrated individual teaching, muchDiscipleship2, 85:with which I present you; and these with your intensified individual approach and the work of theDiscipleship2, 91:with an Ashram subjects the aspirant to intensified stimulation; in many cases it proved impossibleDiscipleship2, 250:formula (as is the case in this group) this is intensified and of still greater value. The firstDiscipleship2, 407:radiation from the world of souls has greatly intensified and the Kingdom of God is becoming aDiscipleship2, 412:nature, and stimulated the intelligence, and intensified the strength of the mind, the mentalDiscipleship2, 487:need not, therefore, form a drive), and also an intensified effort to work out the meaning of theseDiscipleship2, 499:- and consequently by - one disciple is greatly intensified and increased. one suggestion I wouldDiscipleship2, 504:carrying out of your plans for work with greatly intensified effort. You should now work in closerDiscipleship2, 533:It was when you reached that age that I intensified my observation of you. You had, if I may soDiscipleship2, 560:has been akin to that of the Ashram. There, the intensified training he receives makes him stillDiscipleship2, 579:upon your task as a disciple (and this should be intensified), and your subjective meditation uponDiscipleship2, 658:relation to you: That your soul contact must be intensified. That your life problem today involvesDiscipleship2, 689:- which, if altered or developed, discarded or intensified, would bring about a great andDiscipleship2, 690:group or group of nations. That means an intensified study upon the Plan and this means quietDiscipleship2, 731:physical body is third ray in type, and this has intensified the worst aspects of that ray, becauseDiscipleship2, 761:disciples, and that this urgency warrants an intensified training given disciples such as you. TheEducation, A Trea:group was focused and their redeeming activity intensified. [68] All true esoteric activityEducation, 68:in the inherited light of substance being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the soulEducation, 134:from our planetary life. This process will be intensified during the coming Aquarian Age. It shouldExternalisation, 40:to live free from glamor greatly helped and intensified by the group assistance. They will swellExternalisation, 505:The activity of the astral plane is being much intensified and the angels of devotion, in whom theExternalisation, 516:groups there must be the putting forth of that intensified spiritual effort which will stem theExternalisation, 556:has been changed and the effect on humanity intensified. I would have all who care to meet togetherExternalisation, 645:in all lands; it will be the result of an intensified educational process. Humanity, as yet, doesFire, 50:growth, and through assimilation they will have intensified their fundamental nature, and beFire, 198:is greatly increased and the ability to touch intensified. The Law of Attraction persists in itsFire, 208:of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified, its rate of evolution increased, andFire, 431:will be, in the immediate future, a period of intensified evolution for the units of the fifthFire, 438:differences: [438] The radiatory heat is intensified. The qualitative character or color isFire, 576:atmic - which have all to be purified, rarefied, intensified and refined. In the two lowest, theFire, 731:the fire of pure Spirit (increased and intensified by the gaseous essence of the fire of matter, orFire, 738:of a dream in the Devachan - only a hundredfold intensified." " 'Bardo' is the period between deathFire, 1078:will be periods of quiescence, and periods of intensified activity. This will be seen quite clearlyFire, 1093:sparks; their flashing forth into points of intensified fire as they meet conditions which produceFire, 1093:fiery rivers of living energy, focal points of intensified brilliancy and everywhere the sparks. 14Fire, 1102:rotary-spiral action of the mental body becomes intensified during the cycles of manifestation, andFire, 1120:when the man treads the Path and his purpose is intensified, the central bud unfolds, theFire, 1122:individual atom, therefore, being capable of intensified vibration, and glowing with the light ofGlamour, 21:of Glamor is found when the mental illusion is intensified by desire. What the Theosophist callsGlamour, 35:and the light which should shine through it be intensified? Have you noticed what is the effectGlamour, 106:Slowly, step by step, humanity has created and intensified that glamorous condition ofGlamour, 110:radiance. This glamor has steadily deepened and intensified as more and more people have succeededGlamour, 125:which are initiated by humanity, as a whole, and intensified throughout an aeonial past. GlamorGlamour, 204:steadiness can the beam of light be formed, intensified, focused and projected and then - at [205]Healing, 64:thought, though all evil can be aggravated and intensified by wrong thought. Many or perhaps mostHealing, 158:as the relationship reaches its highest point of intensified recognition. It is that center,Healing, 469:and as if within that flame seven points of intensified light took shape. This is a high point inHercules, 205:this sounding. "What we find in the mystic is an intensified organ for the affirmation of theInitiation, 69:a slightly different policy is being pursued. An intensified training is being given to someInitiation, 89:can be taken, the work of [89] training is intensified, and the hastening and accumulation ofInitiation, 98:as a powerful magnet) this energy is momentarily intensified, and applied to the centers of theInitiation, 134:the activity of the resulting fire and its heat intensified. By the application of the Rod theInitiation, 135:are enormously increased, and his nervous energy intensified, so that he can draw upon reserves ofInitiation, 138:of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified, its rate of revolution increased, andIntellect, 23:century, trained and cultured the individual. An intensified training was given to the so-calledMagic, 50:be so called, of the two blended energies is intensified. These correspond to the seven focalMagic, 184:on his vision. The darkness which is in him is intensified by the light which glimmers faintly fromMagic, 185:the technique whereby the light is centralized, intensified, entered and eventually becomes thatMagic, 362:fire) is touched, and the rotation becomes intensified, and the activity, fourth dimensional. It isMeditation, 65:In group formation the effect of the Word is intensified, provided the groups are correctlyMeditation, 75:the centers becomes apparent; rotation is intensified, and the centers themselves change inMeditation, 82:awakened, its revolutions have to be intensified, its radiations electrified (if I may borrow thatMeditation, 110:vices, temperamental weaknesses could be intensified till they became menaces, and consequentlyMeditation, 111:their inherent defects will be offset and not intensified. Over-development and disproportionateMeditation, 198:for the downflow, the effect is tremendously intensified and can be worldwide in its radius. YouMeditation, 279:hall for teaching) he is subjected to a more intensified training... The Master works in theProblems, 180:means of which the educational process can be intensified and goodwill be found to be a universalPsychology1, 124:will be for them transmuted, and motion will be intensified, becoming more rapid, more gliding,Psychology1, 165:the influence of the greater ray period, being intensified when its own subray period is reachedPsychology1, 369:will be apparent that one of the results of the intensified new influence will be the recognition,Psychology2, 252:concerned, though refinement and quality will be intensified. The kingdom of God materializes inPsychology2, 307:the centers in the body of the initiate can be intensified electrically at will and usedPsychology2, 323:experience is gained, the life process [323] is intensified, the range of experience throughPsychology2, 336:to the environing conditions, leading thus to an intensified "wish-life", a development of the
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