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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSIFY

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Astrology, 140:and use; in other cases, the soul energies intensify certain of the personality forces and theAstrology, 227:life, these experiences and vibratory activities intensify in character until the time comes whenAstrology, 264:then the work of Jupiter will immediately intensify and this beneficent ruler will lead the humanAstrology, 319:(Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn) intensify their effect upon him, until in the fourthAstrology, 624:produces completion, round out my circle whole, intensify My life and make Me truly One, and thisDiscipleship1, 100:point the Way to you and again I wait. Will you intensify your inner life and achieve the powerDiscipleship1, 199:indicate that I could be illumined and thus intensify my capacity for service and my increasedDiscipleship1, 226:not an aspirant in the world who could not well intensify his divine love nature, not his astralDiscipleship1, 270:each of you upon the subtler planes in order to intensify the contribution to world aid that youDiscipleship1, 275:to the work; I would have you ponder on this and intensify your effort to play this part and aboveDiscipleship1, 280:personal life. Your first ray personality can intensify the usefulness of this conjunction, just inDiscipleship1, 399:of reviewing is the way for me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness inDiscipleship1, 406:force can flow. But, as yet, it serves only to intensify the atoms of your body and head, and toDiscipleship1, 431:is brought to bear upon me? Would indifference intensify my capacity for increased usefulness inDiscipleship1, 444:of reviewing is the way for me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness inDiscipleship1, 463:for added strength, and the need, perhaps to intensify your inner contact with myself. I gave youDiscipleship1, 476:the expression of love in your life? How can we intensify the activity of your soul through theDiscipleship1, 481:be brought about? What can you do which will intensify your outer expression and thus break theDiscipleship1, 753:sphere of activity of such an Ashram, gradually intensify their magnetic, attractive quality; theyDiscipleship2, 7:Why is it necessary for the disciple to intensify his inner link with his teacher? Not because theDiscipleship2, 51:a definite approach to the Hierarchy in order to Intensify their spiritual life by the bringing inDiscipleship2, 517:of the first ray and two aspects of the sixth intensify each other. Were you not the advancedDiscipleship2, 540:radiation. It is necessary, therefore, that you intensify your radiation and that you carefullyDiscipleship2, 555:pool of knowledge. Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silence within which it isDiscipleship2, 603:meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify the activity of the ajna center and whichDiscipleship2, 689:position in your life, or suggesting that you intensify some spiritual contribution that you are orEducation, 107:At the same time there will be an effort to intensify the sense of citizenship, both in theExternalisation, 43:aspect or organ of the physical body. They may intensify the effect of the illusion of desire inExternalisation, 108:to it, though it might greatly stimulate and intensify the mental and more potent type of man. TheExternalisation, 336:such situations arise, it is necessary then to intensify the inner sense of unity. DifferentiationsExternalisation, 459:the work of the Spirit of Resurrection will intensify, and is already making its presence felt.Fire, 208:from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response, the mainGlamour, 17:Clarifications I will, therefore, ask you to intensify your effort each month at the full moonGlamour, 139:and their self-sufficient blaze, serves only to intensify the problem and fails to penetrate intoHealing, 36:or intertwine. Certain areas will then suddenly intensify their brightness and blaze forth withHealing, 467:of which he is the most aware, he may then intensify the conflict; you will then have the physicalInitiation, 139:from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response, the mainMagic, 277:Hierarchy. Some of the cells are awake. Let them intensify their endeavor and so awaken others. TheMeditation, 10:came. Then he begins to meditate, to ponder, to intensify vibration until in process of time heMeditation, 46:Teacher to apportion meditations that will intensify the virtues and remedy the defects. The fieldMeditation, 110:not the part of discretion, but may serve but to intensify the trouble. I wish specifically toProblems, 154:who keep the church as it is today; let them intensify the fire in their hearts and draw closer -Psychology1, 131:proceeds, these dim points of "dark light" intensify their glow; the light within the head flickersPsychology2, 63:This work might be regarded as an effort to intensify the hold which the divine Thinker has uponPsychology2, 369:of the astral nature, it might only serve to intensify the glamor and to produce fanaticism. [370]Psychology2, 704:(speaking in a large and general sense) is to intensify the activity and the consequent potency ofRays, 568:divine intention is expressing itself; they intensify both the quality and the receptivity ofRays, 574:with the sex relation and marriage. To intensify human creativity and thus bring in the new art asReappearance, 114:of the work of the New Group of World Servers to intensify this. They have also to foster spiritualTelepathy, 103:of glamor; in so doing they [103] clarify and intensify the magnetic aura and, simultaneously,
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